Overwatch 2020 ARCHIVES EVENT – Start Date, Skins, New Hero, & Content Predictions!

What’s up everybody, strap on your barely
used story goggles cuz we’re fast approaching one of Overwatch’s most popular events:
Archives 2020. With Overwatch 2 looming in the distance and
many players downright unsure of what to expect from the game’s story leading up until then,
today I’m going to cover everything we know so far about Archives 2020, it’s start date,
skins, and other content that will and will not be coming with it. This is Master Ian Gamer, and let’s get
into it! Real quick I want to mention that if you’ve
subscribed to my channel previously, make sure that you’re still subscribed as YouTube
has been up to their antics again, and it’s been causing some people to miss out on videos
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you enjoy the video enough to subscribe and whack that bell for the very first time. Now, onto Archives 2020. As always, let’s start with the start date. Unlike many other Overwatch events, Archives,
contrary to popular belief, isn’t based on real world holidays or events. But, we can still make a fairly accurate estimate
about when it’ll be starting based on Archives events from years past. Looking at past dates, the event started on
April 11th in 2017, April 10th in 2018, and April 16th in 2019. Each of these was a Tuesday during the second
full week in April, which should be a pretty good starting point by which to estimate the
event’s dates in 2020. Looking at the calendar, we see that April
14th is the second full week’s Tuesday this year, and thus is the most likely date for
the 2020 Archives event based on these past trends. However, since things tend to deviate a bit
from year to year, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it shifting just a bit to be
either earlier or later. Therefore, I’d say that the safe to expect
window of time extends a week before and after the 14th. Also keep in mind that Overwatch events always
start on either a Tuesday or Thursday, so these dates are all fair game assuming that
Blizzard doesn’t make any drastic changes to how the event plays out this year. But then again, what if they DO make drastic
changes? While it goes against the trends we’ve seen
in the past, I have an alternate theory about how the 2020 Archives event is going to play
out. Rather than starting in the second full week
of April, what if instead it starts in late March. Now, perhaps you’re watching this in late
March and laughing at my overly optimistic idiocy, but let me explain why I think it’s
possible for Blizzard to bump the event forward a bit this year. First, Archives has historically been an odd
event when it comes to its proximity to Anniversary. On average, Overwatch events take place every
two months, and are spaced out in this way to reduce the downtime between exciting content
releases. But the one exception to this has always been
Archives and Anniversary. These two are extremely close, with Anniversary
typically starting only a couple weeks after Archives ends. While Anniversary is the bigger perpetrator
in that it should start in June, there’s nothing that can really be done about that
seeing as how the event is based specifically on celebrating Overwatch’s birthday, and
that birthday happens to be on May 24th. But Archives? Now that can certainly be adjusted. Normally pushing Archives forward would be
problematic in that it’d be encroaching on the Lunar New Year event’s time slot,
but that event actually started much earlier this year than it ever has before due to the
natural fluctuations in the date of the real world Lunar New Year. So at least for 2020, there’s a pretty substantial
window open between February and April without any major events. If Blizzard bumps Archives up even just a
couple weeks, it would help to space out all three events more evenly, and also be a pleasant
surprise for the playerbase. Additionally, shifting the event forward could
create the perfect opportunity to surprise everyone with another form of new content
that the community’s been literally dying for. And that’s a new hero! I made a video just recently talking about
what we know regarding Overwatch Hero 32, and in it I mentioned briefly that they could
be launching either alongside or in close proximity to Archives 2020. Given the story based nature of Archives,
it’d make for a perfect opportunity to tie in a new hero, especially if that new hero
is someone incredibly integral to the story, such as, oh, I don’t know, Echo? This wouldn’t even be the first time we’ve
seen Blizzard launch a new hero and event in close proximity like this. In 2019, we saw the Summer Games event start
a month earlier than usual, and just a week later Sigma was revealed and hit PTR. From a marketing standpoint, this actually
was pretty clever, as merging the new hero and event in this way generated a TON of hype
for the game overall. So, who’s to say that they won’t do something
similar with Archives and Hero 32? But we do know of one significant change coming
to Archives 2020 which has been confirmed by the devs already. And that’s that there won’t be a new PvE
mission added with the event this year. Considering the work they’re putting into
Overwatch 2, you really can’t blame them for not adding a new mission to this year’s
event, but nevertheless it is a bit disappointing. The old PvE missions, being Uprising, Retribution,
and Storm Rising, will be returning for us to play during the event, but we won’t be
getting anything else new in regards to gamemodes. Now, I’d actually go so far as to say that
this further supports the idea of Hero 32 releasing alongside the event, as they’ll
