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Hi friends welcome to my cooking show “Parul Ka Zaika” Today I’m going to make a very unique recipe which is
a mouth freshener called Paan Shots If you like this recipe Then please dont forget to press the
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my upcoming and new recipes Lets see the ingredients required
to make Paan Shots 7 betel leaves 50 grams paan masala Which consists of dry coconut, dry dates, betel nuts, tutti
frutti, mouth freshener leaves and little saffron And its easily available in the market 1 tablespoon fennel 1 tablespoon of gulkand 6 scoops of vanilla ice cream 6-7 ice cubes To start with tear the paan leaves
and put them in the blender Add to it fennel, paan masala, gulkand, ice
cubes, vanilla ice cream and blend well Paan Shot is ready to serve If you have liked this recipe Then please click on the subscribe
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