Parker’s Third Birthday Party SPECIAL

– Good morning, everyone. Today we are celebrating
Parker’s birthday, so we are having a party. Your birthday was last week? – My birthday was last week. – It is time for us to learn how to make cotton candy. I’m so excited! Yeah, you’re ready to
make some cotton candy. – Let’s do it. – [Jessica] Parker, you wanna
go make some cotton candy? – Pour the sugar in like this. ‘Round and ’round and ’round and ’round. Okay. – [Jessica] Ooh, my God,
you’re good at that! I’m so impressed. – You want sprinkles on it, Bailey? – Yes. – There you go. – [Chris] Look at the sparkles on that. – It tastes delicious. – Yellow. – [Pippa] A yellow one? Would you like lemon or mango? – Mango. – [Chris] You want sparkles on it? There you go, buddy. What do you say? Yum, just yum? Can you say thank you? – Thank you. – [Pippa] You’re welcome. – [Jessica] What flavor did you get? – Half mango, half lemon. – Oh, you wild man. Lemme see your twinkles. – Can you eat the stars? – [Pippa] Yes, they’re all edible. – [Chris] Did you eat it all? You ate the whole thing? Are you eating the paper now? Are you gonna eat the paper cone? Oh, my goodness. Ah, sticky! That’s sticky! He just totally stuck me. What are you doin’? (jazzy music) – Sparkles! This is Pippa, she’s amazing, and she brought this
cotton candy over to us, and I’ve made friends with her
since we’ve been in Vancouver and I’m so glad, and she makes cotton candy. Like, this is the best
connection I’ve ever made as a person.
– It’s pretty good. – She’s really awesome. So tell me about your
cotton candy really quick. What’s your company called? – Yeah, so our company
is called Petite Puf and we do organic, all-natural, kosher, vegan, and
gluten-free cotton candy. We do 20 different flavors. – They’re amazing.
– They’re good. – And all those organic
and vegan, like yes. Sugar isn’t naturally
vegetarian and vegan, which is an awful fact. It makes me sad. I don’t think about it too much because I want to be able to
be fine with eating sugar, but it’s kind of weird, so. You can look into that if you want, but. It’s a dark hole to go down. She does all of this at,
like, weddings and stuff. Like I could have had
cotton candy at my wedding and I did not know that, so I’m sharing it with you
guys because you should know. You can have cotton candy at your wedding! Demand it. – Blueberry! – [Pippa] Blueberry,
okay. Blueberry first. So your cone’s turning ’round and ’round and ’round like that, got it? Go ’round and ’round in a circle. Awesome. Okay, so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put the
sugar in the middle there, so we’ll do it one by one, so Bailey, here, why don’t
you try it out first? I’ll put the sugar in the middle and you’re gonna put your cone in, do just what I tell you to do. So you’re gonna go around in your fingers, and you’re gonna do your
big clock motion like that, in a big circle, okay? Okay, so get in there. You wanna keep your cone, go
’round and ’round and ’round. Keep it twirlin’ so it goes on there. Perfect! Stick it right in a little bit further. Yeah, go for it. Don’t put it on the button because you’ll get all
the icky sugar on it. Okay, pull it on out. Pull it on out! – [Jessica] Yay, Bailey! – It’s like a “Cat in
the Hat” cotton candy. – [Jessica] That’s awesome! Ooh, Jacob! – Oh, my gosh, good job. – [Jessica] Chef Jacob! – All right. Good job, mister, that’s great! – [Jessica] You’re making it! Parker, did you pick your flavor? What is it? – This kind. – [Jessica] This kind? Yum. – There you go, buddy. All done! – [Jessica] Parker’s
art at three years old. So the art station is in full swing. Everybody’s painting. Colleen and Eric are, what are you guys doing, color– – We’re doing portraits of each other. – [Jessica] I said “coloring each other.” – We only had one canvas,
so we had to get creative. He’s drawing me and I’m drawing him. – [Jessica] Is this a contest? – [Eric] No, it’s not. – [Jessica] Portrait contest? – [Colleen] There’s hair
in mine, this is not fair. Oh, my God, I’m already making a mess. (Jessica laughs) – [Jessica] It’s time
for an artist update. – [Colleen] This is what
Eric thinks I look like. – [Jessica] What happened, Eric? You want to tell us? So I don’t want to pressure him. There was, like, a little error and then it got wiped off, that’s it. He’s doing an amazing job. Parker’s opening presents! (fun music) – I want to do this to Disneyland! – [Jessica] Oh, good idea. Is that from grandma? – Yeah! – [Jessica] Parker, that was from Angela. What do you say? – Thank you, Angela. – [Jessica] Parker, these are all of Catherine’s favorite books and she got some for you so you can have the same favorite books. – Thank you, Catherine! – [Jessica] Here’s a gift from Bailey. Careful, careful. What do you say to Bailey? – Thank you, Bailey. – [Colleen] This has been
through some moments. – [Eric] Yeah, it’s been
through some moments. – [Colleen] Jessica was filming earlier. – [Eric] Oh, okay. That nose is so defined. – [Chris] You’ve got a defined nose. – We’re still working on it. – This party has picked up. There are a lot more people in here now. I don’t think there’s ever been this many people in this house. Well, I can’t say that for certain because it’s not my house. – I have to say, I really
enjoy how skinny he made me. I love my figure here. I look real thin and
snatched for the gods. He has me holding, so I’ve been told, a Coca-Cola, which I appreciate. It’s very accurate. And my phone, which is
currently in my hand, so that’s accurate as well. – [Chris] Yeah, Coca-Cola and phone. – [Colleen] My hair is great. I don’t appreciate how you think I’m balding in the back, though. Because there’s, like, space,
like you can see behind. – No, it’s just, like, it’s a curl. – [Chris] You also look like you kind of have a five o’clock shadow. – [Eric] You do have
a five o’clock shadow. – This is how Eric sees me. – [Chris] Okay. And Eric, what do you think of Colleen’s
interpretation of you? – Well as everyone in the room has said as they walked by, saying “ugh” to mine, and then they really like Colleen’s. It’s good, it’s really
good. It looks like me. – [Colleen] Come on, I
just went off on yours! – I’m eating a mayonnaise sandwich. I’m smirking. And what’s that? – [Chris] It’s a popsicle. Colleen really liked
how you drew her figure, but how do you feel about her interpretation of your figure? – I think this forearm’s
a little bit bigger than the other one. And there’s a continuity
issue with the skin tone. – [Colleen] Yeah your face is very tan. This arm does not see the sun very much. – [Eric] No. – [Colleen] And this
one has got a disease. We shouldn’t be wearing our hats. – [Chris] Yeah, the hats need to be gone. Colleen, if you can make it look like you’re more bald in the back, there, that would be great. This is what it would look
like in real life, ish. More smirky. – I have to look more angry, huh? – [Chris] Yeah. Okay. You guys are ridiculous. Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned that you can have
cotton candy at your wedding. All you have to do is demand it. We learned that Parker’s favorite flavor of cotton candy is this kind. And finally, we learned that Eric thinks that Colleen has more
hair growing on her chin than on the back of her head. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. Don’t put it in your hair! Don’t wipe it off on your hair. Hey, Parker, when we’re– oh, my gosh.

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