PART 3: Hermetic & Vanetic Marriage — With The Example Of The Creator Son & Universe Mother Spirit

there needs to be an equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine qualities in
true Universal marriage or else we would not really have true marriage on Urantia I tell the truth even though Niann was very attractive I was more attracted
to another type of woman I ended up with Niann because of my spirituality what’s that mean that means that God told me to be with her his will I wanted more than
anything I’m so glad I obeyed because she has been such a wonderful blessing
to me in this life and these last 30-some three years than I ever could
imagine and for hundreds of thousands of years going back on this planet to the
Caligastia 100 she was a blessing to me it is not the wedding ring that
establishes the finalization of the union of the male and female don’t need
a wedding ring it’s tradition on this planet but it isn’t on other planets who
knows what they may give what they may do but what it represents is union
that’s all just union it is the soul and heart’s desire to become one in God we
want to become one in God we are one in God but I would assume right now I
think sometimes did I go through in Avalon any of the mansion worlds beyond seven in Avalon did I go through any of the
different 570 bodies and when I die this time where am I going and you know what
I don’t know they haven’t told me yet maybe in a way they did but I can’t get
into that right here but some of you have heard some alternative journeys
that I may take but the goal is for us to become pair units the male and female
and the invitation of God and the marriage create a true universal
marriage or complimentary per unit only when God puts you together if you’re not
sure God has put you together take a break and find out if that means
separation hallelujah because you’re just hurting the other person when it has to
end because one of the other will outgrow the other person and make the
choice either the female will say we need to split or the male will say it may
not happen to any of you here I hope it does it but if it does praise God
because it’s the best thing for both of you so that you can’t indeed get into
your higher complementary male or female pair unit designed by God from the
beginning of existence Can’t go back that far you need to your God has to become bigger than you the Hermetic Vanetic marriage as
thought by Van is therefore an individual matter involving the
individual attainment and sincere effort to be balanced sane and consistent in
everything he or she does in relationship to marriage reason logic
philosophy courage daring aspiration these things are known to be masculine
qualities by the Mystics of history tapping into the original teachings
of Van just as inspiration intuition grace beauty faith and love are
basically the qualities of the feminine aspect in India the understanding of
Radha and Krishna is the analogy to Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit
fallen Urantia has caused the disharmony of the genders as well as the disharmony
of individual circuitry within a diseased circuitry that is now in
humankind a diseased circuitry that’s why we have gender confusion on planets
where individuals begin to express these disease circuitry viewpoints on life
they are quarantined away from population and rehabilitated this is
what is done on higher worlds if you have gender confusion you’re
quarantined until you come back to alignment with God matter of fact if you
disobey Commandments say oh commandments are just for Urantia Wow are you confused this is done so
that they do not cause others to adhere to their distorted viewpoints of sexuality
or start a rebellion in their imbalance of the Trinity circuitry what is
rebellion it’s imbalance of the trinity circuitry in some way on Urantia and
other fallen world’s because there are no quarantine’s of imbalanced circuitry much
damage has infected the human race the great masters of spirituality have
always tried to quarantine disciples in their own monasteries in monastic living
or not allow imbalance initiates into their monastery lifestyles proper mail
and female responses to each other are part of spiritual maturity and ascension understanding of this truth a composite
of Elohim male and female father and mother become known in China as the yin
and yang and in India as the Isvara and Avalokiteśvara of ancient Hindu it
is understood by all adepts of time in the history of Urantia that the home
with male and female balance parents is the strength and moral character and if
these qualities are not taught in the first 15 years of life the child will be
very damaged the concept and idea of the Immaculate Conception is not just with
Christianity it is one of the oldest concepts of spiritual history on Urantia
gods are born of Immaculate Conception in many cultures because man himself has
such a damaged creature that surely no God can come from a normal
sexual union between man and woman it has been taught that most men are
unbalanced to bring forth the sperm to the virgin seed of the woman who needs
to be also undefiled so that a great soul can be brought through so they make
things up and cosmic reality this is close to the truth because only virtuous
souls can being through higher star seed or a Son of God over control looked
thoroughly on Urantia to find the most pure male and female they could who were
married to bring through or who would be married to bring through the divine son
Michael Jesus and they found them in Israel but believe me it wasn’t because
all the Israelis were pure souls the more perfect the soul the more higher
the incoming soul can be the Urantia Book brings the truth that Joseph cohabited with Mary to bring through Jesus and that he was the son of God
despite this normal sexual relationship Jesus himself as he began to teach
taught that man had to reach the perfection of God it begins right here
on this lower evolutionary world that’s why he told his apostles and everybody he taught to be perfect like he was perfect so we pray every
Wednesday here for perfection there our hidden sins and presumptuous
sins be revealed because we too one day can bring through higher star seed even if
right now you may be 60 or 70 years old no what I mean is you will pass this
