Paisley Park Celebration 2019: Parties and Things To Do in Minneapolis

A lot of us are gearing up for celebration 2019. Let’s talk about some of the things you can do while you’re in Minneapolis Hey everybody, welcome back to Prince’s Friend exploring music through Prince Follow me on social media and that kind of done a few of these videos so far kind of going over some of the things That you can expect when it comes to celebration 2019 We’ve done the initial announcement and we’ve done the detailed guest list and now it’s time to talk about some of those awesome things that you can do outside of celebration because there’s lots of them the main thing that I’m gonna cover in this video is The parties but Before we jump into that we currently have a patreon drive going on Don’t forget to check that out if we’re going till the end of April and we’re hoping to get 70 patrons So help us hit that goal. I think that’ll be really cool. You can check that out at slash prince’s friend awesome So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go day per day of celebration I was able to get my hands on a list of different events being thrown by a couple of different event Organizers and I did a little bit of detailed research on each of the events So maybe I’ll be able to convince you to go to one or another let’s get started It’s obviously early in the month. But April 4th. There’s a chance to go see dr Mambo’s combo and that is a band that consists of sunny tea and Margie Cox if you have not seen them they are amazing They’re gonna be at the Uptown VFW post 246 and that is at 8:30. So we want to go check that out. That’s actually at the beginning of the month It’s not technically part of celebrations, but I love dr. Mambo’s combo so you should go check them out the next big thing I want to point out is Record Store Day, which is April 13th Also, not technically part of celebration, but on that day, there’s going to be a special edition for Sachi experience cassette tape That will be on sale for Record Store Day Definitely go hit up electric fetus if you happen to be in Minneapolis, if not, go to your local record store And hopefully they have one as well. All right, we’re getting closer to it on April 20th There’s gonna be a show from an erotic City, which is a prince tribute band. That’s gonna be at First Avenue at 8:00 p.m So you want to go check that out if you happen to come into town early on the 20th right there pretty good Actually, I some of their YouTube just do a search for erotic city Prince tribute, and you’ll be able to find some too They’re not a show that I wouldn’t not see so now we’re up to April 23rd This is that Tuesday celebration starts on Thursday that week again. This is for people who might happen to be in town early So on that day at 5 p.m. There’s going to be a purple family meet-and-greet It’s hosted by Tracy Wilson and we’ll have DJ Alfonso star and special guest Martin Kemper there from the listing There’s going to be food and music and you can come and you can hang out and have a fun time So if you’re in town early and you’re not doing anything doesn’t hurt to go check it out You could make a worse choice. All right, April 24th. This is the day before Celebration begins that’s the day I’m flying and so I’m paying attention to a lot of these things because you got to get that pre-party on I Had a place called Luke’s at 5 p.m Paisley Five-and-dime is gonna do a knock off party and any proceeds that are collected. There are going to the Rosie Gaines health fund So it’s a good cause it does say that there’s limited ticketing and it looks like it might already be sold out but if that’s something that you’re interested in going to check it out and see if you can finagle some tickets that night also at 8 p.m. There’s gonna be the star party, too And that’s at the poorhouse and it looks like if you didn’t make it to the purple family meet and greet the day before The same people will be here. So good on you If you missed the first one you can get to this one Then there’s remembering Prince 3 at the Carver County Library and this one seems pretty cool It’s a gonna be a small gathering of people who want to get together and discuss Prince’s contributions to the Minneapolis Community and his philanthropy and whatnot at a library. So, you know, you can’t talk really loud But it seems like it’s gonna be a really fun time alright So now we’re on to Thursday the first day of celebration and there’s some fun stuff going on after you get out of celebration So first off our girls Shelby J. She’s gonna have a concert at the Capri It’s gonna be one of the last concerts before it gets completely remodeled So you definitely want to come out and check out the show We did talk about it a little bit in my interview that I did with Shelby So you want to that out and she’s gonna have a 7:00 p.m. And a 10:00 p.m Show to accommodate both tracks of the celebration people who are gonna be at today’s Li I will be at the 10 o’clock Showing so you might even see me if you get to go there I did hear through the grapevine though that their tickets are almost sold out So you definitely want to try and pick those up quickly again? I’ll try and put a link in the description so you can check that out then There’s gonna be another amazing show called nothing compares to P and that’s gonna be in st. Paul at 7 p.m At the Minnesota music cafe. That’s where I interviewed. Jellybean Johnson last year So it’s a really fun venue This event is sporting five bands and tons of special guests like Kim Barry and Marva King Plus there’s always people in and out of that place So it’s a fun place to be if you can’t make it to the Capri. They’re kind of very far from each other So a third show that I was hip to that evening is at the Dakota and it’s by Julian Steel and it’s called this is me that shows at 7 p.m And she has a phenomenal gospel voice so you could do worse than to go and see her if you’re not able to make it to some of the other parties and If you go to this one over here, but you missed this one over here That’s what us friends are for we can share our experiences and tell each other about all of the wonderful times that we’ve had Alright moving on to April 26. That’s the Friday. That’s celebration Day two And now this is a big day for celebration itself this is gonna be the day that They’re doing Prince live in concert at the Armory and it’s the day that anybody who’s VIP who has the money for VIP? Will be going to the VIP party at Paisley Park afterwards So because of that there’s not a ton of