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Hello asalam alaykum guys…welcome to another vlog so the previous time in our video, we asked you guys to ask us any questions that you wish us to answer we got a lot of questions in instagram and in youtube community I had posted this to ask us questions if you wanted us to answer you guys send a lot of questions but almost everyone wanted to know… what is this? You can’t eat in a vlog! Let it just be here so everyone wanted to know how we both meet what is our love story? did you guys know each other earlier? in short, everyone asked this question we will explain everything in detail today so we thought, that answer wont get over in a single Q&A session *Ajmal comforts Nuziha for stammering* Inshallah in this video we will explain how we meet and how it reached till marriage in detail It’s an airport lovestory! like we see in movies and all.. It’s not that cliche though But its such a story so I will start with my side of the story first when exactly did I see ikka first Both of us studied in the same school in Qatar We both studied in MES Indian school Both our families are in Qatar Upto UKG i studied in kerala in Kozhikode, Koyilandy which is my place Then from 1st grade I shifted to Qatar that is in 1998 I moved to Qatar What about you? Till 7th grade I was in Kerala I was an ordinary girl who studied in government school During my 7th grade, my dad got a good job After he got a good job, we had a good family status Subsequently, he brought all of us to Qatar. So I joined in MES I was an ordinary girl who did not know English well I struggled a lot Which year was it? I dont remember the year, but i was in 7th grade If you were in 7th.. I was in 11th grade! So I started studying in MES Since the day i joined, I always frequently heard the name “Ajmal” Excuse us for cooking in between vlog Both of us just returned home after work Tomorrow morning also both of us have to go So the food we made Yesterday And my loving husband finished all the chicken from that. So we decided to fry some more chicken to add on to it. So back to the story So what happened was.. i used to hear very frequently the name.. “Ajmal” “Ajmal” “He is a popular guy” “He is a great athlete” “He’s handsome” I miss my school days!! so i used to hear this a lot But i did not pay much attention to this Because i did not look so good Usually only good looking girls…. Like that!! So i did not pay attention to all this , because i did not look so good And i was more interested in studies… after all that… I saw ikka for the first time in a common assembly Our school was not a mixed school, but boys and girls were seperated Only during annual day or sports day The boys and girls get mixed Only then we used to get to see others So i used to take part in sports I went upto to National level He got Medal and all!! I used to participate in inter-school competitions and get medals and all… When i was studying in 11th grade, I went to India for CBSE Nationals From there i got medal So they kept a common assembly And they honored me in that event That’s when you saw me, Right? Yeah! So this happened the same year that i joined this school So during that assembly, I saw ikka for the first time. When they called ikka to the stage When his name “Ajmal Hamed” was called… All the girls were so excited But i was like…”Who is this guy who gets so much hyped up about?” Then i stood on the tip of my toes to see him I was like…He’s okay that’s it! I felt like, he was just average good looking That was over then. Then i joined athletics I used to run pretty well Just to see me No i did not join to see ikka Please, that thing did’nt even cross my mind You were like a brother to me So i went to the Nationals too.. I used to run pretty well So i have seen ikka a couple of times in school but ikka did not know me at all Because this guy won’t even look at us He was a big guy Yeah right, a guy like me who studies in 11th grade should look at girls in 7th grade?? Like that my school got over, i completed my 12th grade i went to Madras for my degree i passed out in 2011 from MES school Then for 3 years i did my Bachelors in Chennai coincidentally, I also went to Chennai to do my Bachelors I went in 2014 By then my course was over and i started working in Chennai. That’s when you joined, right? I joined in 2014, in chennai for my bachelors After my 1st semester, when i was coming back At Chennai airport we met for the first time I mean, both of us saw each other. I knew him earlier though. While we were waiting near the gate, ikka was siting right opposite to me Both our families are in Qatar only So both of us were going to Qatar only I completed my studies in Chennai, and worked there for 5 to 8 months After that i was on my way back to Qatar That’s when we met there That was in 2015 Beginning of 2015 i saw him in the airport in flight we had adjacent seats too. He helped me with the luggage and all and what do you call that place? after boarding