Oven Baked LEMON GARLIC CHICKEN Recipe ~ Family Budget Dinner

This is another chicken dinner idea that
is super easy, delicious and great on the budget. I’m Tess and tonight I’m making
an oven-baked lemon garlic chicken with a side of butter parsley potatoes. Come
join me and I will show you step by step how to make this yummy meal. This lemon
garlic chicken is easy and a great budget meal. There are only a few
ingredients but in the end this meal is downright delicious. I have a family pack
of bone-in chicken thighs that I cleaned, trimmed and making sure they are dry. I’m
just dabbing both sides with a paper towel.
Next, I’m generously seasoning both sides. You can use your favorite seasoning but
tonight I’m using McCormick’s chicken seasoning. I’ve also used Lawry’s and
Adobo seasoning in the past. I’m browning both sides of the chicken
and this will finish cooking in the oven so I’m using an ovenproof pan which is
my cast-iron skillet. I love my cast-iron skillets and they are a must-have in the
kitchen! In my skillet on medium-high heat I’m adding in a little oil to coat
the bottom and placing my chicken thighs skin side down. Letting the chicken cook
for three to four minutes and then flipping over and cooking for another
three minutes. Just a reminder that I will leave the recipe and the list of
ingredients for this lemon garlic chicken dinner below this video. Also
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recipes. Once I have the chicken browned on both
sides I’m turning off my heat and removing the chicken from the pan. I have
my oven preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I sliced one large onion into
quarter inch slices and I’m placing them on the bottom. This is one sliced lemon
and I have a couple cloves of sliced garlic. For more flavor I have several
sprigs of fresh thyme I’m putting the chicken thighs back into
the pan placing them on top of the onion and lemon slices. This is two more cloves
of sliced garlic. Another sliced lemon and a few more sprigs of thyme. Finally, I’m throwing in a sprig of
rosemary. You can see the ingredients are few but all with unique and powerful
flavors.Tthe chicken is going into a preheated 400 degree fahrenheit oven for
30 to 40 minutes or until the internal temperatures 165 to 175 degrees. In the meantime I’m making my side of
butter parsley potatoes. They are real simple to make. I diced and cooked four
large russet potatoes, drained the water and now I’m adding in three tablespoons
of butter, some salt and black pepper and a handful of fresh chopped parsley.
Giving that a good stir and putting the lid back on until we are ready to eat. It took 40 minutes and the chicken is done. As you can see the chicken, onions
and lemon produced some yummy juices or Au Jus on the bottom infused with a
thyme and rosemary. It smells wonderful! Going to let the chicken rest for about
15 minutes before serving. I’m serving the lemon garlic chicken with the butter
parsley potatoes. Don’t forget to spoon over some of those delicious juices. The
chicken is nice and tender with lots of flavor. If you’re looking for an easy
one-pot budget-friendly chicken dinner well this is the one… enjoy. If you liked this video recipe please hit
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