Party for a Cause – Thank You!

Hello Norwex family And welcome to November! Fall is here. Can you believe it? And Holiday selling season has begun. It’s so important to make personal connections this time of the year. When we reach out and connect with hosts, guests, and customers I want you all to know that we’re connecting with people that help us make a difference. My heart is so full after seeing how hard you worked to party for a cause in October. I want you to know it helped changed the lives of so many people And we continue to spread the Norwex mission of a better quality of life for everyone. With your determination, we were able to donate $40,000. Wow! And I’m so thankful to be such a part of a dedicated Norwex family. But as we head into November, I want you to know I’m looking forward to giving back to others by offering a healthier, happier holiday season. In November, we are supporting feeding North America and we’re going to be partnering with Feeding North America and Food Banks of Canada with donations being made to the very leading national hunger non-profit organizations. And here’s how it’s going to work. For every party submitted this month we will be donating one dollar. And I don’t know if you knew this, but one dollar donation, it can provide up to ten meals for those in need. So, do you mind? Can we all join together? Let’s reach a goal of 40,000 parties and let’s help feed 400,000 people this holiday season. I know we can reach our goal. I feel great about the work that we are doing inside and outside of our homes. Thank you!


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