PACK + PREP WITH ME | Anniversary trip to Jamaica! ✨

Hellol friends welcome to today’s video
I’m really excited because tomorrow Brandon and I are going on our
anniversary trip our first wedding anniversary I cannot believe it this
year flew by but at the same time I feel like I’ve been married forever it’s very
strange but we’re so excited to be traveling to Jamaica this weekend Aruba
Jamaica oh I wanna take every time I say Jamaica I have to sing that song I just
have to but anyways I’m so excited today I have been working so hard trying to
just get everything prepared get all my work done get all my ducks in a row and
blah blah blah but the time has finally come for me to pack so I thought it’d be
fun to take y’all along for the packing adventure and share my tips and it’s
really funny to be packing for like a beach vacation in the winter because I’m
like in cozy mode so it’s kind of hard to get in the mindset of hot weather so
yeah it’s pretty interesting but since our wedding anniversary is February 2nd
every year when we celebrate our anniversary we probably will go to the
Caribbean because lots of other places in the world are really cold so gonna be
her thing but we’re really excited to go to Jamaica we’ve never been there before
it’s kind of crazy though because yesterday they just had our earthquake
and it was 80 miles off the coast of Jamaica and I called today and I’ve done
like research and watched the news and thank God for everyone in Jamaica and in
the Caribbean and Cuba it was in the middle of Cuba in Jamaica thank God
everyone appears to be okay there weren’t any casualties at least reported
from when I first checked so thank goodness everyone’s safe it seems
hopefully and we’re still able to go which is amazing but above all
thankfully everyone to see from the earth
they said there can be aftershocks which I believe I’m not familiar with
earthquakes I’ve never experienced one before um but I believe that’s just like
a little baby earthquake after the real big earthquake
so hopefully that doesn’t happen um but thankfully I feel good and like I don’t
feel worried about it at all so that’s good and I’m just happy everyone’s safe
and I’m happy that we get to go on our trip so it’s only three nights so I
don’t need to pack a crazy amount of stuff I am going to take a carry-on and
Brandon’s gonna take a carry-on to which usually he checks a bag such a
diva but I always stuff like a million things in his checked bag but I will
need to be more strategic because the thing that can really get ya are the
toiletries I did run to Target yesterday to grab some travel-sized toiletries and
sunscreen and whatnot but I’m worried I didn’t get an upper like I forgot and I
only got one reasonable container that we can fill with whatever we need but
here we go let’s get packing if you’ve watched my
packing videos before you know that one of the very first things I do is check
the weather for when we go on our trips so we’ll be in Montego Bay Jamaica and
we’ll be there Thursday Friday Saturday and then a little bit of Sunday and once
again praise God the weather looks really nice we have highs of 85 83 and
then lows of 71 72 and 75 so pretty warm but not like in the 90s so I will bring
some light jackets because my cold tolerance is incredibly low so always
need to be prepared with a jacket also this is super random but whenever we are
about to go on a trip I make it my mission to try and clear out our fridge
we’re only gonna be gone for three nights but I hate wasting food so I try
to like make sure we eat everything we have so we’re doing really good I think
the only thing I think the oatmeal will be fine for when we get back and then
the eggs will be fine so tomorrow we’re gonna have eggs for breakfast because
our flight isn’t until 10:00 so I think we need to leave around 7:00 but we need
to finish all of these with our eggs and breakfast like all these cut-up veggies
and then my lemons I need to have some lemon tea or lemon water later and then
the hummus will be fine the spinach oh yeah we need to eat that
tonight looks like we’re gonna have a big old salad and then the carrots will
be fine we’ll probably have some today but they’ll be totally fine this corn we
need to eat I don’t know what I want to guess I don’t know but I just wanted to
share that that’s like a tip if you hate wasting food like I do just make it your
mission it’s kind of like a fun challenge to try to finish all the food
in your fridge before you leave okay my second order of business is to lay out
all the things that I know I want to take or just some obvious things like
okay we’re going to Jamaica I’m gonna need my swimsuits so I’m taking four
which is a little excessive for three nights actually that’s kind of perfect
because the worst thing is wearing a wet bathing suit like if you change and then
you have to put back the wet bathing suits so that’s really not the worst
thing I’m being dramatic but since I got four bathing suits I figured I would
take them all so I have this nude bikini from forever 21 that I’ve had for a
while then I have this really cute pink and white checkered high-waisted one
from Albion fit and then I have this really really sweet pink one piece from
revolve I just got it actually and it is so soft
such good quality I’m probably gonna wear this one first cuz I’m so stinkin
excited and then I also grabbed this one from revolve it’s also a one-piece it’s
from Tula Rosa but again I got it from revolve and it has these sweet little
flowers so those are the suits I’m taking and then I just put in some
undies and I definitely want to take these wedges from Lulu’s for some of my
fancier dresses for when we go out to dinner and I have this princess Polly
dress that I think would look really cute with the shoes and it seems very
like beachy it’s like a cute midi dress and then over here I pulled out the
ironing board because I have this really cute jumpsuit from
revolve but I need to iron it clearly and I also need to hem it because it’s
super long on me so I have this stitch witchery I haven’t used this in a while
and I’m pretty sure the first time I used it I actually just used my hair
straightener instead of an actual iron which you’re supposed to do so I’m gonna
do it the right way this time and hopefully it’ll work well and then over
