♪ Group hug! ♪ What a beautiful day… …for our second wedding anniversary- -and might I just add! Rosie and I have just arrived, at the beautiful… Alexander House. …Alexander House. Um, and Rosie decided to show me
how much she loved me by scalding me, actually, um- IN MY EYE! With some boiling hot…
– Peppermint tea. PEPPERMINT TEA! I… cried, actually… At the service station. She was getting in, klutzy Susan over here, and um- she knocked me-
– I knocked.. Rose… and it’s like, ‘bu-bu- bomp’ and I just went- I literally just went, “Ah… AHHHHHHH!!” And Rosie-
– I was really white. Rosie-
– You screamed- Rose screamed. I scr- I screamed.
– She went, “AAAAAAHHHHH!!”
– Of course I’m gonna sc- I’m sorry, look at my eye!! And I’m really hurt. (feigned crying) Honestly, it was a- it was a really good start, actually to the, to the whole trip, I’m really- I’m burning up probably just because of, you know, the scald actually could heat this car, couldn’t it? So that was a fiery start to the morning but we’re really enjoying it so far! We, um… Hey. What?
– My… …love for you still burns on. …The candle I hold. No. No, if anything, it is BURNING me.
– The flame… Um, but I’m really excited to be here, because this has actually been on our bucket list for a while because, our friends got married here, uh, Zoella comes here sometimes… …is that true?
– Yeah, Zoella’s been here. There you go.
– Our friends go here- I saw someone, umm,
who I went to school with go here the other day and I was like, NO! I’m coming here now! You know what, Rosie, no one cares for your stories
’cause you scald people -can I just say, it really hurts; I’m not- I’m no pussy… Um… but yeah, that was a really- a real rude awakening.
– No, you are a pussy. But, as you can see, the sun’s out! (pfft) So, I’m looking forward to my treatment.
I’m having a- what am I having? Right, one of us is having… …I think you’re having the ‘full body vitality massage’… Let’s hope she’s Cuban-Mexican.
– …and one of us is having the ‘Kundalini’… …massage, which is interesting, ’cause
I’ve been learning some Kundalini techniques. No one cares what you’ve been learning,
apart from hurting people. (loud sigh) So we’re about to check in. Really excited, actually.
I’m- I’ve got a phobia of coffee, now, but um… I’m really excited to-
– It was peppermint tea. No, ‘s not, […] (nagging) a technicality […] Love you.
– I really love you, I’m sorry… But I am excited.
– Is it coming up? I-
– Look at my eye! It’s a bit red.
– Wait wait wait, let it- let it focus. Literally.. it… scalded-
– (ringtone) -someone’s texting me,
it could be the emergency services. ‘Scuse me. (sigh) Let me just check. …It’s my dad. “Drive carefully!” So, we’re about to go in, and uh, check out our rooms… Yeah. I’m quite excited for that, actually,
I hope they have a double bath. More room for wony. I got a surprise for you, actually, when we get in. What is it- have you-
have you organized something ahead of time? You’ll see. You’ve got a lot to make up for. Yeah, I just hope… …you’re still… …in the mood.. for it… Oh my god. Is it some kind of like… …freaky… …Cuban-Mexican roleplay… Why don’t you wait and see? (loud wailing) We.. had.. a bit of a problem with our car because the alarm kept going off. So…
– Rose locked me in the car, because when she walked away with the keys, it just automatically locked.
– So you couldn’t hurt any children. It automatically locked. And she went into the gas station,
or petrol station or whatever, and then the car alarm was going off, and I was just sat in it looking really embarrassed.
– It was literally… Have you noticed…
– And I had to look at everyone and go.. *shrug* Have you noticed our car alarm goes-
it does this, it goes- ♫ wony ♫ wony ♫ wony ♫ wony Just like… wony. Wony. ‘Cause it’s the wony wagon. You’re my wonywony. (sigh) Alright, guys, I’m gonna check back with you
in just a few secs just gotta, um, get across this floodplain and then, uh, settle on in. Alright. Gonna get an ice pack. …Bye guys! Where’s the record button, Rosie,
I gotta hit it, it’s that I can’t see very well. Guys, look at this really artsy shot.
I found a mirror so I’m vlogging in it. Um, it’s- it’s a trick of the trade, really, a lot of YouTubers still- yet to catch onto that little method but um, I thought I’d just be, heh, revolutionary. Rosie’s currently peeing. Um, we have just entered our… …cedar lodge suite- is that what it’s called? – Yep. Cedar lodge suite. Um, and, it’s beautiful.
