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HI guys recently my daughter celebrated her
fourth birthday and asked me to decorate the party, and i think this decorations turned
out pretty well and the best part is you can use these ideas for any party so i decided
to share these simple, quick and easy decoration ideas with you guys.and in this video i am
going to show you all 3 different ideas first is paper pom pom, second one is accordion
fold flower and the third one which is very easy to make and life of any party a balloon
flower. And make sure to click on SUBSCRIBE button
for more such videos. First we will start with the paper pom poms
which are really inexpensive to make and i have bought these tissue papers from Walmart
but you can buy it anywhere. But if you want to buy them online then dont
forget to check out the description box for links.You can choose any colors which goes
with your theme then we are going to need 8 tissues for this flower and its gonna make
2 pom poms so put your tissues on each other to make layers after that arrange them properly
and start folding them as shown, my folds are approximately 1.5″ and this type of fold
is called as accordion fold. Once you are done with that you want to make
sure that you pressed all the folds properly then fold it to mark the center and cut it
in center to make 2 pieces then grab 1 piece and again fold it to mark a center and secure
it in middle with the thread or a curling ribbon by tying 2 knots. Then slide the knot to one end as shown. and then cut the edges iin any desired shape
here i am showing you a curve or a pointed cut this is going to give a pom pom a proper
shape so this is very important. Then make sure to shape both the sides and
then open it and make sure both the sides are even. after that start opening up layers one by
one and you have to be patient with this part and make sure you will not tare any of the
layer. what i did was i opened half of the pom pom
first and then started with the other side but you can open it the way you want to just
be gentle with it. Then i grabbed a ribbon and adjusted all the
layers and the string properly again and its pretty much ready to go. Then start with the simple accordion fold
flower. First cut a long strip of paper and then make
even accordion folds.Then grab it in your hand and fold it in between to make the center
and secure it with the help of stapler.i again folded it in between and gave it a spikey
shape. After that open it up and glue both the open
ends with the help of glue as shown. Then cut a coin sized round of another color
paper and glue it in the center and your super simple and pretty accordion fold flower is
ready. Now lets start with the ballon flower we are
going to need 6 9″ latex balloons and i am going with 2 white, 2 blue and 2 pink balloon
then blow four 9″ balloon fully and grab 2 of them and tie them together as shown and
repeat the same process for another pair.Then twist both 9″ pairs together and after that
we are going to need two 5″ blown balloon again tie them together and then just slide
them and twist it twice it twice in the ballon set and around each other . This way they
will fit in the 4 balloons and make it look like a flower. You can put this on the table or fix it on
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