and all? Gate yeah I saw her there, but I did not know her But i was very pretty. Right? that is exactly why i looked at you. Nothing much happened then At flight, when i saw him I asked him Are’nt you Ajmal Hameed? I was in athletics at school and all You were my senior Then for some time we talked and got to know each other, that’s it! After that both of us, went in our own ways Later on, we had no contact For almost 2 years Because I was a small girl and he was a big senior to me That was my thought process He was like a brother to me But i liked you then, You talked very well That’s it!! You liked me!! Ah Please! After that we moved forward with our lives After my vacation, I returned back to chennai ikka continued to work in Qatar I returned back to chennai to complete my bachelors Like that it was the mid of 2017 Then I don’t know why i got into Instagram and searched for her name in that particular scenario, i got her name “Nuziha” memorized in my head though Because it was a rare name, I have’nt heard it anywhere else So i checked her out in instagram I saw her DP and confirmed it was her only. And send her a request! That was almost 2017 June It was during Ramdan No it was’nt! Yes it was!! It was only after we started talking For some time after sending request, we did not talk because of our ego. Like that ikka send request The moment I saw the request, I freaked out! I was thinking why did he send me request after 2 years I still don’t remember why i did that. After that i thought he send me request while he was randomly sending requests to everyone so when i checked his account, he was’nt following any other girls as such. So I wondered why he was following just me!? After that for almost 1 month, we both were following each other I send her request and she accepted and i followed you back Yes, you followed back! But then we did not even text each other Then we started liking each others posts ikka came and liked all my posts then i go to his account and do the same But we never texted each other Like that 1/1.5 months went by She did’nt even move a bit i did not give up or anything. During that time such a thing did’nt even cross my mind But then why i texted him one was because i liked a background song in his story while he was in a car So i liked that song so much, but i did not know the name of the song What is it?? Ha, you tell! That is exactly what happened. After that, I asked him which song it was in that story You have no idea how much i laughed after i saw that story What for? Because you accepted your defeat after so long! Really? YES, I knew you would come back to me!! I did my part and send the request Sending a “hi” back was your responsibility. Initially there was a big head weight While we were chatting, she would go immediately saying… She needs to make tea for her dad, she is in kitchen, etc. and she would be gone Then there won’t be any response till the next day or so No, i was genuinely busy Plus i was not in a situation where i had a crush on him And i felt like i should not get involved in any unnecessary things. So i moved on with my life. But ikka used to text me daily and he used to keep on asking me many things Then during that time i never used to post any of my pictures in instagram I only used to post the songs that i sing He liked my songs Since I was a kid i used to tell my sisters that The girl that i marry will sing well and will also have long hair That i dont have I really loved songs Then i fell for her songs that was the main reason why he liked me Her voice and her songs!! Then my dress Then you deleted all your songs. Right? Then i realized that it was so bore to see! Then we got in touch with each other What did you call me in the beginning? First, ikkaka no, first Ajmal kaka Then i made it Aju’ka He told me not to call him Ajmal’ka, but just Aju’ka Like that gradually we got to know each other We were very good friends then, nothing more than that I always thought of him as a brother Just like a friend We never used to chat much Then all of a sudden…. I used to like her a lot The only shock i had was.. I always used to say that i will only marry girls from kozhikode or kannur region and she should also be a singer and she should have good hair. All these were my dreams So when i met her i thought she was from that region only And she had such a face and dressing sense You guys usually have a feeling that only girls from calicut and kannur wear good dressing sense and standard But you also did not have the proper Ernakulam dialect The reason why i did not have a dialect is because, most of my friends were from malabar region So i fixed that this was the girl that i was searching for and she is apt in all the ways. I fell in love with her but she was from ernakulam Then my family started searching for a match for my marriage Which was the year? it was 2017 only I started getting marriage proposals i got proposals from malapuram And my dad said no because it was far away We only need