So I’m gonna take for on a little tour, but I’ve gotta wait until Rosie’s pee flow has stopped. Because those are the instructions that I’m under.
Right, Rosie? (toilet flushes) That’s the flush. Come with me! Can we just very quickly talk about my eye? I mean, I don’t wanna make it all about me-
but look at my eye! Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. It’s the same color… as my lips, Rosie. Thank god I wasn’t wearing eyeshadow,
it could’ve been even worse than it is. Eyeshadow? Okay, are you ready for the tour? Haa, how’s it going? Probably better than your eye. You know what,
tell that to your over-inflated ego and sleeve. Okay, Rosie! Welcome! Today I wore my delicious bell-sleeve. (pffffft)
– Beacuse, y’know, I thought I’d look like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. D’you know, I’m related to him.
– That’s a reference- That’s a reference people won’t understand- what? Oh… …you didn’t know that. That’s okay. I’m related through marriage, not through blood. You look like a catalogue model! Or an abuser. Right. This… is our room. Look at that gorgeous mood lighting. Look at this fantastic balcony! Look at the no sun! Hey, look at Rosie! There she is! Look at this corner sofa. Strategically placed… not in front of the television. Hey, who needs that… when you’ve got this perfect bed space where you can easily watch your flatscreen? Oh my god, a double bath?
Yeah, that’s what I said. Hey, look! Trinkets that we can possibly steal? No, no! Don’t break the law! A waterfall shower! Don’t mind if I do. Downward lighting screams elegant and class. Look at these double hers-and-hers bowl.. things… sinks… …wash-spaces… A toilet? How considerate. A robe. Let’s get into focus. Alexander Hotels. Look at this, Rosie! A mood lighting switch. (GASPS) NNNNO!!!!!
– Wowwwwww. Aaand… change the mood lighting? What mood is that? ‘Mood 3’. I like ‘Mood 2′ so far. Have they got a mood for someone
who’s just been scalded in the eye? Wow, it’s not even bolted down.
We could take that. (gasp) Cookies?! Look at this little mini dining area, for your room. What’s that? You needed an apple? (scoff) Look no further. It’s right by this strange piece of smoked salmon. It looks like it’s been here for a really long ti- -that’s an apricot. So look, there’s a little road down there […] twenty-five. What an incredible, incredible room. Rosie’s ruining the view, I’ll just crop her out. …A mixture of different tastes. We’re here. Alexander House. If you don’t know anything about the history of the house, the concierge just took me around, I’ll tell you a few brief things. It’s old. This part’s not. What more can I say? Spas… never used to be my thing. Rosie- Rosie’s totally got me into them. Really excited. About as excited… as this guy in this photo. Shall I recreate that? (pffft) You look just like him.
– Yeah, I know. Exactly. It’s funny actually,
’cause he’s got a scalded eye in this picture. Right! And that’s that. I’m gonna go, get my robe on. Bye! I probably shouldn’t have brought my fucking camera
into the women’s changing room, but (scoff) you only live once, am I right? Uh, so, we’ve just been to spa. Unbelievable. I’m standing here, in.. my semi.. nude.. ditty. And um, we’re about to go for dinner. So, so excited! We had, um.. an amazing treatment. Mine was.. a kundalini-something. Oh.. mm. My hair still smells of it. It was amazing. Um, the woman put hot stones on me.
She was called Hannah. She touched me in a way, that… …made my body… (inaudible)
– Alright, that’s it. So when I was having my treatment,
I got some disposable knickers, Oh!
– and I didn’t know which way to put them on. So which way would you have put them on?
– Really, really easy. Give them to me.
– Yeah. Film me please.
– Yeah. (pffft) Actually, you know what I said about
not having anything to wear for dinner? Mm. Made. You look great.
– Actually, if it’s a high-class… …on the side. That does- that looks very Gatsby. I know! It also looks kind of, um, Jack Sparrow. I’m worried I put them on wrong. That’s… bum side. So this is all your, like, area…
– (gasp) I put the big side on my butt. To try to cover it.
– Why? What’s wrong with you? And she saw my butt, so she must’ve been like, “what.” (sniff) You did, didn’t you. Right, I’m hungry. Um, I’m gonna have the.. pepperoni pizza.
What’re you having? Kidding. I’m gonna have um.. …probably like… …sun-dried tomato oyster, or something posh. How’s it feel being married to me for two years? (sigh) Been the best two years of my life. Really! No, it has, Rosie. Been.. amazing. I love you.
