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(upbeat music) – [Connie] Hello! Hi! Hi, Sarah! – [Sarah] Hi! – Hey, everyone! It is Connie, from We Are the Davises, and we have everybody here today. – [Tyler] And me. – Tyler, where are you? There’s Tyler. Sarah just got here, Kayla’s here! – We’re gonna throw a party! – Shawn! – Right here, baby! The man, the myth, the legend, right here! I’m all yours. – Today’s not just any day. Today we are having a going away party. Woo hoo! So we’re gonna have some friends over and we got – [Kayla] Candy, candy,
candy, candy, candy, cookies! – [Connie] Yes! So these are our vegetables,
these are our fruits. This is our salad. – [Kayla] Our candy salad. – [Connie] Yeah. And these are just our candy. This is the junk food right here. – [Kayla] And this. – [Connie] Grown straight from the ground. And then we’ve got, yeah, yummy donuts – [Kayla] Cookies and cupcakes
and then more junk food. (laughter) and then chips and dip. – [Connie] Yes, and a
pick me up appetizer here. – [Kayla] And then we got,
our Minnie Mouse cake. It’s giant, and we got soda. – [Connie] So there’s our Minnie, you guys have seen that in the other video. If you haven’t, go check it out ’cause it’s in our
Disney candy haul video. We gotta figure out how
to put a candle on that because it is not Kayla’s
birthday but because we’re moving, we want to
celebrate Kayla’s birthday a little early this year. – Because, we thought, we already … – It’ll be a pre-birthday baby party. – Since Kayla stole some of my candy, she promised me I can get the nose. – [Connie] Uh, well, I’m
probably gonna drill the nose, I think that’s where
the candle is gonna go. Right there one the nose. – [Kayla] You get the candle and the nose. (Connie laughs) And we got a few drinks.
Oh, you can’t see them. – [Connie] We got … – [Tyler] Ice. – [Connie] We have ice! Healthy ice. – Yay! And we have giant water balloons. – [Connie] Oh, yeah! Let’s show ’em. Don’t let the puppies touch ’em, they already popped one. – [Kayla] They already
popped one over there. – [Tyler] Hershey, no! – And then we have two backups. That’s the one that popped. – [Connie] Yeah, there’s
two little teeth marks here in the side of this
balloon, I don’t know if you guys can see it, but they nipped it and the balloon popped. So we’ve got four right
now that they can play on. And if you guys have not seen that video, go check it out, it’s
our giant balloon video. And that was a lot of fun. – And we’re gonna do it again! – [Connie] You guys can
practice on that balloon. – [Tyler] It’s, like, spraying. – [Sarah] Oh, my god! (screams) (Connie laughs) Nevermind! – [Connie] Hi, Vanessa has arrived! – She has pink hair! – [Connie] Yes, you’re twinsies now. (girls laugh) Okay, so Kayla’s a unicorn, and Vanessa, what are you claiming? – A mermaid. – [Connie] Mermaid. So Kayla’s a mermaid, sorry, Vanessa’s the mermaid and Kayla’s the unicorn. – [Kayla] We’re gonna get ___ – Right, for all you
concerned parents out there, This is not the only thing the kids are gonna be eating, so don’t worry. It’s Kendall! Now we have the whole girl gang. – And the boy. – [Connie] Yes, and we have
of course the famous Tyler. Whoo hoo! (upbeat music plays) Hi, John! – Hello. – [Connie} Glad to have You. Now we got the boys together. Everybody’s video gaming right now. (Kayla laughing) – Whee! I can’t, I’m getting stuck! Whoa! (shouts and laughter) – [Connie] Okay, so
that’s what could happen. Alright, well, Kayla’s really wet. (laughter) (upbeat music) – We got the rest of the Nasty’s little going away gifts at Disney, so now we’re gonna give them to ’em. So, this one is Sarah’s. (high pitched squeeling) – [Connie] So, which is it? So everybody’s got a holo bracelet with their name engraved on it. – [Sarah] I’m gonna keep it forever! – [Connie] Friendship bracelets. – Yay! – Everybody’s had their
pizza, and now the girls are begging to do opening presents. So these presents are
a going away/birthday, early birthday thing. Kayla’s gonna do some presents? – Where should we do presents? – [Connie] You wanna go out here? – Glitter! I see glitter! I see glitter! (Connie laughs) – I squeezed a unicorn to make a rainbow for your birthday. It shows unicorn poop! – [Connie] Ah, so cute! – Actually, I added the glitter. Happy birthday to one of my best friends. I am so sad you’re moving. Every Nasty is going to miss you, Kendall. – [Connie] Aw! – I got chokers. – Oh, yeah! (laughter) I got a white one, a
purpley and a pinky one, and then two blue ones and
then a peach colored one. – [Connie] Very cute. – I used to have this
headband, then I lost it! – I know, I knew that! – Yay! – [Connie] Second chance! – Don’t lose it. (laughter) – And then I got Lush. A Lush gift card! – [Vanessa] Okay, now I
remember what they got you. (laughter) – Now I’m gonna cry! – We’re doing Sarah’s? – Yeah, that one. Aw, it’s a heart! – [Sarah] That’s hard. The thing would keep on flipping back. – Ooh, it’s a flower! There are few things in life so beautiful as true friendship. In a time when people
can talk to almost anyone and yet feel truly close to no one, a friendship like ours is
a rare and precious gift. We’re always there for each other, understanding and caring in ways that only good friends can, growing closer and closer as time goes on. You’ve made such a difference in my life and with every birthday I appreciate you and our friendship even more. Wishing you the wonderful day you deserve, thank you for being my best friend. And just remember, you’re on my side. (laughter) Thank you! I’m gonna open the present! – [Kendall] No! Don’t chuck him! – Pah! Pah! Pah! – [Sarah] It’s rainbow! – Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! I see a rainbow! (gasps) (squeals) He has a rainbow mane!