here I have some fancier dresses because it is our anniversary after all so I
definitely want to dress up one night I have this one isn’t fancy this is just
from boohoo it’s a jumpsuit that I want to take super comfy go and then this one
is so pretty it’s from Lulu’s and it’s just like a
really beautiful gown and then I also have this one from David’s Bridal and
I’m definitely gonna take that one but I don’t know if I should also take this
one too or that’s really excessive I’m not sure so I bought this new toiletry bag from
West Elm I think kind of random but yeah I bought it from there
and I love it because I can hang it up on a hook in the bathroom when we travel
and it’s easy to kind of see everything and I’m really surprised that I was able
to fit all my makeup in here I consolidated my actual makeup back and
just like picked out what I think I’ll actually need I don’t think I’ll even
wear makeup everyday but when we go out to dinner and stuff it’s nice to just
have like my makeup essentials which always adds up with all the brushes and
whatnot but oh well so I’m glad that that fit and then here I just have like
some travel-sized toiletries and my mouthwash my lotion which is just from a
Disney hotel so nice to have that travel size and then I have my purity face wash
in travel size and then my drunk elephant jelly cleanser and then my
Mario but disco skincare it’s like the facial spray really refreshing and then
my razor which is an essential when I’m wearing a bikini
I want laser hair removal so so bad if you’ve gotten laser hair removal please
tell me if you liked it and if you think it’s worth it and blah blah blah I
definitely want to start saving up for it and budgeting for it because I want
to make that happen like I hate shaving iReal and I know
everyone like doesn’t enjoy shaving but like I really don’t enjoy doing it so
yeah I got my razor then I got some perfume and then there’s anything else
down here oh yeah hairspray again for when we go
out like on our anniversary dinner I’m gonna hold everything in place
especially in the Caribbean where it’s windy and it’s humid and then I have my
native deodorant which I actually just got yesterday I have been using this one
from Walmart but it just has not been doing the trick I have to reapply it
which I don’t have to reapply this one too but I really love the smell of it so
I’m pretty happy with it and it’s very tropical with the coconut and then I
just have this um this makeup remover because whenever I wear mascara my
purity face wash it’s supposed to take off all your makeup but I feel
the master is a little tricky so I’m taking this as well and then finally my
travel size shaving cream also another thing I really like to do before I go on
like a tropical vacation at the beach or a cruise is apply self-tanner because I
absolutely love being tan I truly truly do but I don’t like to damage my skin
and unfortunately too much vitamin D can damage your skin so I like to apply my
tan ahead of time and I used this loving tan mousse and I really liked it I
actually have a few different products that I’ve used in the past I have Santro
PES and I have Isle of Paradise actually which this is one I love this for my
face because I can just use it with my moisturizer so it’s really
natural-looking but this is the one I’m gonna do tonight after I shower and
workout or workout and shower rather but yeah I’m gonna do that before but I
wanted to share that because I really I’m just going to apply a lot of
sunscreen and just be tan with my self-tanner instead of actually getting
tan of course I’ll get a little tan probably because we will be out in the
Sun pretty much all day but I really really want to focus on protecting my
skin ok I’m almost done packing honestly this the case is getting full and when
you add the toiletry bag it really fills up but I really need to tackle this
whole ordeal over here with my hemming I’m kind of not excited for it but I
hope it’s easy and goes well I honestly never use an iron I’m more nervous just
to use the iron I usually just use a steamer so I’m a little rusty with my
iron work but I’m gonna turn on some Gilmore Girls to help me get more
enjoyable and I’m not pretty much should be done when I think about yesterday my my my my kids and so I did it so here’s the
situation looking good so far unfortunately the little stitch witchery
or whatever it’s called to do a little DIY hem did not work on this jumpsuit
I’m thinking because it’s a hundred percent linen it just didn’t take it
so yeah I think it’ll be okay though with my wedges I think I can make it
work I can stand on my tippy toes it’ll be totally fine I don’t really care if
the bottom gets a little dirty it’s not a huge deal so I have my little
accessories to I’m not taking a whole bunch just some small gold hoops and
just my everyday rings and stuff which I just took off because I was washing
dishes and then I also have these really cute sunglasses from princess Polly but
I will take and so now I want to start packing my carry-on okay I just did a little workout with
Brandon and he’s in the shower now and I’m gonna take shower and exfoliate and
do my self-tanner and shave after he gets out but I am wrapping up the video
here I know it looks like a hot mess but pretty much all packed also I wanted to
show you this iPhone tripod that I got off Amazon
it fits perfectly in my suitcase and I’ve actually been taking all of my like
Instagram photos and whatnot on my iPhone so it’s really nice because this
comes with a remote so it’s super super easy effortless and lightweight and I
also got a little snack for us we will be staying at a all-inclusive resort so
we didn’t go too crazy on the snacks because they’ll have tons of food and I
have my airport outfit laid out I need to make it look a little neater but
feeling good thank you so much for watching this video and hanging out with
me as I pack we will be doing a little vlog and taking lots of photos while
we’re on our trips so be sure to follow me on Instagram if you haven’t already I
post daily on there at least in my stories I don’t always post like actual
photos but I have a lot of fun on there so feel free to join me if you haven’t
already but I love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you soon
hi breakable

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