someone from our region And then you ended up with Ernakulam That i remember that my dad used to say But the girl i liked was from Ernakulam Then from my mom’s side there was a huge marriage discussion going on They started calling and vice- versa through phone and all So i used hear them talking about all these Then i asked her what it was? She said it was about the marriage then ikka said, tell them no need to move forward with this proposal So mom simply asked, if he liked anyone Then ikka said, i like a girl Then i showed her picture and told all the details Mom got shocked when she heard that the girl was from Ernakulam That ikka did’nt telll Of course, she will be shocked my mom just wanted someone who was nearby He was the only son, So they did not want him to get married from distant regions like that Mom understood everything We had a family group with dad, mom and my sisters we put some of Nuziha’s pictures in it. Then mom send an audio saying, this is the girl that Ajmal liked and told all the details My sisters and some my nephews knew about this showed them the photo and told them about her This is your Nechu aunty, she is the wife of your uncle and all… All this time i did not know that he told his parents because he told me that he liked me and would love to marry me if you are interested, during december he told he will tell home i said i don’t have any reason to be uninterested It was during June/July months In my house, no one was searching for a match for me then to marry They are people who give importance to education more They want masters and then Ph.D They will only move forward with marriage after Ph.D Marriage will only be considered after 26/27 years Everyone in my family got married late like 25/26 years Only during that age everyone got married Only her cousins, in her house she is the eldest No one was expecting this then He told his home and everyone was okay After proposing her i told her if she is okay then by december i will go back to Qatat as i was in Kerala then I will talk to my father, my parents were in Qatar only By June/July during vacation time, her parents were in Kerala only But that time no one indicated about this Then they returned back to Qatar Then after 2/3 days, I presented everything to my mom In WhatsApp family group we put her photo and introduced her This is the girl i like I expected my dad to be a little stern about this matter ikka had also told me I was just informing you that i like you But i cannot guarantee you anything Because my dad don’t like me getting married from distant places I could convince my mom and sisters, but dad was a hard shell to crack i did not take any of this seriously i said ok fine, no problem. Only if your parents agree, you need to ask my parents i will have no problem if they are okay After seeing the photo, my dad called me from Qatar i was a little scared to pick up But then i was shocked There was no problem at all dad said if i liked and i am okay with all the details about the family and all then he asked me how the girl was and what was she studying He said if i liked , inshallah we will move forward with this i was shocked, because i did not expect this my biggest shock was that, this happened in July And my parents just went back to Qatar 1 week back And i was only expecting ikka to tell this at his home in December. So i was not bothered. the day he told me that he liked me, the same day’s night he calls and he tells me I told home, so you can go and tell your home!! i was like… how will i tell this home? No one is interested in getting me marrieed at home. so how will i tell this at home? Because we were’nt in any relationship. To go and tell my dad, that i like someone Because we were’nt in love or anything Only if this came as a proposal, we could proceed If my parents were interested, then i could say ok But then i did not know how to present this at my house. But then i liked the guy But i did not know how to tell this at my house So just like ikka did, i put his picture in our family group with my sisters, brother and my parents. I put 2 of his photos in one he was siting like this in a chair very seriously, we will show you. That picture my mom took And in another one we was sitting in a boat No one in my group responded so then i texted and said, this is a proposal that i got. i am interested are you hungry? muscles are all pumped up? so after i put his picture, no one responded after a long time my mom asked who it was then i said this was a proposal that i got First thing she asked was, what did he study? Because for my mom, studies were very important First thing she asked was, what did he study even before asking his name. i said he finished MBA she is still the same way, you should see the way she teachers her son in 3rd grade. she keeps timetable for him and keeps a group for him even in WhatsApp just for his exams and studies In that both my parents are there, and even i was also there when i was in Qatar Because at times, he