Panther Foundation 15 Year Anniversary

(upbeat music) – In 2004, 60 community
members came together with a desire to support
the students and staff of Spring Lake Park Schools, and to ensure our educational experiences were second to none. While many things may have
changed over the years, one thing remains the same, why we do what we do. It’s for the kids. – The work of the foundation began with a charter board of 16 members. And in that first year alone, the board and the community together raised approximately 28,000 dollars to provide grants for students and staff. – Today, the Panther Foundation
is stronger than ever – fulfilling our mission
to support and empower world-class learning in
Spring Lake Park Schools. We have a awarded over 1.7 million dollars to Spring Lake Park Schools through grants and special projects reaching all levels of education from early childhood to high school, and touching almost every aspect
of the student experience. – Every spring at the tower days parade we hand out 2,000 books to
children along the route – building home libraries and emphasizing the importance of reading. We have helped spread Panther Pride by providing gifts to new staff each fall, supporting the new Panther store, supporting the annual
senior all-night party, and more recently bringing
Panther Pride to life with a Spring Lake Park
T-shirt to every K-4 student in our district. – Since 2004, thousands have come together for our annual events, which include the Gala,
the golf fundraiser, and our carnival and 5K. Each event may have a different purpose, but all of them result
in bringing our community together to celebrate
and support SLP schools. – We initiated and funded
the Panther Pantry, and the weekend food pack program to provide food to our
children in our community. Since then we have provided
nearly 10,000 weekend packs and assisted more than 500 families. Every fall we help
provide 700 plus backpacks to students in need in our community to ensure they start school
with the supplies necessary to be successful. – The Panther Foundation was a catalyst for the 1-to-1 technology devices that our students learn with every day. We funded the first iPad pilots, and the Fund-A-Dream
provided support necessary to ensure every classroom was equipped with SMART board technology. In 2015, the Panther Foundation
funded 128,000 dollars to kick off and later expand work to redesign learning
spaces across the district. The district continues
to better meet the needs of students and staff through
innovative learning spaces. – Over the last few years
the foundation committed to helping the district enhance and expand STEM learning opportunities by investing in science,
technology, engineering, and math projects across all grade levels. Specifically we have helped provide the tools, equipment, and supplies needed to bring STEM learning alive. Our largest and most
ambitious project ever was our 600,000 dollar grant to support improvements
to the Fine Arts Center, Panther Stadium, and athletic facilities throughout the district. – On this 15th anniversary, we reflect back on our success, and look forward to our future. – None of this would be possible without the ongoing support of our community. Over the years thousands of people have helped support the Panther Foundation through generous donations of time, energy, funds, resources, and much more. – As community members,
staff, and parents, we know our voices are stronger when we come together as one. We recognize everyone
who has played a role in our success over the last 15 years and thank you for your continuing support of the Panther Foundation and it’s commitment to our district. – We know that we have more work to do, and encourage you to join with us as we build our community and grow our future, and
the future of our children. (upbeat music)

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