Parade of the Communist party

Thousands of people gathered in Moscow on the 7th of November to mark the 95th anniversary of the October 1917 Revolution. During the Soviet era this day was a national holiday. Nowadays November the 7th is not an official holiday in Russia, but people of the Soviet era can’t get rid of the nostalgia and keep on celebrating it. The festive march spilled into a Communist Party meeting next to the Red Square.

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  1. If the CPRF would finally face their own fear of the truth, condemn Stalin as Lenin most certainly did and would have, and acknowledge Leon Trotsky as the Hero/Martyr and Lenin's pick to lead Bolshevism; they would have a overwhelming majority in the Duma. The only thing keeping Russians from backing (more) the CPRF is their blind following of Stalinism and Stalinist Policy. Sorry CPRF…it's the how badly to you want a return to Marxism?? We shall see.

  2. Your name may mean you are German; however, I know I am. In 1989 I was in the Berlin VoPo. I was a member of the SED. Almost 70% of Ossi today prefer the DDR. Still, few want it as it was. We want Marxism, which Stalinism is not. There was no election rigging, just to many ignorant voters, and CPRF dogma. To your line on Trotsky, spare me. Even before '89, I rejected Stalinist Bureaucracy; I was raised Communist in Dresden. I know the claims, but also that they are as false as Capitalist ones.

  3. You are not an Ossi; I am. I served in the Military, and later the VoPo until we reunified. You do not need to say you were an adult during this time; your dogmatic and childish explanation of my own State and Party says enough. Please do not quote Che to me; I watched his UN speech live. I do not know what nation you are from, and I do not care. I know very well our Party and State policies, and I supported them most of the time; until the 1980's. You were not there, do not say you were. done

  4. One can make all kinds of criticisms about the CPRF, I know I certainly can.
    But I have to say I find the image of people who experienced Socialism marching through the streets under the shadow of "NOKIA" and "PEPSI" signs to be quite moving. Despite the fact that the entire revolution took a nose dive after Stalin these people still believe in it.

  5. I have to say that your leader does not behave like a communist. He said Jesus was the first communist. Well, no he wasn't. Jesus was not a communist, he was a hippie. Communists do not love and help every person, they actually hate the capitalists. And the reason we are in solidarity with the global worker's class is not love, but class war.

    I don't know, i just do not trust Zyuganov the least.


  7. The ideal of communism is a ideal to work towards. And the Soviet Union may have fallen but look what it accomplished! When the Soviets took control of Russia after the civil war they inherited a devastated country of illiterate peasants. Combine that with the fact that they faced attack and economic embargo from capitalist powers, and its a miracle they kept Russia alive at all.
    Also people in the west say that the Russians are glad the Soviet Union is gone, that is bullshit. Polls say that over 60% of Russians want the USSR back. A country doesn't survive nearly 100 years, through civil war, devastation, invasion and cold war, without having the people supporting it.
    The Soviet Union fell, because of that maniac Stalin and the paranoid fear encouraged by capitalist elites in the West. But Communism can work, China, Veitnam and Loas are proof of it as they are some of the strongest economies in the East. Cuba and North Korea don't count as once again they have faced trade embargo and constant attack.

  8. Fellow comrades, the strength of the people for the motherland. No matter where you came from, race, religion, and society. Work together and unite for the motherland. Capitalist are hell, as you can see in America Capitalist dogs full of racist and Trump over Mexico and Islam. YouTube has a reason why their symbol is Red box.

  9. This is awful! if Russia becomes Soviet union baltics will get invaded! Fuck communism it ruins everything and makes people suffer and starve.

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