Parker Turns Five! Sleepover Birthday Party SPECIAL w/ JoJo Siwa, Colleen Ballinger and.. Zendaya?

– [Woman] Which movie? – The Greatest Showman. (cheering) Let’s do it. (yelling) (upbeat dance music) (light acoustic music) – Good morning everyone. – Today we are at Colleen’s house because we are having Parker’s
birthday slumber party. Colleen and Kory decorated the whole house to look like The Greatest Showman. (upbeat jazz music) – This is my friend
Katherine all the way from California to LA which is pretty much, LA is inside of California. But she came here and I’m super excited for her to be here with me at this birthday party. – [Chris] You having fun so far Katherine? You like the popcorn? – Katherine is my friend. She’s not a cousin if
you’re talking about that. But she’s just my friend and I’m super excited to be here with her. – [Chris] Parker’s gonna open
his first present of the day. – It’s Kory’s. – [Chris] It’s from Kory. – [Woman] Two presents in one, Parker? Lucky dude. – [Woman] I love the wrapping paper. – Yeah. Thank you. – [Kory] You’re welcome. – [Woman] Oh my goodness. – [Woman] Those are so cool. – [Woman] Those are amazing. – Yes, I got it. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Parker, you know
what kind of sequins those are? – Thank you. – [Woman] Isn’t that cool? Oh my goodness. – Thank you Kory. – [Kory] You’re welcome. Happy birthday. – Thank you. – [Woman] He loves them. – [Chris] Whoa. Do you like ’em? – Yes. This one’s from Katherine. Do you have to rip it? We need scissors. Thank you Katherine. – This is for opening the store. Magic. – The magic store? Thank you. How? – From a store. – So cool, thank you. And now Jojo and Aunt Rachel are here. – Yes we are. – Who else? – We’re here. – [Woman] Who else? Eric’s here. – Eric’s here. Pauly was, he was here before. – [Woman] Yeah. He’s been here a long time. – Okay, the first one’s from Eric to Parker. – [Woman] That one’s to Parker? – [Jojo] That is to Parker. – Thank you. – [Woman] Do you know what it is? (laughs) – Thank you. It’s a hair spraying… – [Woman] It makes your hair colors. So you can make it yellow, pink. – I’m gonna do it right now. – [Woman] Do you want
to finish opening the rest of the presents
and then you can do it? – Oh yeah. – [Woman] Okay. – [Woman] What do you say? Hey Parker.
– Thank you Eric. – [Eric] You’re welcome. – Let’s do this one. This one’s from who? Aunt Rachel? Jojo?
– Jojo. I’m pointing at her and
she’s raising her hand. – Thank you Jojo. – [Woman] What is it? – [All] Wow. – [Kory] Oh my gosh. – Thank you. Thank you for the other one. – [Jojo] Of course. – And some other stuff. – And some other stuff. – [Jojo] It’s what was on the list. – [Woman] Do you know what that is? – Yes. – [Woman] What is it? – It’s the wrap. Is it the wraps? – [Jojo] It’s the wraps. – [Woman] It’s wraps. You can be like Zendaya. – [Jojo] Are they Jojo’s? – [Woman] Jojo, do you have
wraps in your merch yet? – [Jojo] I don’t have
wraps in my merch yet, no. – [Chris] Oh, you okay? – [Woman] (laughs) Nice recovery. Good recovery. – [Woman] Can we see it? – That’s cool
– Wow. – [Chris] Those are great. – [Woman] Oh, is it you, Jacob? – [Chris] There ya go. – [Woman] Oh yes. – [Woman] Parker, let’s see. – [Woman] I’m gonna come
back like a boomerang. – [Woman] Yes. – This is from aunt Rachel. – [Jojo] Ooh, thanks for getting my merch. – [Rachel] You’re welcome. (laughs) – [Woman] Ooh, fourth of July. Oh that’s a good one. – [Jojo] It matches your pajamas. – [Woman] Cute. Oh I love that new line. I saw it at Target. – [Rachel] Yeah, isn’t it cute? – What is this? – [Rachel] It’s one of those
punch balls that lights up. It’s a balloon that you punch. – [Woman] It’s a light up balloon. – Oh those, yeah. – [Rachel] Yeah. Those. – So cool. (gasps) – [Woman] Oh my goodness. – [Chris] Can I see it? – [Woman] Don’t quit. Don’t quit. – [Jojo] Wait, no. There’s a secret message in it. It says “don’t quit,”
but it also says “do it.” – [All] Ooh. – [Woman] So don’t quit
but then you’re like, “but actually do it.” (laughs) I’m glad we have Jojo here
to translate things for us. – Is this a bath bomb? – [All] It’s chalk. – [Woman] Minnie and Mickey chalk. – What is this? – [Woman] It’s goo, it’s like slime. – Thank you. – [Woman] You’re welcome. – [Chris] You’re the same. – Is my bow, my bow’s a little different. Here, look. My bow looks a little bit more like this. – [Woman] There ya go. – Is that better? When it’s like that? – That’s cooler. – Cooler. Okay. (upbeat music) – Four, five, six. – What about those two up there? And wait, wait, wait, wait. What about all of these? – We did those. – [Woman] What are you
guys playing, Parker? – There ya go. – Finding Jojos. – Count the Jojos. – [Woman] Count the Jojos. The new party game. – Jojo. – 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. – Don’t forget about this one. – 18, 19. (laughs) 19, 20. – Don’t forget that balloon. – 21, 22. – 22? Nice counting. I think you’re right. – [Chris] Wait, there’s more over here. – [Woman] Oh, Jojo’s everywhere. – I can’t count. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Parker ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Woman] Yay. – [Chris] Ooh, individual. Yay. – I did two at a time and
then one, two, three of them. – Yeah you did. I’m just gonna brag for a
second at my sprinkle skills. Because when we got the cake, it did have these on the side. But it only said, happy birthday Parker and I was like, “We gotta
up the sprinkle game.” So I picked out sprinkles
that were yellow. – [Chris] Are those lightning bolts? – Yeah they’re lightning bolts. Rosanna Pansino. Support them YouTubers. It looks like– – [Woman] Hold the drama. – I see some, I see it all. We’ve got chocolate cake,
strawberry ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate
ice cream, vanilla ice cream. – Neapolitan.
