Our first fight as a married couple… (sad)

Kade: Okay….. Jake: [frustrated] I was on set…. It doesn’t matter It sounded serious. I’m not going to listen in to that at all. Alright. Good morning! Yo yo yo, Let’s just have you two be together It’s okay uncle Kade! We love you! We love you! Cool. Think of me as a family member We’re all up and guess who’s asleep. Everybody else. The ratchet’s! I employed Erica, and uncle Kade. I’m always here to help. Great early mornings. This is great .Yes. Yeah! It’s like really early Oh yeah. We should wake them up now Yeah, almost forgot. All that licking. Should we sledge hammer a hole in their wall. That’s fun! David wouldn’t be happy. You know, whatever is best for you two! (whispers) It’s the other way you’re good, you have two mill subscribers, it’s fine! What? Almost. We’ll l wait! She’s beautiful. We’ll wait! It’s fine. You’re not gonna really do it? Are you?! Sup guys! Good morning! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! That’s lit. IT’S 10AM! -Erica! -Yeah? -You’ve got to get in there. -You want me to hit it? -Yeah. Come on. I will vlog you. Get them Erika!! Sorry David. Her’s went straight through. Oh my gosh! When you’re doing a prank you gotta do it. You gotta commit. Okay, okay. WAKE UP! We’re good. Yeah, you want to do one. Come on. Get up come on. Come on. Get up. -I’ll do it when I’m… When you’re dressed.You naked. -Why are you naked? He sleeps naked. Well, if you’re not gonna do one then I’m gonna do one. Uncle Kade!! Uncle Kade can do one. Yeah! Uncle Kade loves art&crafts. Yes! Yes! At this point is literally turning into a meet-and-greet. We’re all just hanging out in here now Let’s leave because the prank is over. Lets leave. Bye guys, I love you! Have fun! That was dope. HIGH FIVE You need to work on your… Anger on your anger And you guys need to wake up. Good morning Jake Paulers we are out here baby If you know you’re I’m Jake Paul This is the team ten house and it is lit every single day bro Make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re working hard. Make sure you’re dabbin on them haters. And lets do that thing. You want to do it? Can you do it? Let’s do that thing. That was cute. Oh, I hear them. Are they up? Are you guys up? Oh, you’re cleaning. Yeah, I’m trying to clean. Okay. The prank’s over bro. Get Out! Oh no. Give it to me.Stop! All I wanted you to do is wake up. I have to ask you to calmly get out of the room. I love OHIO people. Erika! This is all your idea. So the thing about this now is nobody’s going to clean that up until we move out. like I said it’s lit every day What? Let’s just put a picture frame. I think it’d be good to get some replays on what the flip had just happened. Oh my God All right, you guys deal with that. What? We were coo Paul. But now we are coming for you. How are you going to do that when you wake up at 11:00 and everyday? Just know that I have enough views to pay for your wall. Ehh that..not so much We combine all together. Yeah, oh, okay. Just put a hole in their wall.That’s what I said bro. Your wall is heat! Erika good job babe! I am proud of you! Thanks I am learning. So proud. Where you going? I have to go on set. I’m gonna miss you tho. I will mis you too. Lit right. You really did that? Yeah. Next level.I appreciate that. I’m going to set. Let’s go to set. Whoo we are on the set right now. What’s good my man. How you doing?Good. I saw your mom earlier was watching one of my videos. Are you a Jake Pauler?Absolutely! How do you feel that your whole family’s jake pauler. My brother’s not. Yes he is. Oh yeah? NO my older siblings aren’t Jake is the best actor sorry. Yes, even your family hates you. My freaking mom. Watches your vlogs now. The Jake Paulers are the strongest family out there. Let me tell ya. We ain’t stopping for nothing You know what we do We go and grab other people and make them jake paulers. The Jake Paulers know that it’s lit every single day bro You want to talk about this Jake. Let’s have a conversation. Yeah. We should have a conversation. Let’s have a conversation. I was watching Nick Crompton story recently and uh Erika said that she would choose her YouTube channel over you right. Not true I don’t think that’s true. Remember I said a couple days ago that uh She she she’s trying to grow her channel in every which way possible and you being a great friend She saw an opportunity in you. You know what I mean We are connected. We are soulmates Ethan. Sure. Anyway regardless of whether she’s using you for followers or you’re soul mates which she is using you for followers anyways regardless? You’re taking it too far. You had five vlogs. Jake spice it up a little! Because I love her Spice it up a little bit oh