events going on that evening Nobody wants to compete but I do have note of one event that’s happening that night It’s gonna be at the ice house at 10:30 p.m. And it’s called LP music live now It’s gonna be a bunch of live music I don’t recognize any of the names that are on the list of the performers But that could just be because I’m not a local boy, but the ice house itself is a really great venue So if you want to go out listen to some live music Maybe get hip to a new performer that you’ve never heard of before maybe that’s the show for you 10:30 p.m On that Friday at the ice house the 27th. That’s Saturday night. This is the big night cuz Saturday night and the feelings, right? I should have saying that so first stuff the MGP are gonna be performing. That’s at 9 p.m And it’s gonna be the whole mpg. It’s probably gonna be really hot. They’re probably gonna sell out pretty quickly So if you do not have tickets to that you definitely want to go buy them Now that seemed like the Icehouse is throwing yet another party This one’s called the dance electric 4 and is going to be DJ by DJ WB that should be a lot of fun at 11 p.m. Later that night There’s going to be love to the 9dan intimate exploration of princes music it actually has Tommy Barbarella on the keys and he’s brought on a Vocalist and a percussionist and whatnot to come and help him But they’re going to be kind of doing some fun Prince music I think that one sounds like it’s gonna be more low-key than some of the other big raucous parties at 7 p.m At the Minnesota music cafe, so they’re doing more stuff as well on Saturday There’s gonna be a show called legacy and it’s going to sport more of a king there again But also the jellybean Johnson experience Paul Peterson, it’s gonna be so much fun If you’re hoping to possibly see these particular performers in concert, and there’s one more party that night Oh, that’s right my party. Ok. It’s called party uptown. It’s gonna be at the Moxie hotel That’s where I’ll be staying and I’ll put a link in the description if you want to stay there, too And if you want a discount on your hotel room And obviously this is gonna be the happenin party cuz that’s where I’ll be Not only are we going to have book signings by Andre Hollingsworth Allen bolio and Kim berry Not only are we going to have a silent auction of artwork like Kristy Abbott where proceeds go to the PRN alumni Not only are we going to have Prince music spun all night by DJ way funky who has done many many themed parties like this Not only will there be giveaways not only will it be streamed live Not only will it be a social media event where you can come and meet me and I’ll be there interviewing Guests as well as the party attendees and we’re gonna be sharing a bunch of stories and our love of Prince Not only will Terry Jackson be there to give a special tribute to his grand central brother-in-arms Hollywood William Daughtry, not only will there be a visual slideshow in games, but on top of all of that Admission is easy just say you believe and you will get in. Yes. That’s right. That party is free It’s where you want to be. Come hang with me moving on to April 28th. That’s the last day of celebration that’s the Sunday since there’s gonna be a lot of people who are either leaving early not going to do as much partying because they Partied so hard on Saturday, whatever have you? There’s not really much going on in the way of parties on that day There’s probably a few here and there but none that have really hit me on my radar but on April 29th there is going to be a party that evening at 6 p.m. It’s called this for Prince party It’s gonna be at the lab theater. So if you’re still in town, it’s listed as a print tribute kind of party It is also going to have Marva King. Wow. She’s just popping up everywhere Isn’t she and any proceeds that are made there will go to make-a-wish Foundation and the PRN alumni and obviously that’s only your choices outside of celebration during celebration We’re gonna have the funk soldiers. We’re gonna have the revolution. We’re gonna have Jesse Johnson. There’s gonna be panels There’s gonna be tons of fun going on at Paisley Park now in between all the parties and celebration You’re probably gonna want to do some sightseeing So here’s a list of some things you can go and check out So if you can you want to check out First Avenue, that is a great venue I went to a party there last year with lots of fun If you’re doing celebration and you’re automatically gonna get a Paisley Park tour as part of the package but if you’re not doing celebration You may want to try and hit it the day before or the day after Especially if you’re gonna be in town a little bit longer than the actual event Definitely go check out the Purple Reign house. It was kind of surreal to see it in person You also want to try and hit Lake Henderson, which is the fake lake minnetonka and they just put the bench there last year Which means you’ll have a place to sit you want to go to the Capri theatre and you want to go before it gets Remodeled you want to check it out and it’s full glory now cuz maybe next year the year after It’s not gonna be the same way and of course the best way to go see the Capri would be to go to show BJ show just saying you definitely want to Hit off the electric fetus. That’s a great record store great ambience. I really love the atmosphere there. There are a ton of public murals Well, lots of great art just to see just driving around town I believe that there is a website that has a list of all of them with addresses and whatnot So check that out Look for that online One that I missed last year was I didn’t get to go see the graffiti bridge and I’m gonna try and do that this year If you can definitely do it I love all of the pictures that I see on social media from people who get to go there Oh and last but not least. There’s obviously the Mall of America. It’s not Prince themed, but it’s huge I went there just for a moment last year so that I could go to the Hard Rock Cafe and see what Prince clothes that They had there but oh my god, it’s so big. Alright everybody That was my video on what to do while you’re in town for celebration Hopefully you enjoyed that if you did don’t forget to hit like and subscribe Follow me on social media at Prince’s friend whitey on all of the social media platforms And as I mentioned at the beginning of the video check us out on patreon at You can help the channel directly for as little as $2 a month. And as always may live to see the dawn I love you. See you at celebration

