Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Archives 2020

Ah, no fair! Challenge accepted. Something’s not right. Clearing the area. Is that all? Coming through. Moving in for the kill. Got something to say? Leave this to a professional. Are you in need of personal training? No scope needed. Ooh, shiny. Exquisite. Some assembly required. Looking good! Hold it together! Justice rains from above! I’ll take care of you.

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  1. The skins are awesome but why no new missions? I know that the person responsible for the story in this game is gone but why no new missions? And also isn’t the katto too big?

  2. Don't let this distract u from the fact that Blizzard banned 2 healers instead of 2 dps in comp. Stupidest decision Blizzard has ever done.

  3. Just replace Winston with brigs cat. Horn shoots electricity, goes rage mode as an ult, deploys barrier from bag, simple. I Guarantee the overwatch player base will grow 10000% and everyone with forget how blizzard ruined a guy’s career cause he supported hong kong

  4. So… they gave an Irish skin to the Swedish dwarf character, rather than their actual Irish character? Im not sure if I should feel annoyed by that or not as an Irishman, just seems rather insensitive for the sake of "Torbjorn is short, Torbjorn's like a leprechaun hurrdurr."

  5. No new mission for this event, but I guess they're holding all the new PvE content for OW2? When's that coming out again?

  6. I cannot help but notice the similarities to Germia's "Casual Pharah" cosplay she did years back. The hair, the jacket, even the aviators! Love it.

  7. Seeing that they 3D modeled Jetpack cat,

    I’m expecting him in the game within 24 hours. Do you hear me Blizzard?

  8. If you think about it OW is doing us a favor cause in order to keep people in their houses they release this so you won't leave your home lol

  9. Assuming Overwatch 2 comes out next year, wanna bet that the archives event will show the start of Overwatch.

  10. Please don’t tell me there’s no new mission… this is the only reason this event is even relevant… PLEASE TELL ME IM MISTAKEN!!!

  11. I don't mean to jinx it,cuz I want it as much as everyone else.But it's hard to see Jetpack Cat as an official thing when he's so…floofy.

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