– What’s happening, everyone? Hope you’re all having a great day. It’s been a crazy day here at the office. We just launched a new product. I also got two humongous packages today at the office. First one is… I think it’s fan mail. And the second thing is a HelloFresh box. So HelloFresh, this is a food service that Ashley and I have wanted to try for a very long time. This video is sponsored by HelloFresh. They paid for this video and helped us create it, so thank you so much HelloFresh. We’re super excited to finally get to try it out. (upbeat music) – (Dave) See ya man, have a good night. – (Claire) What’s that that
you have in your hands? – (Dave) I got some packages at work. You wanna see what’s inside here? – Yeah! Who are they for? – (Dave) For us. You wanna open them? – For who in the family?
– Be careful. – (Claire) Mommy, I’m scared. – Yeah, that’s a bad idea. – (Ashley) Watch your head
as you’re running backwards. (upbeat drum music) – (Dave) Come open these boxes. – These boxes are cool. F, R, E, S, H. – (Dave) What does that spell? – I don’t know. – (Dave) It spells fresh. – Fresh! There might be food in there. – Oo, what is it? – This is going to be so fun because HelloFresh, woo! – (Claire) HelloFresh. – So these are delicious recipes that we get to make with the ingredients that are in the box. – Yummy! How do we pop all of these bubble wrap? – Sweet potato pockets, yum. Veggie fajitas and tortellinis. We ready? – (Dave) Are you gonna eat it? You wanna eat? – Oh! – (Dave) It’s from YouTube. – (Ashley) You know what this is? – Okay, it’s kinda ringing a bell that YouTube asked for my address. I forgot. – (Dave) Congratulations
on an incredible year. – Whoa! – (Dave) It’s a YouTube suitcase. (upbeat pop music) – (Dave) Ready to make some real dinner? Hey June? Show what mom did to your hair. Do you have pigtails? She looks so old. – (Dave) I got a surprise for you guys. – What? – (Dave) Guess who’s gonna
be cooking dinner tonight? – Who? – June? – (Dave) No. Not June. – Then who? – Us. – (Dave) You and Carson are cooking the family dinner tonight. (Claire gasps) – (Dave) Do you know how to cook dinner? – Of course not. We’ve never technically done it before. So, how do we do it? – HelloFresh. I’ve been wanting to try HelloFresh for a long time. – She has, she’s been asking to do something like this. – Asking? (laughs) – Like you need permission. Sorry. Because we’ve been crazy schedule with travel time, we got this little gremlin running around. (June screams) – Right on cue. So Ashley is definitely
the cook in our house, she’s an incredible cook. I am a terrible cook. How many times do you go to the store a week to get stuff for a quick dinner? – Oh, every other day
because I want the fresh ingredients but you gotta buy them fresh. They send you all the ingredients you’re going to need exactly, in a bag with a recipe
card and the recipes are really straightforward and simple. – Six steps. So the recipe is so that
it should be so simple that a six year old can do it. – (Dave) Do you think
you can handle six steps? – Of course! – It says every meal should be prepared in two pots or less, which means dishes should be very minimal. – HelloFresh is a super good deal though because I think it says $6.99 per person? – So yeah. – Healthier than restaurants too. – Way healthier. Last thing is if you feel
like you are in a recipe rut, if you make the same thing
over and over and over again. – That’s where we’re at. (laughs) – Pasta, always. – We’re gonna test this out by having our kids do the cooking. See if it really is simple. – I’m gonna do the chopping
for obvious reasons. (laughs) – Kids ready? – You guys ready to cook
for mom and dad tonight? – (Dave) You guys gonna be the chefs? – (Both) Yeah! (upbeat drum music) – (Dave) Can you guys handle crispy cheese and veggie fajitas? – I think so. (upbeat pop music) – And last but not least, we have this ketchup and we have this ketchup. – (Ashley) It’s hot sauce. – (Dave) There’s gonna be six steps. Can you handle six steps? – Of course, you already asked us that. We’re ready for anything. – Wash and dry all produce and chop them up. (pop music) – I’m waiting for the next step. – (Dave) I’m gonna ask you a question. If you could be any
animal, what would you be? – Unicorn. – (Dave) Why? – It’s magical and it’s cool. – (Dave) What is your favorite
thing to do at recess? – Well, I really like
playing with my friends, it’s really fun. – (Dave) Still chopping over there? – (Ashley) Still chopping. – (Dave) Hey Cars, question for ya. – What? – (Dave) Are you excited
to start pre-school in a few months? – Yeah! It’s because then I can go down that slide at the playground. – (Ashley) This is a strong one. – (Dave) Strong one, yeah. You trying to cry? – No. – (Dave) Are you trying
to make yourself cry? – (Claire) Chop, chop, chop, chop. – Okay, our cilantro- – Your hands are dirty. A time til mixture reaches- – (Dave) Hot sauce to taste. – (Ashley) Got it? Good job buddy! – This looks good so far. – We probably don’t want it too spicy. – Yeah, because if we put it too spicy- – So maybe just drop
in a little bit, okay? – Just a little bit? – (Claire) I wonder if
it’s gonna turn red. You can be our taster
and we’re the bakers. – We need more hot sauce. – (Dave) More hot sauce. – (Claire) Can I try too? – (Ashley) Carson’s a cheese guy. – Mmmm mmm mmmm.