It’s a rainbow mane! – [Connie] I’ve never
seen a unicorn like that! – Oh my gosh, it’s so cute! – [Connie] Yeah! (Kayla laughs) – [Sarah] Now open Vanessa’s! – The puppy likes it! The puppy likes it! Oh my gosh, I love him! – [Connie] Thank you Sarah! He’s so cute! – Small one last? – Yeah. – Okay. – [Vanessa] This one’s more
important than all of them. – Okay, so, Sarah has another present but we’re gonna do
Vanessa’s present first. Where’s the card? Is it in the bottom? – [Sarah] Oh my god, Vanessa! – [Vanessa] Here’s the card. Here you go. (laughter) – Okay, quick, open this card, there’s something I
really need to show you! Nope, not here, keep going.
I promise you’ll like it. Come on, you’re almost
there, don’t stop now. – [Sarah] Oh no! – You’re the greatest! See, I told you it was worth it, and you didn’t even get a paper cut. How do they know? (laughter) Happy Birthday. Happy birthday, Kayla, you are a wonderful friend/child. You always make me happy and I’m going to miss you a lot. Vanessa/Mom. (laughter) So here’s Vanessa’s present. Rainbows! I got the same! – No, no, no, here’s the thing! They’ll remind you of Kendall and her. (Kendall laughs) – [Connie] That’s funny. – They’ll remind you
of Kendall and Vanessa. – I got two! (laughter) A Starbucks gift card, too. $25. Thank you! And, I got a shower jelly! – That’s the shower
jelly, they didn’t have the pink one that you wanted. – Yeah, this is some other – Yeah. – I used to have this one,
and then I destroyed him. So I have a new one, I can start fresh! – [Connie] Yeah, your shower jelly just disappeared last night, huh? Perfect timing. – Yay! And, slime! – Woo! – You told me what to make. (squeals) – [Kayla] It’s so pretty! – Is it good? – Yes. – Oh, that’s really good. – [Kayla] I like it. – [Sarah] Open the other one. – It’s the same. It was just so big, yeah. – Thank you! Hug! Yay! – Start from here to
there to there and there. – Okay. To one of my best friends. And then to here? To here. It all started last year. Going to miss you. Yay! Let’s see it! I’m nervous! I’m nervous! I’m nervous! I’m nervous! To one of the best Youtubers ever! (Kayla laughs) (gasps) Ah! It’s so cute! It’s a little necklace,
it has my initials on it. – [Connie] Beautiful! – [Sarah] I got it at Kohl’s. – [Connie] Very cool! – Yay! Thank you! Yay! It’s really pretty. I like it. It has a gold heart on it! There’s a bug, there’s
a bug, there’s a bug. – All right, the girls finished with the presents, and I think they want to go to the swimming pool, so I think we’re heading out to the swimming pool in just a second. – Okay, so we’re back home from the pool, and now we’re gonna eat
some Rice Krispie cake. And it’s not really any of our birthdays but we want to have some fun, so we’re just gonna sing “Happy Birthday” to ourselves. (laughter) – Three, two, one. ♫Happy Birthday to me, ♫ Happy Birthday to me, ♫ Happy Birthday dear ♫ -Tyler! ♫ Happy birthday to me! (blow out candle) (blows whistles) – Oh my god. (shouts and laughter) – Okay, I’ll do it. Now wait, I need to, – Okay, you can do it by yourself. – [Connie] It’s not that
hard to cut after all. It’s just harder to tear apart (blowing birthday whistles) (laughter) (upbeat music) – Yeah, you want some? – [Shawn} No. The DFFs Do. – Mmmm, yummy. – Okay, so, we’re wrapping up the night, and we’re just gonna end the vlog here, ’cause we’re gonna be doing
some tie dye and stuff, so, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this video with your friends and family. (laughter) Until next time, bye! (bright music)

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