I said cringe ma’am and not my own name
guys stop before you go any farther this would be
the most fringy and video of your entire life if you don’t be cringed out don’t
watch it before we get into this video before I tell you what’s about to go
down it makes follow us on tick-tock we’re way to an Instagram oh and
subscribe to my youtube channel turn that red button like my red top gray
gray like though oh wait that’s right yeah okay guys stay tuned throughout the
entire video for the pacification shout out and the key word oh yeah okay guys
so if you guys don’t know this me and Jack actually met on December 8th 2019
or we’d known each other for a whole year guys and honestly it’s been a crazy
year like the day I met hers add a sort of dating in my head message honestly
like I don’t want anyone else and then she left me for 10 days after I just met
him chari and he talked to me every single day I didn’t think I would ever
talk to him again after he left honestly but yeah but I was like oh man it’s gonna be our anniversary’s video
highlights slash we’re gonna show you some cute stuff we’ve done we’ve been to
literally over 20 countries together over 20 states played with exotic animal
I don’t want to ruin everybody’s pretty steamy and there might be a little
surprise somewhere in there tagged someone that you love or have a
crush on in this video because it’s gonna be crush and tell them hey I want
to date so um what’s up what’s good such a good year with you babe like all
those memories if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend you might want
to get one single my entire life and then I met her she completely changed my
life and I can’t even yeah you see what you bring sighs he was a player he was
like oh I’m so cool no girlfriend for me and then I came and I said no you’re
mine subscribe to both of our YouTube channels it’s the red button turn that
red by Anna GREs you already know what to do guys today’s post notification
shoutout goes to a Maggie singer we love you so much thank you for watching all
of our videos and hopefully you get a boyfriend or get married soon or
something I don’t know and remember to stay cringy and your tooth

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