Party at Karazhan!

Kharazan a towering, ivory spire. Home of Medivh and the biggest party
Hearthstone has ever seen! Everyone has been invited. From the smallest Wisp to the biggest Deathwing. Both of them. Let’s see which guests have arrived so far here is Ragnaros the Firelord and Ragnaros, Lightlord,
always good to see those guys. and a Jeweled Scarab. Uh oh. Die, insect!
Live, insect! Die, insect!
Live, insect! Die!
Live! Swatting insect! Let’s take a look inside
and see what we might … … discover. The dining hall. The area
in which the guests will eat food. Food that is prepared
right here in the kitchen. Oh look,
it is Head Chef Refreshment Vendor. What is on the menu tonight, Chef Vendor? Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel cake! Funnel … Anyway, onto the game room! And just like you would expect
from any game room there is … it is just …
a big giant magical chess board. Anyone up for a game of chess? I have no time for games. Let none survive! No takers? Well then it is time
for a little look at the opera. It is performance art
at its most… “Hearthstoney.” Dozens of denizens of Hearthstone
are preparing their acts. Looks to be quite the show coming up. Need a light? Hello! You smell like a Leper Gnome! Hello. Hello. Hello. Boo! Funnel cake! The menagerie. Think of it like a zoo
but with more demons. Extraordinary! The Curator keeps
this place orderly for the party guests. …or at least he attempts to. Looks like you have got
a lot on your plate, Curator. Funnel cake! Nearing the top of Kharazan
we find ourselves in the Spire. See a book you like? Look! There is Medivhs binder
of Hearthstone cards. Is Medivh around?
Where is that last guardian anyway? He has got a few unopened card packs here. Rare! Rare! Golden … … common. Well, it is just about party time! Are you ready!? I. Am. Ready! Good, because this party is going to be Legendary! Funnel cake!

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  1. 0:42 lets see what we can discover LMAO nice pun (in case you dont know certain creatures has the discover ability which allows you to pick one out of 3 cards shown)

  2. Why did Hearthstone allow this cartoon if it reveals the secret that Card Packs rarely carry anything better than 1 rare and 4 commons?

  3. You have to pay Brian Calland double from now one just for making this video.I laughed so hard that had to watch it few times more.

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