planet and you will marry another young man a woman and your soul will be
ascended then more ascended to bring through a higher soul that’s how it
works that’s the Vanetic/Hermetic marriage and four star seed particularly forth order star seed they must begin what they started at
some point in their spiritual evolution back on your point of origin planet
where you blew it and you became imperfect because the lucifer rebellion
appealed to you does it still appeal to you I hope not sex brings forth a good feeling of physical enjoyment that’s for sure
however when the soul you are cohabiting with is truly loved and you
really love them the experience of sex is not just physical but spiritual and
even becomes divine some of you have really never felt that
divine part of your sexual union I’m not going to get into that but I have this
whole teaching has been about that in a way and a big way yes I would say you
cannot feel or see what you have not obtained spiritually if it’s just about
sex you will miss a lot and you can have a complimentary divine spiritual
pair-unit union and not even have sex with your partner with your complement
it’s not about the sex love is a pretty powerful thing
true love pretty powerful your sexual relationships before that purity of soul
is really relationships experienced in the lower chakras or lower circuits to
get to the higher circuitry like Amadon’s shirt over there see higher
chakras and lower chakras to get to those higher chakras you have to be pure
and that involves so many things to know what that is
come to the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion and
you can learn what it is having sex in the lower chakras you are at the root circuits and experiencing animalistic physical experiences
animalistic not divine and animals don’t even have a soul you have not evolved beyond the root
circuits and you will be limited by the God(s) from receiving the gifts of the God(s) to fulfill your individual destiny I mean
this is some heavy stuff here the relationship of Christ Michael to Universe Mother Spirit he wants us to have on this planet between man and woman male
and female positive and negative yin and yang we’re not just together
excuse me to have a baby that’s third dimensional understanding fourth
dimension understanding if you can do that then God will let you have the baby
if you’re in the fourth dimension and trying to have a third
dimensional baby it won’t happen but if you’re in the fourth dimension and you
follow all the fourth dimensional principles and concepts that God is
teaching you then God will send you then your complement your higher complement
and you may be thinking right now oh my god I’m beyond having a baby now
it’s too late you can’t wait another 25 years what’s 25 years think about how old you are now and how fast that went
enjoy your single life enjoy it because when you have kids you
are busy you are busy you have to give up a lot of things to raise a child how
about two children three children give up a lot of things to
raise children to the animal man there is indulgence and all things not just
sex of a female or male but you’ll be addicted to other things
the first addiction is sex but then food conquering the the
animalistic addictions is difficult but that’s what Lord asked us to do on this
fallen world if the Vanetic teachings were on this planet you would begin to
learn them from kindergarten like they do in higher planets in time and space
children learn them very very young but here they’re gone they’re gone only
here at the University are they being taught the God man or God
human there should be moderation in all things there should be self-control it’s
a fruit of the Spirit a Michel of Jesus if you don’t have self-control
you’re an animal animals do not have self-control they do what they want to
do when they want to do it anytime they poo poo on your floor they poo poo
everywhere no self-control they don’t go to the bathroom they don’t even go to
one particular place hardly they poop anywhere and everywhere peeing anywhere and everywhere humans some humans on this planet do the same thing in
third-world countries well they haven’t gone beyond the animal stages to the
divine man the divine man the God man there is abstinence in all things there
is moderation in all things without that abstinence we become gluttons we can
become gluttons and a lot of things sex food drugs reading over reading books become a bookworm and not go out and get any
physical exercise we have to be balanced in all things and we take pride some of
us and being a bookworm don’t take pride in that take pride and being balanced
maybe you should read your book I’m not talking to anyone here I’m talking
to it somebody who has this problem maybe you should read this book running you know I don’t know getting an e-book
and run do two things at once that’s okay be multi-dimensional it’s okay you have to go beyond singularity you have to
have self-control and desiring the will of God and the laws of God above your
self gratification consistency of desiring self-control in all things and
your eating drinking or sexual appetites is the mark of a mature spiritual man or
woman practice of divine discipline leads to true harmonic marriage between
you and your wife or husband and in an alchemical way with God the Father Son
and Mother which is a universal polarity of love and in such self control
over time and this consistency obeying the divine laws of God become natural
and automatic rather than a struggle there is natural law of polarities and
the reproduction of species and fulfillment of the spiritual laws
whereas females become like the universe mother spirit and
you women out there that should be your goal so every time you raise your voice
a little too loud to your compliment you’re not being like the universe
mother spirit or the brilliant evening stars for that matter and vice versa being a male being in the father
circuits doesn’t mean you are to be abusive in those father’s circuits how
do we know the difference I don’t know God will tell you and you have to be
open to hearing from God nothing can edge each other on more than
a compliment male and female really you think oh I’m
getting married I found my compliment life is gonna be wonderful from now on