You want me to spice it up a little bit. Let me set this down And ask them what they want. put up a Twitter pole… wait. Ask do you want to see more Jerika marriage stuff. Yeah, and the answer is yes! The views. Let me tell you about the views. Okay. Let’s slice it up a little bit You wanted me to spice it up. How was that spice for ya? He is angry! What’s it title this vlog right now? Cheating on my girlfriend prank? She loves the money and the views and the followers. That’s my boy. What are we doing on set man? I’m just turning into a vampire today – yeah That’s true Jake Paulers I have to be a vampire today also watch this Before I show you this just want to point out the best part about beating you up is that your mom’s watching right now You’re on just sees you get beat up and just knows that you’re just a little girl Bro I don’t wanna get incriminated Okay, I’m planking a cop car. I’m planking the cop car. I’t’s really good content. Give me my camera back I’m driving ambulance. Yo like and subscribe. Stop stop. Stop stop. I’m in the ambulance. I was thinking about it. I was like damn That’s a pretty good instagram content. All right. Yeah, you’re right all right. I got you bro. All right, dope. Run run Hello. We’re back you’re gonna be Dracula. Until another time little vlog brother No my mics on yeah, have you ever vlog before no yeah, so shut the fuck up see you later Oh wow y’all also flinchy that I was going for the high five got reflexes like a panther panthers don’t have… okay. Hi I’m ready to be a vampire Okay, drink followers. I am a vampire oh Look at this you guys are such a good job. Oh hank. I look really weird I will suck your blood okay So the lat it’s hard to talk hard to say the esses with my fangs in the last step is my outfit okay ready I’m Gonna switch into three two whoa, whoa Yo look at this. I got a cape. Who are my full-on vampire you guys this is awesome This is what they do for Disney’s channel. We go hard son You didn’t think I was about to have a full-on cape. Let me get it. I’m still practicing ready. Yeah, that’s lit. Keep it you Just director’s directing you know we’re on set up as aardvark acting baby. Look great by the way Did you look like an emo kid whose parents have way too much money. An Emo kid whose parents are also smart you know what you look like, but you’re the perfect kid for Disney channel You know I guess that’s all you’ll ever be good at. what do I look like a remnant of a dead app that makes crappy music videos on YouTube Yeah, yeah, I see that blocking out the haters All right guys. I’m going back to the team 10-ounce enough with this shenanigans. I’m out of the bottom for two weeks. Thank God Who just got home such a long day 10 o’clock at night guys That’s what it looks like to be on set all day the grind is so real what’s going on squad Wednesday? Yeah? Oh, hi, this is our merch. Yeah. I miss to – you – I hi. Oh my God. Yo, my heart john oh No Dude, what did I miss we’ve been sitting here for a while – that you missed that punk okay? Oh? What do we have here little brother Nathan. Oh no. Does that make him a uncle or a second uncle or is it still… Uncle Nathan Uncle Nathan oh – Uncle. What’s that is wrong wait hold on uncle Nathan you have a voice like like I’m okay he’s learning you. That’s what Uncle therefore you got to teach him, Uncle Kade. they say oh yeah, those are families growing You to and then us two and then your kid which is one more .what I forgot to kiss you. Yeah, I missed that yeah been like four hours What I mean, I am sounds good, it looked good Do you say I’ve been four hours you need one of those too from her? I mean or or either you are you guys having an affair? Oh, no, it’s just like a plot twist uncle Kade and Erica. Have an affair No No, no, I’m just an uncle in the situation. I’m for the betterment of your relationship well Thank you uncle Kade and Uncle Nathan over here. Yeah, can I get a yes uncle Nathan? Yeah? That’s my boy I’m coming through Dylan good. Oh get ready dang good. No you did tammy. Oh, that’s my wife my wife back up He was trying to hit on you buddy. Yeah, almost took that dude out right there I was outside when he was at the door, but