Overwatch 2019 ANNIVERSARY EVENT – Date, Skins and Features Forecast!

The Overwatch Anniversary Event 2019 is right
around the corner. And while the hype keeps increasing with the
devs teasing new skins and features in interviews, there’s still not much we know about this
seasonal event. So, in this video, I will tell you everything
we know for sure, everything we can safely expect and all the latest leaks and rumours
about the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary. Going from the event most probable starting
date to some very logical skin predictions and less educated feature guesses. And, on top of that, to spice things up a
little bit, I will add a few hidden clues about one piece of exclusive information I
just got and will share with you concerning the Anniversary Event 2019. So let’s jump into it! Hey guys, Alex here for Overwatch Limbo, Bringing
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this and hitting that bell icon to make sure to be notified of all my future content. Overwatch 2019 Anniversary event is about
to start. Since Overwatch was released on the 24th of
May, and the previous two Anniversary events started May 23rd 2017 and May 22nd 2018, both
a Tuesday, a very likely start date for the Anniversary 2019 would be Tuesday May 21st. But since this year Archives Event came one
week later and ended up the 6th of May, it’s totally possible that Blizzard will push the
launch of the Anniversary 2019 to Thursday the 23rd to slightly increase the time separating
the two events. It’s not unusual for events to start on
a Thursday, even though, it’s less frequent. But the strongest clue that point towards
that date is in the last teaser that Blizzard released. This clip has been published on the 25th of
April. Three weeks later is the 16th of May. And what happens on that day? It’s the Overwatch League All-Star game! I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It’s the perfect occasion to release a Developer
Update about all the new stuff coming with the Overwatch Anniversary 2019. Just like it happened last year, exactly one
week prior the start of the 2018 event. And if they have some big features to announce,
and I will look into that later in the video, it’s more of a reason to make it a big deal. With, why not, a Jeff Kaplan live appearance
during the All-Star Game! In that sense, I think the Overwatch 2019
Anniversary Event will start on Thursday the 23rd of May and we will know all about it
one week before, May the 16th. But what about you? What day do you think the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary
Event will start? Check out the poll results up here and let
me know your thoughts in the comment section below! But what is really exciting about the Anniversary
Event putting aside the hype surrounding new features? Well, traditionally, this seasonal event is
all about fan service and rewarding the players for their support. So, this year, like 2018, we will definitely
get the Anniversary loot boxes again, with one guaranteed Anniversary item in it and
the opportunity to obtain any of the other seasonal events items that are usually locked. Likewise, I believe that we might get access
to all the previous seasonal events arcade modes. And if not, that would mean that we will already
have our hands full with other arcade modes, meant to promote the Workshop or new features
for example. Which would be, let’s be honest, way more
exciting than getting Archives missions or Mei’s Snowball Offensive again. But truthfully, the most anticipated part
of the next Anniversary is that D.Va skin that supposedly will “break the internet”,
and in general, all the new skins that the Anniversary 2019 will deliver. Concerning D.Va’s skin, the most credible
theory that has been circulating on Social Medias and Forums recently is about a cross
promotion event in collaboration with a K-pop band named Cherry Bullet. If you’re interested in the details, the
link to the original reddit post is in the description below. From my point of view, such a skin wouldn’t
be that impactful to say that it will break the internet, even in Korea, since that band
is yet to get famous. But I’m no marketing expert and maybe I
underestimate the strength of a lightly dressed idol look-a-like outfit so I’m really curious
to hear your ideas and thoughts about that special skin. What do you think it could be? Let me know in the comments below. Now, about the other new 2019 Anniversary
skins. We know that D.Va will get one and that there
will be most likely between 5 to 7 other new legendary skins on top of 2 or 3 epic skins. Except from one event this year, Lunar New
Year, in which we got only 6 Legendary skins and 2 Epics, we always had 9 new skins this
year. So I don’t think it will be any different
for this Anniversary event. If we exclude D.Va which we suppose is getting
a skin for promotional reasons and maybe wouldn’t have got one otherwise, let’s assume Blizzard
chose the heroes who will get new skins following a certain logic. They will prioritise heroes that didn’t
get a new skin for a long time or don’t have many different skins compared to the
time they’ve been in the game. So let’s look at this table and proceed
by exclusion. Mercy and Lucio just got All-Star skins, so
they’re out. Then all heroes who got legendary skins in
the last two events are also out. No hero who just got a legendary got another
skin right away in the last year. So I believe Blizzard is following new rules
since last Anniversary and will not surprise us on that. Between the remaining heroes, there are a
few that didn’t get a Legendary skin for a long time. Genji, Mei, Orisa and Brigitte didn’t get
one for 5 events or more, so they should get one in this Event. Except Mei who has the highest number of Legendary
skins in the whole roster! So she’s out too. And that makes 4 legendaries already. Zarya Junkrat, Widowmaker and Roadhog all
got their fair share of Legendaries compare to the rest, so we’ll exclude them too. But Roadhog might get an Epic skin since he
