Our Parents Finally Met AFTER OUR MARRIAGE! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฟ #RockFamily

Everybody say hello.
Everyone: Hello Karl: We’re on our way to pick up my parents from the airport, this is the first time my Indian mom and dad are meeting my New Zealand parents. So uh, yeah, we’re all going to the airport together. Hello namaste that’s the priest. And yeah this is the first time everybody’s gonna meet and they didn’t meet during the wedding during the marriage because I didn’t see the point in bringing everybody over because we didn’t have a big wedding. We don’t want to spend the money. So we got married very simply at the sub-district magistrate’s office. Right? And there was no point in coming but they’re coming now and we’re gonna go on a holiday together basically. I thought that was a better idea the money’s going there. So, let’s go, to get my parents. Manu, so how did you convince your parents to let you marry a foreigner like me? What’s the story? Cuz I only heard it today. Manu: I I didn’t have to work so hard because my family is broad-minded. And I told him I would not get married to anyone with against his wish. So I will only do this if he’s convinced enough if he’s not convinced we will speak, we like talk but I wouldn’t like What do you say I won’t go against his wish and do anything. So that that made it, that put, he put his guards down after that. Karl: And that’s good, because when you’re getting married to somebody you need the family’s permission you need their buy-in. If you don’t have the family’s permission, then it’s gonna affect your relationship going into the future and I don’t I don’t know, I don’t think it’s worth it because it’ll just be very very very difficult. You want to marry into a family where the family accepts you and wants you as part of the family. That’s, that’s what I feel, right? Manu: Yeah, but I said that because I was pretty confident he’ll like you. Karl: Yeah, it must be so difficult for people when the family don’t accept the outsider. I don’t know how they deal with this.
Manu: It’s a sad situation. Karl: I guess you have to be really strong and just fight through it and hope that they change their mind on it, right? Manu: Yeah,
Karl: I get this question a lot from people actually, they’ve they write to me and they tell me this is happening in their life and Yeah, I I haven’t I haven’t had that experience. I’ve been extremely lucky. That’s what I feel. I feel lucky that I’ve met the Malik family and being accepted into it. And if you’re wondering about my parent’s reaction, I told them really late, that we’re getting married. But they knew that like a couple of weeks before because I knew they weren’t going to come for it because it’s too much hassle. So it’s better we did this trip now but uh, yeah They let me do what I do and they trust that I’ll make the right decision and they’d met Manisha twice already. She has been to New Zealand and met them so yeah, they had no problem with Manisha at all. They really, they really loved Manisha already and if you want to know more about how Manisha and I got married there’s an entire marriage playlist we will take you through why we did what we did and we’ll take to the sub-district magistrate’s office, where we got married and show you the entire process under the special marriages act here in India. So, let’s get to the airport and let’s let’s find my parents. Manu: What?
Karl: Our families don’t speak the same language. Manu: It’s okay Karl: So, Manisha is gonna have to do a lot of translating and it can be, it’s probably gonna be a bit awkward as well like a bit weird and a bit Yeah, just just awkward for them both because they can’t speak the same language. My parents don’t know one word of Hindi.
Manu: But the worst part is sometimes I don’t understand what your dad is saying. You’re gotta hear this tell them this story you just told me. Manu: So my sister who doesn’t speak much English she asked me the names of your parents and I told her Doug and Kate and she was like that sounds like dog and cat. Don’t put that on the video.
Karl: Dog and cat. It’s true though, it’s true though. I can see how someone who doesn’t speak English could think that, right? It’s hilarious. Where’s dog and cat? We gotta find dog and cat.
Manu: Don’t tell that to them. Karl: I’m waiting for dog and cat now.
Manu: Shut up! Karl: Show me, show me who I am? Hello, say hello. Marzia is not here.
Man: Sorry
Marzia is not here. I’m waiting for her. She’s coming. She’s coming. Yeah. Thank you guys, right? Okay. Tonight I’m cutie pie. No worries, bye. They are around this corner, let’s go. Here they are. Yeah, good to see you guys finally meet. Been too long, right? Oh, yeah, they had met over the YouTube before. So my parents have kind of met them, you know, but now we’re finally in person Karl: All good Sean?
Sean: Yeah Doug: He’s had the tummy bug. Karl: You’ve been sick already you got Delhi Belly before you got here. Kate: He’s been sick.
Manu: Yeah
Sean: I’ve been sick from 3 days. Karl: Oh my god! Karl: Are you still sick?
Sean: Not really
Karl: Okay good Papa: Sean looks like Indians. Karl: Yes, you’re right Sean, yeah, he doesn’t like Indians. Sean looks like an Indian he said. So Sean is part Maori and part European both. I don’t think you’re part Indian. Sean: No We finally made it. It’s cold, eh?
Doug: Yeah, but it is hazy. Karl: It’s just winter. Winter. It could be a bit of smog too. See if you survive, eh? Kate: It is smoky, isn’t it? Karl: The first impression of India, it’s smoky. It’s winter it’s cold. It’s a bit of fog in a bit of pollution too. Sean: It’s cold? Karl: It’s freezing here, man. You didn’t meet any scammers? Doug: Yes, Yes, Kate and Sean were talking to them and I better tell them to go away. Karl: Already, inside the terminal you met somebody?