– I can’t fault it. I could fault you, but I can’t fault what we have. I can fault you too. I’d like to hear that. Hm? You don’t like it when I scald you. No one likes abuse, Rosie. Should we try and get an artsy shot? – Yeah. You can try that if you wa- What is my hair? I don’t know! What’s mine? I had a head massage with oil. In my hair. So my hair is literally like a grease ball. Oh, look, a scarecrow.
– (noises) Alright, let’s go, I’m hungry. Alright, love you!
– Love you, bye! Good morning, everyone.
What a wild night it was, look at that. We drank nearly a quarter of a bottle. Fuck! Aw, look at this! What a beautiful- …wow. An angel… …you rarely see them this, this far south of London… um.
(laughing) Are we south? Oh, Jesus. Look at this! Isn’t it wonders? …Oh, look, I’ll just do an artsy.. ♪ (singing) ♪ I hope there’s no one on the other balcony. -‘d be a bit embarrassing, wouldn’t it. Hi, angel, how’s it going?
– Awh. You never call me angel. I call the dog angel. I’m like, ‘doggie, you’re a little angel in disguise.’
– You do call the dog angel. What’re we doing today, Rose? We have decided to drive to Brighton, haven’t we? Considering we’re only
forty-two minutes away, according to the road map. Gonna see the Brighton Pier which I’ve never seen before in my life.
– Neither have I! I’ve never been to Brighton, ever. But I used to watch a lesbian drama called ‘Sugar Rush’, took place in Brighton.
– Didn’t we all? Beautiful. And look! The day has changed into something rather glorious. I’m so excited to go to Brighton, I just burped when I said I’m so excited, did you hear that? I think I- I heard something.
– (noises) …excited. I wanna take you to like-
I wanna go explore the grounds, before we go, have a wander around. What you drinking, coffee is it? Tea. …awh.
– […] That’s good. Did you have fun last night? …Did I. ♪ Ah, look at the daffodils in the spriiingtiime- ♪ People hate me here. She’s flushing… JUST when I pressed record. (sigh) So Rosie and I are going to go to Brighton, now! I’ve never driven this far south before in my life. So I’m really excited.
Also, there’s a pier there. And… …someone said something to me about there being a Choccywoccydoodah… Hm. Sounds pretty- you can’t eat it, you’re vegan.
– Choccywoccydoodah. I know, but I wanna go in just to enjoy the experience. The experience of watching
other people enjoy delicious food? Yeaah… …Freak. Uh, so that’s gonna be really cool.
– We should get […] for your anniversary, pleeease. I wanna buy you something,
like a cake, or a milkshake, or something. Why’re you such a feeder? I dunno, I just- I am, a bit.
– We talked about this. We’ve literally talked about this. Um-
– We took the bath in the big bath last night. Yeah, we did, it was really fun.
– And it was amazing. And then Rose farted. I’m a little upset that we haven’t got Wilma,
’cause Wilma’s never been to the beach before, and I think she’d really enjoy it after all the sick. ‘Cause you know, she’d obviously drink the water
and then be like, […]. Um. But, we’re gonna have a nice day out, and… um, we’ll probably hook up with you on the rooad, at some point, um, because y’know, there’s probably gonna be
like another scalding incident. So I’ll just whack the camera out, and make sure we get that one on… …on film.
– It’s not looking too bad, though, is it? It’s a little bit swollen. …I’m sowwy…
– There it is. There it is, look. Look at that BURN. Sorry I haven’t plucked my elb… …What? Sorry I haven’t plucked my elbo- Why can’t I say it! I’ve- I’ve got…
– Why- no one plucks their elbows. …this great joke, right. It’s not even funny anymore, but I’ve gotta say it. It’s not even a joke!
– Waiwaiwait. So I haven’t plucked my eye-
– (fffffu) I’m leaving all of that in. Your elbows- eye. brows.
– […] Wai-wait. ‘Sorry I haven’t plucked my eyebrows. I’m only human.’ …It’s not even f… …It’s not funny at all, it’s just a statement
and an apology. —woah- woah, woah.
– Woah. Look, I’m a little bit lightheaded from the scald, okay?
I’m gonna go. My eye’s watering,
I haven’t got control of my tear ducts anymore. I love you.. are you having a good anniversary? I’m having a really good anniversary.
