Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. And Happy Valentine’s Day! [Milo] [clears throat] [Ross] What? That’s right, it’s also Milo’s birthday! Yay! Milo. Some of you guys we’re here from the very start of my channel when I first just got Milo. And he was so cute right? Such a baby. Oh, your such a baby. He just turned 3, that’s like 21 in dog years. Which means he can drink now! We can drink together. Yeah! So today, we’ll draw Milo anything he wants, and at the end of the video, we’ll celebrate Milo’s birthday together. Right buddy? No, at the end of the video. At the end of the video. Ross Draws! A drawing for Milo. How about for today, we turn you into a really cool shark or a prehistoric dinosaur. Or a dragon! Woh! [Milo] Why don’t you ever draw me? [Ross] Buddy, what’s wrong? [Milo] Well, you always draw cats and turn me into a wolf and a dragon, but why not ever just me. Am I not good enough Dad? [Ross] Buddy, no! I didn’t know you felt that way. I’m so sorry. You are good enough. Today, we’ll draw just you and anything you want, Okay? You’re awesome, buddy. [Milo] Let’s draw me and my best friend.
[Ross] Oh, thanks, buddy. [Milo] Not you! Me and Gudlaug. [Milo] Milo’s birthday, 2018. [Ross] I want to give Milo the honors of naming his new best friend. Her name is… Good- Gudlaug. All right buddy, you can draw anything you want, okay? Go ahead. Milo, you’re so good!
[Milo] I’m on fire! [Laughter] [Ross] Buddy this is amazing! Look at this! Why don’t you tell everybody what you drew. Well, I drew me and Gudlaug, and we’re chillin on a nice sunny day, and there’s a bus stop sign! Oh, right. Let’s turn you into a dragon. Oh! Sorry. Let’s reinterpret Milo’s drawing. No wings, no boxing gloves, just Milo. So I have Gudlaug on a skateboard. You guys are just chillin. There’s you, unaltered. I think it’s looking pretty great.
[Milo] It needs a bus stop sign. [Ross] Okay. Alright, buddy, all right. I’ll add it. There. There’s your bus stop sign, of course. How’s that?
[Milo] Much better. [Ross] So we got Milo’s approval. Let’s try coloring this thing. This is Milo’s piece so far. It’s looking pretty good. All the elements are in place. I’m just gonna try to attack this thing and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back. And this is the progress of Milo’s piece so far. What do you think buddy? Look twins! Are you sure you don’t want to change her name to something better like…? [Growl] Okay I’m sorry. Okay, her name is gonna stay Gudlaug. So I thought maybe we could do some grass for you guys. I’ll show you guys the process on building the layers. I have a whole bunch of these grass brushes I’ve been dying to use. So, the first thing you want to do, is paint the undertone. The shadow of the grass. If you have a pizza, this is your bread. Awesome! So the second part of the pizza, is the sauce. Now we’re painting the light part. Yeah, so what’s after our sauce is our toppings! And let’s do our main toppings first. What we want to do here is add variation. Dabble, you know, you’re not gonna put pepperoni over the whole entire pizza. Just certain parts of it. And let’s add another topping. I love combination pizza. I love adding a bunch of stuff to my pizza. This topping is more specific, right? It’s like specific areas. You’re trying to make it juicy. Have a bundle of flowers over here Little flowers over there. But you’re not trying to pour a whole bunch of special toppings on this pizza. You know, some salt, some pepper. [Laughter] So, that’s a nice simple way to start your grass. We have the bread and we have, some toppings, some pepperonis. And then we added the kind of fun salt, pepper. Whoa! What?! I accidentally inverted the colors and it became spring. [Laughter] You know what? It could use some of that . We just added a pineapple. Do you guys like pineapple on your pizza? [Milo] Pineapple on pizza, yes or no, serious question.
[Ross] Yeah, I think it look pretty good. If you guys want these plant brushes, I’m giving it away for free on my Gumroad. Gumroad dot com slash ross draws. Pick them up. Let me know what you think. I’m just gonna try to finish this and I’ll check back soon. Yo Gudlaug! It’s color dodge time! Aw man, here we go. Here we go. Ooo! All right budyy, make yourself pretty, okay? Ooo! Agh! Milo! We’ve awakened Gudlaug! The evil! Thunderstorm! The firestorm! Oh no, the blizzard! Agh! Buddy! Is that a bus?! Milo, what do we do? Huh? Buddy, you’re glowing! It’s a magical cupcake! One, two, three! You did it buddy! You’re the best! Happy birthday to you! Buddy! Yay! Blow out the candles. Blow out the candles, you can put it out. Come on. Yay, Milo! You blew out the candles. You gotta make a wish. Any wish that you want.
[Milo] I want another cupcake. [Ross] Another cupcake?! Oh my god! Your wish came true! This one’s chocolate! This one’s chocolate! No, this one’s mine! Mmm buddy, it’s so good. Thanks for the cupcake. Welcome back. Thanks everybody for joining in on Milo’s birthday. I hope Milo likes the piece. You’re perfect the way you are. I will never, ever change you. And if you’re interested in bonus content and video demos. It’s a deeper insight on how I bring this piece to life. With all the grass and flowers and everything. Please check out my Patreon. If you want a chance to win one of these prints, this video’s question is… If you could have any character as your Valentine’s, who would it be? Growing up, I loved Sailor Moon. You know, her transforming into basically nakedness. Oh actually, Sailor Venus! I like Sailor Venus more than Sailor Moon. So that would be my Valentine. But let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Here, we can eat together. Oh my god! He ate it all. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day. Ugh.

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  1. I love her name. It sounds like “good luck” and the Gulag at the same time. This is ironic. If I Russified (adapted) this name, then it would be written "utatcha" something like this. And it sounds like "udacha" means luck. It is a pity that this does not beat the second option)

  2. I love how the entire video Milo has the same perplexed expression like what the hell is he doing the whole time😂😂😂

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