will be with me to learn That has various question papers and timetable and all She is crazy about exams and studies! Studies are so important to her. First thing she asked was, what did he study? i said he finished his MBA from UK Then was happy She asked me why do you want marriage now itself? Are you old enough You only said you wanted marriage after 26 years. Why do you want it so soon.. I said, I like this boy. He is good looking. I told my mom, to show it to dad. Let him say if he liked or not My mom was like, he is repairing the tap You go and do something else. No one was serious about this. But ikka was waiting He already told his home and everyone accepted Now I have nothing to look, I am ready! the problem was that, he already told his home So when he told he liked, everyone must have thought that we were in a relationship for a long time. But there was nothing like that. Moreover, if my parents say a no. I will have to tell him NO So how will he present that to his house What would have happened if they said no? I dont know! If they said no, then i would have come and told you, sorry bro My dad doesnt like! To be honest i did tell him, if my parents say they were not interested in marrying me off to a distant place Then i will not be interested. So we both did a good thing, we informed home first. And we did’nt fall in love for many years and then tell home. And if your parents are not interested. Then that will be a big insult that you will be doing to your parents. We were a lot matured then he was 26 and i was 21 So we directly told home first. Alhamdulillah, Both our families did not have any problem. After some time my dad said, that guy looked good. He did’nt like the first photo because my dad is very friendly and cool person So when he saw that photo he thought, ikka was very reserved type. He will be a very serious person After you said, even i feel the same way when i look at that picture. Isn’t it? After dad said, even i felt the same way when i look at that picture. Why do you look as if you are a big thing!! My dad and ikka’s dad, both of them are in Qatar Both of them met They talked in a coffee shop for a couple of hours and i still remember after my dad met his dad, i was so curious to know what happened I was curious with you after they met , i did not know what my dad said. because ikka’s family was already okay I was tensed about what my family had to say It was like a chain reaction, because i was waiting over this side. only after her dad calls her, she can call me After that i need to decide the rest Immediately after the meeting, as soon as he got in the car he texted in the family group Alhamdulillah, you are so lucky, it is very good family. The dad was so proud of his son. Mashallah, It’s a good family. And my dad liked them a lot. And i was so happy. YAAAAY!! Then i told ikka there is no problem at home. Everyone is okay with it. Then his dad told my dad that they wanted the wedding as soon as possible. This year itself they wanted the marriage My dad was tensed about it. Because we were not prepared at all. I was also not prepared, i just told home. His dad wanted the marriage now itself. But still my dad said, there is no problem we will arrange the marriage as soon as possible the only problem was that my house was getting renovated that particular year. the upstairs were getting built only My dad wanted the wedding only after the renovation of the house. but dad did not have any other problem Then i told ikka Then we started the official procedure. We decided that will we arrange the engagement. so I informed around 20/25 people of our close family about this girl that i liked. And send photo to everyone Everyone saw the photo and they liked it. everyone was shocked when they heard Ernakulam. By then everyone knew Everyone in my house knew But no one in my house knew Not even my parents knew that i knew ikka beforehand They thought it was a Qatar based official proposal. Later, I told them that I knew him earlier. But it is not any love marriage I told them this same story. Now everyone knows! Then we fixed a date, September 3rd. But I told her that we are coming just to see her. because none of them has seen her. They have just seen the picture. so just like a ceremony, I told her that we are all coming to just see her. But he did’nt tell it was a normal ceremony . He told there will be this ceremony, and only after everyone likes the girl They will decide the rest. I don’t know why, but i loved fooling you. i was so tensed!! Because everyone in my house was getting ready for the marriage. i was tensed, because i did not not look so good as i was still studying in Chennai. So i was so lean that time. I also never used to eat food properly I fixed, because everyone in his family was good looking. So i fixed that his family would never like me after they see me And this marriage will be called off. I had such a mindset. Initially since it was just to see, her parents decided not to come. yes, because