– Our anniversary was yesterday, but I’m saying it’s two days long. I’m gonna do that really annoying thing
that YouTubers do. Ready? Alright, guys. I’ll see you soon. Um… …yeahh. Yeah, I really hope that, uhhh you guys enjoy this vlog… Make sure you give a thumbs up… …and I will see you… …later. Bye!
I’ll just break my camera! (sigh) This is why other YouTubers love me.
Bye. The offender. It’s cold, now. I’m just getting rid of some stuff
before we head to Brighton, because I personally don’t drive very well
unless I have a clean car. You can call me crazy as much as you want, okay? But the fact is, that’s just the way I am, and I like being neat. It’s splashing back like pee-pee! It’s- it’s out to get you, isn’t it! What is up with the peppermint tea
being such a little bastard. You got a helicopter pad, Rosie. Isn’t that great? That’s for seagulls.. That really, really cute.. it’s a hetero-pad look. This guy was like, oh, you can go down
and there’s a lake down there and you can go take a walk, it’s twenty minutes- I was like, twenty minutes?
Um, I walk my dog three times a day. I’m fine.
– Yeah. I’m fine, thanks. This is called holiday. You think I can just give them this and be like,
‘oh, I had a lovely stay’? Take my- take my rubbish? Yeah. I think that’ll work fine. Yeah, I think so too. So yeah! Here we are, Alexander House. Beautiful day, beautiful day. Well, this is Alexander’s car park. This is our car. It’s white. …like.. me. Can I just say, when people buy sports Beetles, judge them because that fad is so over. But before we go to Brighton,
I think we’re gonna check out the garden, aren’t we? There’s Alexander House, over there. Yeah, we’re gonna check out the garden. Zoom in.
– Gonna check it out. Get some arty vlogs – what I like to call filler shots,
in case we’re not really on our game. So we can just chuck any ol’ shit on the internet… Oh, I wanna take selfies and have fun in the garden. Um, but now I’m gonna get a fish ‘n chips.
That’s fish and chips. You probably can’t eat it.
– I’m gonna go to all the places… and… -from Sugar Rush. I hope I see Zoella. Me, too. Right. Hang on. […]
Woo! Rosie, let’s go. ♪ Extra filler where needed ♪ ♪ Extra filler, let’s put some music on it GO! ♪ ♪ (instrumental music) ♪ That’s cute, isn’t it. Very cute. This is where […] are standing
in one of their wedding pictures. Oh, the second best wedding of the year. Harsh. Look at those thrimnies! Oh my god, thrimnies. Look, there’s three of them. Yeah, I got your joke.
– No, no- -there’s three thrimnies.
– Yeah- -yeah, I know. That’s a … nine-ny. Okay, Rosie, this is where the concierge
showed us the, um, sunken garden, yesterday. What do they call that in St. Albans? Sinkhole. Yeah. Sinkhole. So where is it? Oh, isn’t that divine. It’s not as big as […]. Why’d they lie about that? Oh, it smells so fresh today. It does smell fresh, doesn’t it? Oh, doesn’t it smell like thumbnail? It reminds me of our wedding when we played croquet.
– Yeah! We didn’t know how to play, so we just made it up. Look at that bird cage! A really big bird got out. What can they expect?
They haven’t even got like four walls to it. This is crazy logic. Who left the door open? Literally, there’s like a huge parakeet somewhere
the size of like a dinosaur. Hold on! There it is. Slow zoom is killing me. Look, Rosie, that’s the bird that escaped. Oh, shit, it’s on the move. Fuck. I’m excited to see the pebbles. Should we take one? I mean, yeah, we could do. Yeah, you’ve got a little Kefalonia pebble collection.
– I know. You know, what’s second best to Kefalonia? Brighton. This is what I want my first house to look like. So come on, YouTube.
– Just the standard, you know, not the- just slightly bigger
than the two-up two-down, you know. Yeah, it’s like three-bed, isn’t it. Daffodils! That screams springtime. I love spas. Like, my favorite thing. Um- we took a picture in the spa- someone said, “is this last year?” And it’s like, no, just that’s what we do every year. We go to a spa.
– No, I think they were referring to the fact that I still have the same bikini. Oh, well, I’ve got […]
– Shade! Total shade! I have the same bikinis as well. I’m not made of money. You know? All I want
is a nice, standard, three.. three-bedroom.. thrimney.
– Thrimney, yeah. Rosie-
Rosie, it’s time- It’s time to leave. Go, okay, we’re caught in a windstorm! How do you like being married to Cousin Itt? (ppppt) I love it. Two years of Cousin Itt. You love it! Bye, guys.