still need something with which to entice the players and base the event’s subtitle. While Archives is the general term for this
event, each event so far has been specifically named based on its PvE mission. So either this year’s Archives event won’t
have a subtitle, or it’ll have to be based on something other than a PvE mission… such
as a new hero, or corresponding comic or short story! Even without a new PvE mission, I do hope
that we’ll end up getting something new storywise, as at this point the game needs
it more than ever. Moving onto something that’s a little easier
to set our expectations for, we’ve got new skins! So let’s roll on over to the Overwatch skins
chart to see who is most statistically likely to be getting a new skin with this year’s
Archives event! Now for those of you who’ve never seen it
before, the hero skins chart may look a bit complicated. Hell, who am I kidding. Even if you’ve been following it since launch
it’s still a monstrosity. So let me deconstruct it. Here we have all the hero skins and events
going as far back as the most recent Legendary skin for each hero. All skins prior to that are tallied up here. Past that we have their total number of Legendaries,
along with the time since their last Legendary, number of events for which they’ve been in
game, and finally a score based on all the previous factors. The higher this score, the more likely they
are to get something new. So looking at this score, we see two heroes
who stand out as having the highest odds, being Symmetra and Reinhardt. Both have gone quite a long time without a
new event Legendary skin, and overall have a low number of them. Symmetra is a bit worse off than Rein, but
nevertheless they’re both prime new skin candidates. After them comes Bastion with a slightly outstanding
score, followed by Junkrat, Baptiste, Mercy, and Zenyatta who all have fairly likely chances
compared to the rest of the hero roster. Now keep in mind, these scores are all probabilities
based purely on the statistics of each hero. They are good estimates, but DO NOT guarantee
who will be getting something this time around. Blizzard has shown countless times in the
past that it predominantly comes down to just whatever cool ideas they have at the time,
with evenly distributing who gets skins being a lesser priority. But regardless of who gets skins this time
around, what can we expect when it comes to the amount of new cosmetics we’ll be getting? Over the past several events, we’ve seen
a trend of 4 new Legendary skins, in addition to 3 new Epic skins which are locked behind
a weekly challenge system. Beyond skins, we’ll also be getting a total
of 3 emotes and highlight intros, the latter of which won’t be for Sombra, and a handful
of new victory poses. There will be a new spray and player icon
for each of the new skins added, for sure a new spray and voice lines for Sigma given
that it’s his first Archives event, and some random heroes who aren’t Ashe will
be getting new voice lines as well. Overall we have no reason to suspect anything
out of the ordinary here, so it should be pretty consistent with the amount of content
we’ve seen in the past. Now, an interesting thing to note about Archives
and its corresponding skins is the themes we tend to see. Typically we get skins based on old Overwatch,
Blackwatch, or Talon, with the occasional one-off exception here or there. But last year, we actually saw what could
only be described as a “secret theme” among Storm Rising’s 3 Epic skins. Each of these skins were subtle nods to Monte
Carlo, with Junkrat’s skin referencing the Monte Carlo Circus, Wrecking Ball’s the
Casino de Monte-Carlo, and Zarya’s the Monaco Grand Prix. At the time, the significance of these connections
were that Maximilien, who was an integral part of the Storm Rising story mission, operates
out of Monte Carlo. But as of BlizzCon 2019, we’ve also seen
that Monte Carlo will be one of the new maps released with Overwatch 2. So in a way, you could say that these three
skins kinda teased future content we’ll be getting. While it’s unclear whether Blizzard will
do something similar to this again with Archives 2020, it’s certainly worth considering. Even if we don’t get so much as a new short
story with the event this year, introducing a new “subtle skin theme” like this could
be a really clever way of alluding to a location or character who may be playing a bigger role
in the story later. If nothing else, the event could be a great
opportunity to flesh out other factions in the world, too. Maybe more heroes will get Junker themed skins,
or factions like Vishkar or the Shimada Clan could see some further development via new
cosmetics. Beyond cosmetic items though, I’d normally
also talk about event game modes and maps, but given what we know about there being no
new PvE mission this year, it’s pretty safe to say that there won’t be anything special
for these two categories. Again, the old PvE modes will be returning,
which are pretty popular and on their own are likely to draw back a number of players,
but otherwise, nadda. So that wraps up everything we know so far
and can reasonably speculate when it comes to Overwatch’s 2020 Archives event. I’ll be updating you all as more information
emerges, so be sure to Subscribe, whack the bell, follow me on Twitter, and join my Discord
server to never miss any of my future Overwatch content. Let me know what hero skins YOU want to see
added as well as your thoughts on Hero 32 releasing with the event by dropping a comment
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to get exclusive perks like the people you see listed here. Just hit the Join button to find out more! This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time, have a great day!