don’t work that way it takes time it takes God to be in the middle of every
relationship because if God isn’t in the middle you will get so mad at the other
person your compliment your future compliment that you will leave them
it’s called divorce on this planet if there’s any possibility for the two of
you making it together you have to put God in the middle of
your relationship right dead in the middle so males become like the Creator
Son both becoming one in void of the main deficiency of all human minds
rebellion in you this deficiency then that rebellion is also
called selfishness to live a selfless relationship is what
both of you have to do selfishness tends to using the compliment for your own
desires and wishes if I’m looking at your doesn’t mean you fit this
description good or bad unfortunately I do have to turn my head
once in a while it doesn’t mean I’m talking about you the human race since
the rebellion has lost all semblance to looking at your mate as a Creator Son or
your complement as the Universe Mother Spirit think of that male compliment as
Jesus standing before you and the female as the Universe Mother Spirit standing
before you that should check you in being you
know abusive because women can be abusive too not just the male an abuse
in a relationship will only do one thing destroy it but today there’s no
vows nobody I’ll take the vow but I can break
it what’s-his-name broke it they broke it
they broke it you know the marriage today means hardly anything
it’s one thing about the Catholic Church the marriage is a sacrament it’s a
sacred holy union that should not be broken now if you broke it you Catholics
out there don’t get mad at me God’s forgiven you you’re learning but the
relationship you’re in now don’t think about breaking it think about making it
don’t think about breaking it think about making it this moment in time and
space you’re hearing higher truth even you guys out there in the you YouTube
world you’re hearing a higher truth your children need the two of you to
stay together okay I know you just turned it off as a
result of this terrible rebellion that happened on Urantia the human race has
missed the opportunity to acquire balance and symmetry
therefore ignoring the actual meaning of life’s relationship between husband and
wife or what should be the goal pair-unit relationship takes a long time for pair-
unit relationship to happen so don’t think that you’ve been because you’ve
been together for three five years that you’re pair-unit no way Jose wrong decisions have caused both male and female to stray far from and pass the Tao or also the Tao is a fixed path that
God has given us or to get into the design of God for evolutionary humans on
Urantia the dow the fixed path the design a husband or male compliment
should be like a priest in the order of Melchizedek who else came to this
planet besides Jesus Thirid Epochal Revelation was Melchizedek a protector
to the wife and a symbol of guidance to more so hear the will of the Father and
the relationship between male and female to become together a pair-unit in the
Divine New Order to come because we here are the examples of the whole
world so I hope we can get there and have enough pair-unit’s here for God the Father to say okay I can send Michael back now in
Divine Administration presently that is the only spiritual monistic lifestyle
that exists to perpetrate the making of true pair-units on Urantia individuals
must first make adjustments within themselves to become the feminine divine
and the masculine divine before they can become a pair-unit divine complementary
instruments of God Francis and Claire they weren’t physically married in that
life but they were pair-units a lot of Catholics don’t even think of Francis of
Assissi without thinking of sister st. Claire male and female complementary
relationships I’m sure Francis went all the way from
Italy to France sometimes just to talk to Niann and vice versa
or they met halfway but they needed that spiritual complimentary conversation with each other not two
instruments but one flowing and harmonic instrument
positive and negative masculine and feminine yin and yang discovering and
hearing from God about a subject a person or any other matter because two
together hearing from God is better than one
hearing from God a harmonic marriage as taught in the
Vanetic teachings is the apotheosis of the
world’s most abused institution that can come out of rebellion and into the
glorious power of universal marriage between men and women to move the
purposes of God on earth forward in the Divine New Order to come and that’s what
I do on the pusher in a good way I’m a mover and shaker in a good way
pushing the principles of God forward despite the obstacles in my way and
believe me I have a few obstacles in my way Divine Administration is the first fruits of that harmonic relationship that
destiny reservists ought to first bring to the world and that’s all of you that
are here first you’re the firstfruits of these harmonic
marriages every one of you here if you don’t have a compliment right now you’re
having sex with you should have one that you’re not having sex with I have other compliments Centria is my compliment
sorry Santeen Marayeh is my compliment other First Assistants Selendra is my
compliment we’re not having physical sex together cause it’s not necessary but we
absolutely have a spiritual union with each other absolutely and you can too if
you think it’s just a sexual thing you’ll be unfulfilled you’re not romancing the other person in a good way to be a spiritual
compliment to you you know not in a negative way as men
you know we grew up thinking we have to go to bed with every women we meet and
many men do and try and when they don’t they’re frustrated women can get that
way too if that’s your goal is a man and I wrote that song you know I’d rather
spend another night alone I came to their conclusion when I was basically in
my late 30s and enough stay celibate for almost twelve years of my life you have
to begin to come to that conclusion but look what I manifested all of you thank
you for your patience and listening to me today I hope this teaching blesses
your life in a magnificent way thank you Spiritualution, Justice to God’s people;
the New Jerusalem is coming

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