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  1. I think the other virus stickers are to make the symbols on the bottom more vibrant so when you eliminate the viruses, it looks better.

  2. Isn't it illegal to use the red cross symbol outside of actual Medical care? Maybe things have changed, but back in the day Halo had to switch their first aid kits to a red "H" instead of the cross.

  3. Did you also fix San Francisco and Los Angeles? In the video it looks like their city symbols are way darker than their neighbours'

  4. I hope the guy who brought it up on BGG aaaaages ago isn’t annoyed that Zee is getting all the credit.

  5. Imagine spending $100 to buy Pandemic again for the 6th time and you have to put a sticker on your board. 🤣

  6. Thanks Rahdo! I did not know about this till your video. I would like to point out that the map on Pandemic is also missing New Zealand. Can we get a sticker for that too =P haha

  7. Haha 🙂 you aptly said "the tenth anniversary Pandemic addiction". Timestamp: https://youtu.be/umPKC2miV3Q?t=212

  8. I just got my shipping notice for my stickers today. This version was the first time I bought Pandemic so I had no idea there was a mistake until all the hubbub was made about it. Looks like a solid fix.

  9. one of these days they'll release a base pandemic game without a board misprint… i wouldnt hold my breath though

  10. Stickers being used to correct mistakes can be acceptable. However, for a massively overpriced premium collector's item like this… I feel that throwing cheap and inherently non-premiem stickers at the problem is unacceptable and pretty pathetic.
    Having said that, I'm not sure what else they could have done.
    Nevertheless, such a premium product having such a mistake is not a good look for Z-Man.

  11. Having to sticker is annoying, but not the end of the world. Awkward Guests recently reported a misprint on the player screens that will require a "sticker" to fix, as well. They aren't going to supply the stickers, though… you need to download a file and print off your own. Apparently, they aren't the right size, either, so that has people a bit miffed.

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