didn’t get a new outfit for a long time. On the other side, Ana who also has been missing
for a bit like Winston has less Legendary skins than most heroes. So she’s getting one spot. And the last one should logically be Winston
who also didn’t get a Legendary skin for 4 events. But I believe it actually will be Wrecking
Ball. And Winston, like Doomfist who didn’t even
get one Epic so far, will receive one for this 2019 Anniversary. And if Blizzard feels generous and grants
us 2 more skins for this special event, it will most likely be two out of the three remaining
heroes: Pharah, Symmetra and Sombra. But then again, those are just logic based
predictions that could very well be proven wrong. They’re just more likely to come true than
the guesses we will take now about possible new features. And the reason why we are assuming new features
could come along with the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary is because the developers and especially Jeff
Kaplan haven’t been very discreet about their intentions. First there’s been these words in a stream
interview. And then those ones the same day with the
Overwatch Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller. So the “very cool PvP surprise” that Jeff
mentions could very well be a revamp of the Assault mode. Following some declarations both on twitter
and in interviews of the esports journalist, Rod Breslau, aka Slasher, people assumed that
Role Queue would come sooner than expected and maybe hit the Overwatch League before
Stage 3 start. But Slasher’s, whose been right a few times
before and is therefore mostly trusted by the community, doesn’t give a time line
in this tweet and stays vague in this interview concerning what those major changes are and
when they will come. He just specifies they might come to the Overwatch
League first in order to showcase them before adding them to ranks. A decision that could be seen as a very bold
but also dangerous move since adding such a game changing feature mid-season would totally
shift a meta that teams trained for months to master and counter… Jeff Kaplan also explained that there were
major features, that have been requested for a long time, that will be added to the game
“later this summer or early fall”, which, what a surprise, also coincide with the end
of the Overwatch League and its Grand Finals that will be held in Philadelphia on September
29. Making it the perfect period for a complete
competitive mode metamorphosis. And thus for the introduction of some kind
of Role Queue and Hero specific SR. So I believe the big features Jeff talked
about and the major changes Slasher has mentioned are different things. But a change Slasher talked about before that
could definitely come to the Overwatch League without doing too much damage is the 2CP revamp
or Assault Mode 2.0. And that change could even be announced and
showcased during the All-Star game this Thursday! And be simultaneously added to the PTR. That being said, it’s time to put together
the pieces of the puzzles I’ve spread within this video and tell you about the one feature
of the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary Event that I can confirm 100%: Competitive Deathmatch
will be back! It’s not the biggest of surprises and I
can’t tell you for sure if Singapore will be the location of the new Deathmatch map
added to the game but I can assure you that the Competitive Free For All Deathmatch mode
will be back this year. I got a glitch yesterday launching a Deathmatch
game and were given the Competitive screen. I don’t have the screenshot to prove it
sadly. But, there’s no doubt about it, the second
season of Competitive Deathmatch will be held during the Anniversary Event 2019. Having played so much FFA since starting my
Grandmaster Journey, I’m personally very excited about that Competitive mode coming
back. But what about you? Do you enjoy playing Deathmatch and look forward
to its second competitive season? Or you’re more interested in the Assault
mode 2.0 and if so what are your thoughts on how it could be like? Tell me all about it in the comment section
below. And before telling you my theory about the
other feature that could be showcased in the Overwatch League, if you enjoyed the video
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of all my future content. And here is the best comment of the last video. Thank you so much for watching and as always,
remember losties: lose SR not your mind! Theory of the Day: Slasher talks about changes. Plural. So the Assault mode 2.0 might not be the only
one coming. And if there’s another thing that could
be added mid-season to the Overwatch League in his list and would have direct impact on
the competitive experience, it’s most likely a new game mode. That being said, that could be a bit too much
to take in at the same time.

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  1. UPDATE Saturday 18/05 – 6pm GMT: ANNIVERSARY START DATE CONFIRMED for Tuesday 21st of May! Along with it should come the Workshop, PTR is closing after this weekend said a dev on the forums…

    Questions of the Day: What could be that D.Va skin that will "break the internet"?! Otherwise, what other skin do you wish to get? And finally, what feature do you think we will get in the Overwatch 2019 Anniversary Event? if surprise there is, and it was not just Jeff mixing up with the Workshop! Cheers 🙂

  2. Hopefully we get role queue or something of the likes. As a DPS player it’s really annoying having to fill a lot of the times when 2 or more DPS are already selected, it makes it hard to practice my role. So hopefully we get role queue.

  3. Personaly role Lock is good for pro’s but not for casual’s so only put in competitive or make a test mode so people can send feedback

    there is one check out all the hog sprays and u guys will find it

  5. Will that Moira scientist skin be available? I missed so much last event because I didn't have enough credits.

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