I was just inside right there talk about her How do you know excuse me? I know what’s happening right now y’all cute look how cute you like No, you look like you know don’t push me like that So it’s like your first day Taco Bell impressive really went all out he did great Let’s say grace grace. Do you want those three tell her you’ve got those four. I got these for you, babe Thank you. Wow yeah, no problem like you. I feel like you’re not appreciative of this right now. No, I am Okay, do you really appreciate another thing? I am so Who as you do today? Is long gone, honey. I’ve long. What did you do today about you’re gone, honey I was acting yeah, I’m logging too as well quit. What was your all about? What is your value about he had a cock don’t you see oh man. I like that Are you in a bad mood hMM? No, no, I’m good you had a long day you had a long day. You’re just tired I had a lot of can we cut we cut thank you, so Sure, yeah, I’m sure so take this little camera down here and there in the room alone there in Jake’s room alone And I hear some noise. I think great thing that’s happening up there, so I figured I just take it upon myself To go ahead and check on them You know I love the sign of progress It all goes it like I said again your phone is broken. I tried back to you Yeah, like you couldn’t let me go like you put it all the way and let me know like I’m just sitting here I started to get ready to come home and pick up your camera like it’s gone. It’s not like Look oh my god, but well like the date was supposed to happen yesterday. I wrong Okay Okay, that sounded It sounded serious. I’m not going to listen in to that so yeah, as You saw there we got Into a little argument and kaede like thought it was funny like you know like something else is going on And then as you guys saw like it was it was actually serious which is like all fun and games, and it’s like a jokes and stuff but Basically what happened and like I think we’re okay like it’s not like super serious She’s mad at me and I’m like a little bit upset with her But like basically we were supposed to go on a date last night Like here’s an off-camera like just us and then she got caught up editing her video And I was like trying to help her and stuff, but like she was just super busy And so we couldn’t go on the date. So I was like alright. Let’s reschedule til tomorrow that night today So we were supposed to go on a date, right? But I literally get caught up on set until pentecost to go out like 8 o’clock And there’s nothing I can do about that like I literally can’t get away now I tried texting her But her phone is literally broken and so like I couldn’t get ahold of her and like in hindsight like we’re both on the situation Like hindsight, I could’ve texted like kate or someone else to tell her like hey. I’m gonna be like two hours late So that’s why she was so upset And then like I came in the house Immediately, and I started vlogging and like didn’t even like it was just all on camera And I did I forgot that like we were supposed to go on a date date until II I’m sorry for that Erica like I mean it’s just about it looks like it’s not that big of a deal But like we both messed up, and I look crazy right now And it’s been a long day, and I’m exhausted, and I’m just going to try and work it out with her can we talk? on camera I’m sorry his own as well. Yeah I’m gonna go talk to her big ballers overall always stay positive today has been a good day I’m gonna go fix things with her. I feel bad Hey, here are molly hate it. I hate it. I hate it Make sure you keep on smiling make sure you keep on working hard Make sure you dab on the haters and make sure you check out the link in the bio 20% off merch guys It’s hot Jericho merch. Drop you saw how dope it is like. They got some of that. It’s available in hoodies as well Go down to the description click on that and become a part of the true chick the true Jake Paulo fit To true Jake Paulo plastic the true jake balls, and I will see you guys tomorrow because it’s every day we take Polish What’s up, and check out this new March. Oh That merch is hot boy new items of Merchandise limited time Click the link Make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on the daily basis and if you want to see more content Check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group Channel is called team 10 shirt See you guys tomorrow oops

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