Paintball Wedding Dress Prank At A Bachelor Party

♫ *Suspenseful Cello Plucking* ♫ Run. ♫ *Dope Slow Mo Music* ♫ *Devon giggling like a girl* *Devon breathing like an out of shape stick man* ♫ Rising* ♫ *Sick Fresh Intro Music* ♫ Come on say it *Roman “I can’t” whattaya mean, you can’t *Subscribe to my YouTube Channel* ♫ *Scary music playing from his tablet* ♫ WOOO!!! *Devon Laughing like that cartoon dog* What nothing Adam something’s wrong with your tires, bro “Damn Man” It’s aaahhhh……. cotton Holy I did not know that Coming here for how many years like thirty years and we had no idea this whole thing is here This is crazy I want to get CANDY! You want to get candy? “Ya” I found an old tow truck I don’t know how they use this but it looks like a beast Looks like Cruella Deville used to drive this thing. Yo look… It just got this old car just driving through town Suuup Look at these guys… ♫ “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…” ♫ Baby are you locked in the jail? Yeah What did you do? Nothing Did you steal the cookies? no! Okay, well see you later NOOO! What are you doing who’s riding with you nobody? Well, hold on Ready? *Cannon Fires* *crowd screams* Woo Hoo! Daddy Stop! You Stop! Daddy can I climb up I don’t know. Can you? I Might Can carefulllll… Ohhhh! You did it! Woo hooo hooo hoo! Got Big guy on this side I got three kids on this side. *Brittany* “Three Kids?!” Oh my god. I’m in the middle *Devon Giggles Nervously* Oh…. ♫ *Sir Mixalot* “I Like Big Butts And I Can Not Lie” ♫ My god, he’s almost moving it I found the balance point! Yeaaaa ha ha! nailed it! HOLY Moly ♫ *Miley Cirus* “I came in like a wrecking ballll” She got it! hahaha *Tyler Pinches Devons Leg* “I do not got it” I Do Not Got It! class is in session kids they used to use paper… And Pencils. Ohhhhh geez, look at these That’s your tablet… Do you want me to draw an apple on it?! *Teacher* “We call em PC’s…” “…it stands for Personal Chalkboard.” Kids out here drawing… turn it up the… around the other way… Tell me that’s not a balaclava you playing too much Grand Theft Auto kid…. Yo hahahahaha… This bulb is lit Legit, this looks like a house in some of the neighborhoods around… oh my god this wallpaper though Look… Aunt Helga… Uncle Boris… Aunt Jemima Cinnamon bun break because that’s what we do… We’re like pretty much always eating something… ♫ Extra sauce ♫ it’s icing… I don’t know what I’m saying Chocolate Chunk? How many cookies did you get? How am I… what am I doing with my life? What is this This Is one of the early… uh… Fidget Spinner Models… Butter churn, Whaaat…is going on This used to be fun back in the day *Brittany* ♫ “Do do do do do do dooooo doooo doooo”♫ *Simon Cowell Voice* “I expected much more…” *Hits Buzzer* *Brittany* ♫ “Do do do do do do dooooo doooo doooo”♫ *Tyler* “I was set up!” Hulk Smash *Lady* “Now that you’re filming it won’t…” Yeah right?! hahaha There it is, we got it working *Dad* “Look at that!” That’s crazy Look it’s wood Peckering its way all the way down ♫ *Woody Woodpecker Old Timey Theme Song* ♫ So it’s even entertaining in 2018… the floor is lava ♫ *Woody Woodpecker Old Timey Theme Song Still Playing In The Back Ground* ♫ Go Go Go! 3 – 2 – … what is this part? I have no Idea You’re supposed to know these things… You’re the kid don’t you come here on field trips? No You’ve never been here on a field trip? No lol You only come here with your mom on her birthday. Aha yeah… yo… It’s like Archer in real life. Remember when here’s in a grain elevator with Barry… and he got blown up… *Archer* “So grain elevators… What’s the point?” *Sister* “To store grain dumbass!” Oh my god *Grunts like an old man* *Dad* “Oh Wait! Get a picture! Somebody quick!” ♫ “Push it to the limit” ♫ You’re fuckin up ma set bro ♫ “Push it to the limit” ♫ ♫ *Rick Ross Rapping* ♫ *Devon Whispering* “We almost got in some serious shit…” “The olden times lady came to get us…” *Peyton* “Take us back to the jail…” oh my god I almost died. Like a boss You got it on backwards tho G “I know lol” Put on the other way, so we know… You’re the conductor? You drive this train ? “Yep” I drive the rich people train The Rich People Train? because that hat is too sick fresh? ya. I’m supposed to get in this Ya. Like Auntie Bit and Calleghn… Yo They were standing… *Devon grunting like an old man again* Ooohhhh…. I can’t reach… Alright now we’re rocking and rolling! HI ANNEEE BRITTT! We’re at the fair fair enough. *Screaming Hysterically* Kay… Which color? Red or blue *Roman* RED! is this gonna be a fun ride ya… *Steam Whistle* All right wooo hahahahaha wooooooooooo yo uncle tyler! ahhh hahahaha Baby! Where are we? on the TRAIN! stamps *Devon whispering* “Are you supposed to get stamps?” no i didn’t get a stamp! no you’re not… you’re not they’ll throw me off… While the trains moving Keep it PG! I’m trying to get sponsored by Disney! This is the creepiest shit I’ve ever seen in my entire life… ♫ *Horror Music* ♫ ♫ *Not so scary music plays* ♫

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