Outdoor Party Ideas For Any Occasion

Whether it’s graduation, engagement or just
a gathering of family and friends, here are three easy tips for making any outdoor summer
party a special occasion. [ MUSIC ] First, plan a self serve buffet you can prep in advance.
Go savory and sweet with a mix of seasonal vegetable and fruit tartlets. Small bites
are perfect for warmer weather, as you can take out only what you need, and replenish
from the fridge if necessary. Stock up on cute trays for easy transportation to the
yard. Second, create a self serve bar with a mix of vintage and modern glassware in the
same color. This festive tablecloth is just a cotton sheet, dyed with pretty stripes.
Make the most of in season fruit, with a homemade punch. Drape a linen cloth over the container
to keep bugs away. Chill a few white and rose wines on ice in a pretty bucket. Third, adorn
your yard with details that look fresh and relaxed. Create small seating groups to invite
casual conversation. Using a single color, helps unite different styles of chairs. Illuminate
your trees, put a little water and a votive candle in a mason jar, and use copper wire
to hang them from sturdy branches. Wrap the bottom of the jar in copper tape. Finally,
hang a swing from a tree and festoon the seat with ribbons, the kids will love it. Summer
is short, use these simple party ideas to make the most of the season. [ MUSIC]

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