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  2. If you're a fan of the Madhouse albums go to the LP Music show, Eric Leeds and St. Paul Peterson (The Family) headline, I wouldn't be surprised if some Revolution members pop in too.

  3. Had NO idea there were so many events going on in the cities during Celebration…this video is quite the wake-up call (lots of planning is definitely in order for me now)!!! Thanks for doing so much research for us lol!

  4. First thank you for the breakdown of the events, Minneapolis is going be popping!, you party sounds like so much fun, when I go to celebration ( which I am shooting for next one) , and if you do this again, I’ll be there. I want to see first avenue because I heard it’s so much smaller in person , I’ve seen purple rain so many times and it doesn’t seem that small, especially when apollonia runs in. How they do that? Don’t know if you mention it , but is stone going to celebration and your party?



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  8. @Prince's "Friend.  How do people get from one event to another?  Do they rent cars, buses,  use taxi's/car service or trains?   I can't go this year, but may in the future and I hate driving in strange cities.  I am sure the hotel will call car service for you, but are there other modes of transportation within or among the cities.

  9. Love 💕 your videos thank you for your information. Please think of me when you are there . I have a broken heart 💔 that I will never get to go. You will have fun partying, hopefully not to hardcore.

  10. Please join us at Axel’s Restaurant at 8 PM on Saturday, April 27th in Chanhassen. We’re heading over to my cuz’s mural around 9:30 PM. I will post the details on social media. The mural will be lit up and I booked an HD drone to capture some aerial shots of us. We’re going Live on Facebook and will plan to stop over at the Moxy. Peace- #Justice4cuz

  11. i believe 'erotic city' on 4/20 is not a band, but a dance party given by dj lenka, dj shannon blowtorch and other local djs. they have burlesque dancers dancing on stage and this is an annual event. it's packed and so much fun!

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  15. Love2the9s was awesome last year – a real highlight of Celebration week, so though not as bouncing as I expect the NPG or the parties will be, you should definitely consider it. Yes Tommy’s there and it’s fronted by Julius Collins of Dr Mambos Combo, and they did some really deep cuts (In A Large Room With No Light, Still Waiting, All My Dreams, Splash) last time. Will be going to that after your party!
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