– Oh I love it! I’m so excited to go to the beach! (GPS directions) Shut up, lady, I know where I’m going! You don’t know where you’re going…
– I know… Oh, we had such an amazing time.
Bye, Alexander House! Byeeee!
– My treatment was incredible. IN-credible. I had my treatment done by Hannah- -did you have Maddy? Alright, I don’t remember their name! And, uh, Hannah was good.. at her job. Hannah was good with her hands. It was amazing-
that sounds really- that sounds bad, but Hannah was amazing. I enjoyed it. I had hot stones, it was great. I love spas.
– (sarcastically) Oh, woww. Oh, woww.
– All I care about is spas. And, they gave us this amazing candle in our room and I think we had a cinnamon one, so I can’t wait to-
– Rosie, you just took it! ‘Cause it was wrapped. I’m pretty sure you- well, my- our friends got married there,
and they said, ‘oh, they give you these amazing candles.’ Yeah, maybe that’s ’cause
they were getting married, duh! …I’m pretty sure we’re allowed to take the candle… I didn’t… we’ve taken it, now.
– We’ve taken it! Oh. So I’m excited because I can light it, and it’ll smell like spa. They’re gonna be looking for that, you know. It’ll probably be about, two-hundred quid candle? Look at that glistening blue water. Oh hi! Um, yeah, look! We’re standing right in front of Brighton Pier, I’m gonna go and play on the arcade machines,
but I’ve got zero cash on me. Will that be a problem? Yeah. Shit. Yaaaay! Honestly. This is so cool! I think it’s really romantic. One off my bucket list… haha ha ha haha…
– What else is on your bucket list? …buy a bucket! Look, Rosie! Hot dog cart! Crap!
Ice cream and shakes! Why is no one manning these stalls? What’s wrong with them? I don’t know… ♪ (pretty music) ♪ ♪ when I’ll be coming home ♪ ♪ then I’ll be at your door ♪ ♪ when I’ll be coming home ♪ ♪ I plan to let you know ♪ ♪ the longing of my heart ♪ Right. I wanted to go in the horror hotel. Me. Me.
– No, actually, it was my idea. And then, and I said, let’s vlog it, it’ll be hilarious,
just be dark and us screaming, and Ro- and it’s the middle of the day, it’s like what, 1pm. Rose is too pussy.
– Right, let me tell you why. Rose is too scared to go to Horror- why?
– Let me tell you why. No one else is on it- Exactly, that’s why we can vlog it!
– If something goes wrong… if something goes wrong, we’re gonna die in there alone. ‘Something goes wrong.’ What’s gonna go wrong? Uh, it’s called Horror Hotel,
what d’you think is gonna go wrong, it’s haunted, duh. Blame that title. Look at these horses! They’re not even moving! Now, don’t get too excited, Rosie, about the carousel. Aw, helter skelter? Oh my god, that looks more haunted
than the haunted house. Pipe down! Jesus. Pipe down! I know, it has to start being loud
right when I’m having my moment! D’you wanna know something? What?
– When I was young, my mum and grandma took me on the cup, Yeah?
– and I cried until it stopped. They had to stop it for me so I got off. Way too extreme for me. Yeah ♪ It’s a rave at Brighton Pier, yeah gonna do some freestyle queue up if you wanna hear it ♪ Aw, he queued up! I can’t believe you were too scared to go to Horror Hotel. I’m telling everyone. No one’s gonna believe your story. Oh.. my god. We just got lost.. on Dyke Street. Another point for Brighton being the best place ever. You were like,
“Are we on Dyke Street? Are we on Dyke Street?” Got lost on Dyke Street. Guess who we’re meeting? Only.. Suzie Bonaldi. Um, ah, yeah, I haven’t seen Suzie in ages,
I’m really, really excited to see her. Uh, when I see her, I’m probably gonna cry. Uh, probably just my tear duct playing up
from my scald, yesterday. Not a big deal. I’ve been so tempted all day, to be like, I know Zoella! We met her once! 2014. I’ll never forget it. Yeah, generally, I love it here! It’s really really nice. I think if it was raining, I’d hate it. Yeah, I bet everywhere’s horrible in the rain. We’re in, um, the Pavilion Garden, and.. they’re doing dog training over there. Do you know what I learned on my […]-
this is not a joke. What? The most dangerous genre of music
you can listen to in a car… have a guess. I’m assuming jazz, now, because it’s over there. Is that what it was? Yes. Because the tempo, right? Most songs-
– But- I was gonna say, it’s random, right? have a tempo, or a beat, that’s the same
as your heart rhythm, like 70 beats a minute? But this goes a rapid up and down,
which makes you crazy! So yeah. If you wanna do some dangerous driving, Listen to some jazz.