it was just to see. And they just returned back from Kerala very recently. So my dad said, we can arrange it in a relative’s house. Let them come and see. Then we told, we are some 20/25 people Then my parents did not want to trouble my relative. And the decided to arrange it in my house itself. Then they decided to come. So my parents came back immediately and stopped all the renovation work. And they arranged everything quickly and made the house ready. after that, There were 25 people itself. even after reducing the maximum. Everybody wanted to come. Everybody wanted to come and see. I reduced the maximum, i avoided all the kids and all Only important people were there. There were no kids at all It was also a pretty long trip, it’s almost 5 hours drive by road. Then i started feeling very proud. Because , i understood the value ikka had in that family when all of them came to see me. Because everyone wanted to see me. Because everyone wanted to know the girl who was going to be Ajmal’s wife. So I understood that everyone was excited. That is a big family, beacause my granddad had 11 kids. And the eldest one among the boys was my dad. So my dad had 5 brothers and 5 sisters, and all theirs kids. And all of them came!! And all of them came to see. What happened was that. almost 25 to 30 people were coming By then everyone said this is not just seeing, they are actually coming to fix the marriage by putting a bangle Because there is such a ceremony in my region. it’s there everywhere! i dont know if it is there everywhere. it is there everywhere!! Right? Bangle is usually put by the mother of the groom on the hands of the bride. So everyone started making it a big deal by saying that, they will come with a lot of gifts for Nechu and all She was told clearly that they are just coming to see. They are just seeing and going back. That’s it!! So we were preparing mutton briyani for 25 people and they were saying that they are coming just to see. I was getting suffocated in between these 2. The previous day night, someone called me crying. ikka…. i was crying the whole time I asked what happened, did anyone die? She is not even talking, she is just crying. I told her to stop crying and tell me what happened! Then i asked him, if he would bring anything for me when he comes. Otherwise, i will be humiliated here. Even then he was fooling me, he said what will they bring..They will only bring gifts after they see and like I was actually enjoying you crying! It was so bad though! To make someone cry like this.. I enjoyed because i knew there was an actual engagement. Then i did not stop crying Then he got fed up and he told the truth. It is like an engagement only. I will bring you diamond ring SEE LOOK AT MY HAND!! This is my engagement ring! Then he said i had ring and gifts from his mom and aunty and all And so on he told everything. I was so overwhelmed by all this! To be honest I was so happy that day, because all the 25 people had gifts for me! So i was so happy that the family valued me a lot. I was so happy that i have never been so happy in my life!! Each person was coming and giving me a gift and taking a picture with me. It was that incredible!! But we don’t have engagement photos to show you guys, because it was a very simple function at my house. We were all wearing very simple dress also. i did’nt even see ikka properly that day. I was sitting in the hall and she was in the room. i still remember peeping through my room to see him. All the aunties that came with me were so exhausted since we came in car. So our engagement got over very beautifully. Our engagement got over in 2017 September 3rd. Then wedding was fixed on 2018 July 21th Reception was on 23rd There was 10 months gap between engagement to wedding. Even now we are enjoying our marriage with the grace of God. We hope we remain the same. So we are going to have our food. if you guys liked our story or video, LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE THANK YOU!! And also dont forget to click the bell icon What happens then? What happens then? That’s what I asked you! If you do so, whenever we upload new videos you guys will get to know fast!! Saying ” Nuziha & Ajmal has uploaded their new video” So you guys can see it immediately! We love you guys so much!! Do you want some? see you love you all! Thank you!! You are not saying bye properly. This is a vlog and you go with the chicken. I will come back i have a small hunger disorder!!

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  18. ഒടുവിൽ ഞങ്ങൾക്ക് മനസ്സിലാവുന്ന ഭാഷ ആഡ് ചെയ്ത നിങ്ങൾ രണ്ടാൾക്കുമുള്ള കൃതജ്ഞത ഇവിടെ രേഖപെടുത്തുന്നു


  19. U are so lucky right✌✌✌ Well educated,Loving supporting family,A good looking loving caring Ajmalikkaa😜,In-lawsinta kaaryathilum,gud job, both of u are nice singerss🎵🎤,ithaahde samsaaram kekkaan nalla rasaa👌Sherikkum Allah orupaadu Luck thannittond ithaakk lifeil😇Maasha Allah😍😍Stay Happy Always!Lub u ithaah😘😘😘😘

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