Part I | Yennayer Celebration- Algerian Amazigh New Year 2970 NYC/ NJ

So! I am in an Uber and I am heading downtown to meet couple of friends and we’re gonna drive to New Jersey for the party As you can see I’m wearing the Berber dress and I’m very excited.. So let’s do it ♫ Thaqchicht la Résidence ♫ ♫ ALLAOUA 2015 – Tezzim-iyi ♫ Parking lot We’re outside We’re walking to the event Very excited, with my friends>>Ikram: Do you have any idea what you signed up for? No, no clue Especially when you showed up like this! I’m like I have no idea>>Ikram: Okay, will see Are you vlogging?
>>Ikram: Yes What the hell? she is all the times My name is Rabi * laughter *>>Ikram: Keep going nice meeting you guys My name is Jeff! This is a little old but you know!>>Ikram: Okay! We’re up to something lit right now>>Ikram: where are we? We’re in Union City, NJ We’re in Union City, NJ New Jersey>>Ikram: this is Union City We’re gonna shake it up, shake it up. We’re gonna shake it up, shake it up>>Ikram: are you trying to kill us? Hi, how are you? How are you?>>Ikram: we just got here everyone is here>>Ikram: say hi to my viewers Hi. Hola!>>Ikram: look how gorgeous she looks. I am Amazigh but not Kabyle Amazigh, I am Irish Amazigh>>Ikram: Irish Amazigh. * laughter * I am Irish Irish! what a combination.>>Ikram: she’s super Irish Alright, say something in Kabyle (Berber) Azul (Hello) Azul Aghzelle (hello beautiful) Azul Fellawen (greetings) Assegas amegaz (Happy New Year) Arguez.. * laughter * ♫ Salma Rachid ft Mok Saib – MA GAZELLE ♫ She just told me that, that was sweet pepper and it was very spicy I ate it… Almost died you’re laughing ♫ Salma Rachid ft Mok Saib – MA GAZELLE ♫ Happy Amazigh New Year 2970 I hope we’ll meet each year and celebrate it * Man speaking Tifinagh‎ * ♫ Thaqchicht la Résidence ♫ Hey there! did you like that video? we did okay if you liked that video hit the subscribe button right here subscribe to my channel so you can get the next video now we have a date I will see you in our date Bye

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  1. Comment a tu fait pour apprendre l'argo américain aussi vite après ton arrivée aux USA ? C'est impressionnant.
    Aseggas ameggaz 🙂

  2. Great vibes there x) feel almost like la grande kabylie vibes
    Keep doing the great work girl, love what u're doing there

  3. I'm empressed Ive been always supporting you from the beginning 🇩🇿 Im proud of you Ikram

  4. Wow ikram so amazing keep going my sweetheart you doing a great job .i was there I saw you dancing i am from New Jersey

  5. Asegas ameggas. On te souhaite d'être aussi heureuse toute ta vie. Bravo pour tout ton courage ces dernières années.

  6. Ikram, i supported before and i'll do it again now and later. Live your life, Enjoy it and let the negative waves go apart. No one pay your bills, and no one has the right to judge you. Much love from China ❤❤

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