– It’s all in it. – So Parker wanted the P in the cake. Which meant that we had to cut out a piece this size to get to it. We’re probably gonna cut it in half but, I feel like I should just eat it. This is a big piece of cake. (fun music) – [Colleen] How’s the cake? – Good. – [Colleen] Did Auntie
Pantie’s do a good job? Was it better than the
one on your birthday? – Kind of. (laughing) – It’s okay. I can eat the rest of yours. – It’s fine. – [Colleen] Oh okay. – I love it. – [Woman] Is he living the
Jojo lifestyle right now? – Yup. – [Woman] Can you relate? Double plating it. Double Jojo face. Jojo hair. – I love cherry ice cream. – [Woman] Looks good. – [Colleen] My favorite is mint chip. – [Woman] Katherine, how’s your food? – [Chris] Parker, what’s happenning here? – I’m getting a piece of my hair dyed. – [Chris] Oh, a hair tattoo. – [Jacob] Okay. – Did you get it? – How’d it turn out? Wow. Wow, Jacob’s giving you the hook up. – Is everybody ready for a movie? – [All] Yeah. – [Woman] Which movie? Which movie? – The Greatest Showman. (cheers) Let’s do it. (screaming) – (laughing) I got tingles all
down my leg when I did that. – I was like, “whoa Rachel can do that?” No she can’t. (upbeat music) – For about 45 minutes, we’ve been trying to knock down our Barbie Zendaya from this hulahoop and
she is holding strong. But it is about to happen. And Jacob has joined in on this fun. – [Woman] It was just adults. – [Jojo] It was just adults. – [Jessica] She is dangling. Oh my goodness. (upbeat music) – [Jojo] Ooh, that’s smart. – [Parker] I need some water. – [Woman] Okay, go get water. Is she coming off? – Nothing’s different to me. Like her position is good. I think what we need is
her dress to un-velcro. I mean. (upbeat music) – [Chris] (laughs) My
arm feels very heavy. – Wait, wait. Now everyone has to use
their opposite arms. – [Woman] You’ll never hit it. (upbeat music) – [Jojo] Well if I’m in
it then I’m (mumbles). – Punch back Jojo. – [Jojo] Okay come on Chris. – She’s coming down. – [Boy] She’s coming off like boomerang! (cheering) – Jojo did. – No, Chris. – [Colleen] Oh, it’s Christopher? – It’s Christopher. – All I know is that Jojo
said the magic words. – Yeah, I win. – And then it came off. – Finally. – It’s been a really good night. I watched The Greatest Showman, I watched Dolphin Tale 2. I had a great day. It’s been great. – [Jessica] Any cool presents? – This was one that was cool. The gymnastics outfits were the ones. This one and this one. And all of them were cool. – [Jessica] How did you
sleep last night Parker? – Good. – [Jessica] What about you Katherine? – Good. – Today we’re actually doing more stuff. I don’t know how we do that
but we’re just doing some more. – [Jessica] Now Parker,
you were up very late. And you were the first
kid awake this morning. – How do I do that? (laughs) So I woke up first, and then Jacob and then Bailey and then
Duncan, and then me. – [Jessica] Jacob and
Bailey are still asleep. You forgot Katherine. – And Katherine. – [Woman] Hi. How’d you sleep, mister? I like your dinosaur outfit. Oh, Parker brought balloons. – Jojo. – [Jessica] It’s like she’s still here. You ready to go? – Yeah. – [Jessica] Okay. Where is Auntie Panties
taking us today, Parker? – There’s only two places I only know. Target and Color Me Mine. Where you get to– – Paint!
– Paint stuff like puppies and kids. And other stuff. – And people. – Yeah. And mermaids. – If you have a unicorn,
you get to paint it. – If they have the unicorn
you get to paint it. – I wanna paint a kite. – Well, if there’s a kite there, you can. (acoustic music) – We are about to do our
very first escape room. Escape room. Our room is called Titanic so I’m hoping that we’ll be on the Titanic. – I’m gonna search everywhere. I’m gonna search in the blankets. I’m gonna search in the pillow cases. I’m gonna search behind things. – Yes.

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