Paper Rosettes – Beautiful flowers – DIY Paper Crafts for teenagers – Room decoration

Flower decoration – paper rosettes To do these decorations you need: 1.Trimmer 2.scissors 3.colored paper 4.pencil 5.Ruler 6.A book that you don’t need Cut the paper! You need to make:
3 yellow paper sheets (8 cm x 24 cm )
3 green paper sheets (4 cm x 24 cm ) Mark the sheets of paper at each cm. Now score at each cm. Create a paper accordion. You need to make:
3 yellow accordions
3 green accordions Glue the green sheets on the bottom of the yellow sheets. Glue all three components together to make a larger sheet.Unite the edges to make a circle. Squeeze a little to the center and cover the center with a small circle of paper, a paper heart, etc… Make more circles(with recycled paper and colored paper). Put them together and decorate your walls! Thank you for visiting my video!

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