Paris – Seine River Dinner Cruise

(calm music) (upbeat music) – It may look like I’m at
a restaurant on the water, but this is actually a boat. I’m gonna cruise down the River Seine, check out some of the top
highlights and monuments of Paris, listen to some live music, I think it’s gonna be a good night. Cheers. The sun is setting, it’s
a perfect summer night here in Paris. The boat has just started
moving, we’re going down the River Seine, checking
out all the sights. Music has started, live
music I should say, and dinner is on its way. I have a feeling it’s
gonna be a good night. (singing in French) – I’ve got The Louvre
right here to my right, down the river the sun is
setting, perfectly casting sunshine along the water, all the major buildings
along the River Seine, ah, it’s incredible. Parisians really know how
to enjoy a summer’s night, everybody is collected
along the Seine River having picnics, bottles
of wine, eating crackers. Everybody’s friendly and waving. They are doing it right. Alright, look at that. Woo, that looks tasty. There’s something peaceful
about eating on the water, and the sun has gone down, it’s getting a little bit
dark, the lights are coming on. Amazing views, it doesn’t
get any better than this. I’ve just finished my dessert,
now I’m gonna go outside for one last look at the city of lights. Let’s go. The boat cruise is sadly coming to an end, now I’m outside being
treated to the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. (instrumental music)

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  1. I've been on one of these cruises. Fantastic food, 7 or 8 courses, loads of wine. We got very drunk and suddenly I was speaking fluent French or thought I was. An hilarious evening I will remember for ever.

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