Doug: No, no just when, when we’re walking out.
Karl: Oh as soon as you walked out. Sean: Yeah
Doug: As soon as we walked out. Karl: As soon as you walk out they will pounce on you these taxi drivers. And Sean you were talking to them, haven’t you watched my videos man.
Sean: Nah, I was just seeing what Kate was doing. Karl: You’re having fun, good. Just troll them man. These two are happy though. Kate: Okay
Karl: Yeah Just the basics. What are you gonna eat on this trip? Because you don’t like Indian food. What are you gonna eat? McDonald’s KFC.
Doug: Yeah
Karl: Do you like Indian food? Sean: I haven’t really tried but I know I like ‘naan’. Karl: Okay, Sean can live on naan only. You never had curry though, right?
Sean: Yeah Karl: That’s funny! Sean is my sister’s son. The first question my mum had is, do we wear seatbelts? I always wear mine. Yeah, because you know safety you never know what’s gonna happen. So I always wear it people look at me funny. Kate: Okay. That Taxi or whatever it was, was driving… Karl: Driving where?
Kate: In the middle of the lane. Karl: My parents are so naive. So innocent, there’s a car driving not in its Lane. Oh, no Manu: Wait till you see Karl’s driving here. Kate: Is it pretty bad? Karl: People don’t follow the lanes here so
Kate: Why not?
Karl: I don’t know. Manisha
Manu: Yeah,
Karl: Your dad is doing his best to drive in the lane, I know. Are you sad you missed the wedding?
Doug: What’s that?
Karl: Are you sad you missed the wedding? Kate: Oh yes, yes, we were sad. Karl: No, now we’re gonna go holiday instead. Yeah, wedding starts now. Kate: Okay But did you just decide to do Karl: No, we planned that I just didn’t tell you for so long because I didn’t want you to fly over. Kate: Why not? Karl: Because if I told you, if I told you months in advance you make a plan to fly over because it wasn’t much to see really. It was just us going to the district magistrate’s office and getting a paper sign over. There’s no point you guys coming over just for that and it was in summer as well. So it’s too hot to you guys. So, thought it’s better that you come later, and we do a, we do a trip together both families. I think it’s a better idea. If we were having a big big wedding, then you can come of course, but we weren’t Manu: Then you have to come Manisha says, yeah, but Practically, well, it wasn’t practical that’s all I think, that’s what I think. Maybe, maybe you disagree but Kate: Oh that is okay love.
Karl: Yeah, this is good. Security man, I don’t know why they gotta check motor for? Thank You Look at these guys, look at these guys stuck, stuck in the back. No stay there. Here’s everybody Chloe: Hey, how are you? Hello Karl: So this is this is my sister and this is Sean, his son. Aww, I missed you. Sean you’re so tall now, look at you. Sean is huge, you’re huge man. Chloe: Almost as tall as you. Karl: No, you can’t be as tall as me. You not allowed to be.
Sean: I am already taller than you. Karl: You’re not allowed to be. Nick is short.
Sean: Short Chloe: He is gonna overtake you.
Karl: Nick is arriving tomorrow. Okay, all good? Doug: You want to get those chocolates in them?
Karl: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we got gifts, there’s chocolate. One more bag, one more bag. Manu: You can just call her aunty.
Chloe: Hey aunty Karl: Yes, aunty is cool. Oh, you didn’t have to bring a present. Oh you haven’t met yet.
Chloe: Hello, nice to meet you. Karl: Hey, what’s the secret? Yeah, bye see you later. We’re gonna meet these guys in the morning and take them all around Delhi to all my favorite places. And then we’re going on a big trip. I don’t know if kissing is a thing because he kissed them on the cheek. We’re going on a big trip around Jaipur, Taj Mahal, all the usual places. What did he say?
Manu: My mom is not used to people hugging, especially men and he was like really hugging her and my mom is like, okay. Karl: That’s what we do. Manu: And my dad is teasing her.
Karl: What are you doing? That was funny. My dad is breaking all the rules, naughty- naughty. You can sit in the front. Thank you, bye. That guy is always there, have seen him every time.
Manu: Yeah, he is sweet as well. So our parents are going to have proper meeting and a sit down in a few days. We’re going straight on tour tomorrow. So they’ll come back to our house in Delhi and share and everything and let’s see what questions aunty and uncle have might have for them. I didn’t get asked any funny questions at our first meeting, right? Manu: Not really. He asked me all those before that.
Karl: Ohh Manu: You didn’t have to deal with those. Karl: But I think he asked how much I earn? Manu: Yeah, but that wasn’t the first meeting. Karl: No, it was a couple of meetings later maybe. Manu: Yeah, if you have a daughter tomorrow would you not ask that question?
Karl: That’s a very good question. Manu: That would be, that would be first question I ask. My dad saying Sean would cross, not cross but he would touch seven feet.
Karl: Yeah. Yeah cuz he’s only 14 So when he’s 18, maybe seven foot. Oh right there Okay, we got my favorite chocolates. Mom bought me chocolates. I love M&Ms. I love Whitaker’s.
Manu: There’s lots of Whitakers and M&Ms for you. We’ve got like 10 blocks, three bags of M&Ms and a couple of presents for you and your family.

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