Out celebrating this New Year’s Eve? Please say hello to our officers..

Hello everybody. My name’s Adam. I’m the
Superintendent who’ll be running this evening’s New Year’s Eve operation, in the
final phase of Operation Blitzen. As I’ve said before, Operation Blitzen has been
months in planning and tonight will be the biggest night for us as a police
force, not least because of the demand that naturally comes with this time of
year but also because of the number of officers that we’re proactively
deploying out to keep you safe. In support of our effort, can I just ask
that when you are out celebrating New Year, either at home with loved ones or
with families, you take the time to remember that there are police officers
and members of staff, who aren’t with their families and friends this evening
because our focus and our priority is you. Keeping you safe and I just want you to
use this as an opportunity, before those officers deploy out, to say thank you to
them for all their effort over the Christmas period, for all those officers
who didn’t work on Christmas Day or on Christmas Eve but have had the
opportunity to find time with their loved ones and family to celebrate
Christmas, and now as we go in to celebrate New Year, I hope that you too
have an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy all the great things that
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland have to offer but also you do it in a way which means you don’t have that much contact with
Leicestershire Police. Hopefully, in the New Year,
Leicestershire Police will continue to deliver the outstanding police service
that we strive to deliver to you day in day out and I hope that this evening’s
operation will be a testament to what we seek to deliver in 2020. Happy New Year
to you all, keep safe and take care.

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