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  1. Let me know what skins you want to see with the Overwatch 2020 Archives event!

    Thanks for watching and be sure to hit 📺SUBSCRIBE and 🔔NOTIFICATIONS to never miss any future Overwatch videos: https://bit.ly/37k63qn

  2. I think some cool skin legendaries would be some more visual customizations, like maybe rein’s shield or Moira’s orbs gets a design or pattern on them

  3. Honestly don’t care if it comes late March. I’ve been playing OW all week gathering coins just for the event.

    Plus it’s honestly just by far my favorite event buy A L O T

  4. Blizzard said the dates are irrelevant they have no correlation they could even skip a year especially since overwatch 2 is coming out they're only releasing one more hero before ow2

  5. I feel like Archives is gonna drop next week alongside Echo. Either that or there is going to be a LOOOONG wait for the event. Unless theres going to be an OWL league special skin for Sinatraa. Which would be pretty cool

  6. i know people are gunna hate this, but i have a feeling we AREN'T getting an archives this year…HOWEVER, they MIGHT give us a sneak peek at another OW2 mission, i just cant see them having enough time and resources to make one, when their already devoted in getting OW2 out.

    its also possible they use an OW2 map, like toronto, and just expand on it…so idk, its not IMPOSSIBLE i guess

  7. I hope Mercy doesn’t get a skin this event because then she won’t get one in the Anniversary event 😂 I really want a Mercy Anniversary skin

  8. I really want some skins for the younger characters like D.Va, Brigitte, Lucio, Junkrat, they are completely ignored in archives, sure they are young but they still have interesting pasts, I think a Lucio with more Vishkar looking skates would be pretty cool so it's like when he first took the technology. D.Va could maybe have a skin from when she was just a professional gamer and not part of MEKA.

  9. Dude they literally said that there won't be an archives event this year so you can stop speculating on that.

  10. At the announcement of Overwatch 2 they said they wouldn’t have archives because they were working on Overwatch 2

  11. I honestly think that event might happen during the third week April because Blizz might want to announce it during one of the homestands during April 18 and 19 either in Toronto or LA but that’s what I think because LA was where they announced Archives 2018 and Toronto because it’s the leagues first time in Canada and maybe they would to give a surprise to the fans but that’s what I would want to see.

  12. What would be cool for anniversary are archived is if they gave us OverWatch 2 skins and we can still have a regular amount of skins to Cincinnati Jazz Fest adding skins that they already have

  13. Im quite new to overwatch and i've been looking forward to the archives event

    Even if there won't be new PVE missions i hope the past missions will be open to play again during the event ^^

  14. Still waiting on Junker skins for Bastion
    Like what Wrecking Ball got but give Bastion a Kookaburra/Cockatoo

  15. During Blizzcon or an Interview, Didnt Jeff Kaplan confirm that there will be no Archives event because of Overwatch 2?

  16. I hope Sym, Rein and Zen get skins. As for the 4th, maybe give Sigma another? I guess Bastion is due one though

  17. Provably no archives event because all developers get Corona virus. I’m not trying to offend anyone with this message

  18. “Three emotes and highlight intros the latter of which won’t be for sombra” got me dude I was dying 🤣🤣

  19. It sucks that I got into overwatch in September of 2019. I haven't experienced the normal amount of content yet.

  20. One thing I hope to learn even just a little bit more of is Sigma and Talon. I know in his hero trailer (and in an epic skin) they said that Talon manipulated him for their benefit, but I want to know more about it. How did they find out about him? Does Sigma know what Talon is doing to him/does he realize or is he too far gone? Did they trick/force him into being in Talon or did he consciously decide to join the group? What is his relationship with the other Talon members? There’s just so much we don’t know about Sigma that I really want to learn eventually.

  21. We will be getting the Archives event for sure, just not a new mission, like the last 3 events, we'll be getting several new skins. It's not a bad thing since I think we'll probably be able to replay all missions that we may have missed to catch up.

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