– Listen to smooth jazz. We did some shopping in Topshop, didn’t we? Yeah, some really cool things for tour.
– I really like my clothes. Really edgy. Keeping me young and relevant. And I also did some shopping in Topshop
in the maternity section for a good fifteen minutes. Did you? Yeah, I didn’t realize. The other day, I tweeted some ASOS jeans, which were like, sequiny and I was like, oh yeah, I really want these ’cause I wanted them for tour ’cause they’re bright, and someone wrote, “*cry-face laughter* those are for young people.” (GASP) Did they get your name right? Yeah. Oh. Disappointing.
– They spelled it right. Disappointing. Not like Shane (Shanny). No, it’s Shane (Shayne)! Oh Shayne! Slim Shayne! Every time I go to Starbucks,
I’m just gonna say my name is ‘Shayne’. ‘Shayne’. Should we do that every time? And then they’ll be like, “what’s your names?”
and we’ll be like, “Shane and Shayne.” and then they’ll be like, “what kind of milk do you want?”
and I’ll be like, Shayne.
– Slim.. slim milk? And then they’ll be like, “what’s your name?” Slim Shayne.
– Slim Shayne. What are we doing tomorrow, Rose? We’re doing some panel in, uh, Piccadilly. We’re doing a panel for Advertising Week. It’s not open to the public. Sorry, not sorry. …I think it might- I don’t know.
– Shit, is it open to the public? I think it is open to the public, but…
– Shit. Shit. They’re gonna talk absolute pure shit on it.
– Absolutely underprepared, yet again. Um.
– Me, too! But yeah, we would’ve stayed another night,
but we’re like.. oh, gotta go back. So I’m kinda sad about that! We’ll have to have a weekend away in Brighton. Yeah, let’s do that! Okay, I’m gonna go now,
’cause my one hand is getting really cold. Alright, and we gotta meet Suzie, anyway,
she’s gonna be here in a minute. It’s got rigor mortis in it! I’m going. Rigor mortis is when you die! Oh. Bye!
– Bye! Hey, wony! Hi wony!
Hey, wony. I’ve had the best day with you, Rose… I’ve had the best day, too. I’ve had the best couple of days with you.
– Aw. Same. I enjoyed our spa. Um.
– Good job we suit a windswept appearance, isn’t it. I think I look very eighties… See, right, look at the waves! They’re crazy! This is just dangerous, if anything. Aw, bye, Brighton. Bye, Brighton Pier. We had such a good time with you… Rose was so cute. We got to the side of the pier, and she was like, aw, the things are cute, you want me to win you anything? AHH! I was like, no, ’cause it’ll take ages… Yeah, and I’m not that good at it, actually. And then I said, “d’you want me to win you anything?”
and she was like… “…No.”
No. No.
– Wasn’t that romantic? Hey, look! The view of Big Ben is really good. Yeah! I can’t believe we can see Big Ben,
all the way from here. That’s cool. No wonder all the vloggers and YouTubers
live in Brighton. Right by London! So close to London, lol! I love that joke. I love it. Alright. Well, I’m gonna go, Rosie,
’cause I’ve got hair in my mouth. Me, too. Love you!
– I had a great day. Love you, bye!
– Me too! Okay bye! Getting some shadow filler shots, Rosie. Yeah. Look at our shopping bags, Rosie. Yeah! YouTube moneyy! It’s never as good a second time, is it.
– No. (pfffft) We just made that joke and it wasn’t recording so we made it again. Now contrived.
– Contrived. Contrived.
– Act more surprised. Bye Brighton Pier! Bye, Big Ben. Bye Big Ben. Everyone looked when you said that. And now I’m embarrassed.
Now I’ve gotta run away from you in Brighton. Noo, don’t run away from me…
– No, Rosie, I’m sorry, but sometimes… Noo, wony…
– Rosie… No, wony! Sometimes, I’ve got to run away from you in Brighton. You weren’t fast enough.
– You always catch up, go away! No one likes you in Brighton! Nooo- Aw, Rosie, d’you forgot what’s really great? What? We’re gonna get stuck on the N35, now. ♪ (outro music) ♪

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    Btw, with such a big injury like you had, who IS able to see the difference between smoked salmon and a piece of dried apricot?!?

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