– (Ashley) You like that? – (Claire) I’m a cheese guy too. – (Ashley) You’re a cheese guy? – I’m a cheese girl. – I love it, Mom. – Yeah, that’s good cheese. – Dad, I love it, Dad. – That’s delicious.
– And I love it, Claire. – (Dave) June, you gonna try some cheese? Not a fan? (Dave laughs) – And we’re gonna put it on the grill and toast them up. – Oh! – How’s that sound? – Okay! – So how do we do it? Just give us the directions. (upbeat pop music) (pan sizzling) – HelloFresh! (laughs) – I’ll do a little more. – I wanna pour in salt! – Carson, no!
– He’s okay. – It’s too much. – I can’t believe those onions turn into that because of the sauce. – (Ashley) All right, good? – Wow! (upbeat music) – All right, so while
we are waiting for this to simmer and finish, we worked with HelloFresh
and got an amazing deal. If you go to HelloFresh.com right now and you enter CROSBYS80- – It’s spice! – So if you enter the
coupon code CROSBYS80, you’re gonna get eight free meals. 80 bucks off your first month of ordering. Thank you so much HelloFresh for giving everybody eight
free meals, that’s incredible and make sure you go check it out. – And these are ready. – Dad hasn’t really helped at all so it’s probably for him. – (Dave) Wait, what? – That’s what happens in the story. – (Dave) What happens in the story? – So there’s a hen that
says she wants to make bread and he asks who wants to help and then everyone says not me and she says who wants
to help me eat the bread and they were like, me me me! We want to do it. And then she said, nope,
I will eat it myself cause I made it and they didn’t work hard. – (Dave) What? Okay, So wait a minute, so then
who am I in the story? – The cat. – I’m the cat? I like cats. – The hen is us. – Okay, Mom, let me do this cause I need to help before
so I don’t become the cat. – (Ashley) Just a little bit. – Now can I be one of the hens? – Yes. – I’m a hen now. (upbeat pop music) – (Dave) Who’s gonna be the first? Mom’s gonna eat it. – She says it’s so good. – It’s super good. – Dad has to try some. – Bite? – You guys are amazing cooks. I had no idea you were chefs. – (Dave) Why didn’t you
tell me you guys were chefs? – Well, we didn’t know before. – Did you know you were chefs? – (Claire) No. – That tastes delicious. – (Ashley) It’s so good. – (Dave) You guys are incredible. – Thanks. Well, not like the best
chefs in the world. – (Dave) You might be. – That really is crazy though, anyone can make this. – (Claire) Let’s make
more meals for dinner. To see and then we’ll try all of them to see which one we like best. – (Dave) This is the final creation. You put a tortilla on top of yours? – Yeah. It’s because I wanted
to make it a sandwich. (upbeat pop music) – (Dave) Did you have fun cooking today? – Yes. – (Dave) Are you a chef? – I think so. I’m on my way. – (Dave) Hey Carson, you gonna dream about cooking tonight? – Maybe, yeah. – (Dave) Love you. – Good night. – (Ashley) That is a gorgeous sunset. Can you see from down there? – I can see it. – (Ashley) What colors you see, Cars? – Red and orange. – I see pink, yellow and red. – (Ashley) I just didn’t
want you to miss it. – Okay, love you.
– I have to keep watching it. Cause sunset comes from the sun, because it’s called sunsets. It wouldn’t be a sunset
if it wasn’t pretty. – Okay, let’s go night night. – I want to keep looking at it.

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