Party Ghar Ghar Ki feat. Ahsaas, Rashmi & Khushbu | New Year’s Eve Special || Girliyapa Chickileaks

Do you know,
whenever there’s crowd in the temple, and not everyone gets a
chance to perform aarti, do you know, what they do? The one who’s performing aarti,
they do mischievous things. They think if they do such
things, God will consider it. Moral of the story is… Go and make the party list
and stop disturbing me. Hey, it’s just a guest list.
It’ll take 2 minutes. Yeah. It’s like snapping fingers. – Rashi is not invited.
– Why? – She’s that kind of a girl.
– What kind of a girl? Blah blah blah types. – Bla bla types?
– No. – Blah blah blah blah types.
– Oh… Blah blah blah blah types. – Nope.
– Why? Why can’t we call Amit? Because even he dosen’t call us. Few days ago, he had a party at his place.
Were we invited? Would be bride and her family
had come to see the him. Yeah but should have
given luxury to refuse. But he took it away from me. Okay, let’s call your friend Shristi. Yes, definitely she will come
but how will we remove her? Two months back,
she had gone to Reena’s party, Reena said ‘Please come,
treat this as your own house’. – Then?
– She is still considering her own house. Is the list ready? Tell me, what should I bring? Actually, it will take time.
Do one thing, take whatever you want. And listen, don’t spend much. You don’t worry about that. I’ve come to Reliance Fresh. And here we’ve quite
good offers for parties. On cold drinks. On chips. So many offers. We’ll decorate the whole
house with the snacks. By the way, tell me one thing. Why are you guys taking so much time? – Actually…
– … Guest list is big or what? Of course they will.
After all we’ve so many friends. That’s nice. Let them come. Let everybody come. Guys, why are we taking so much time? We can do this. Idiot eats all the snacks. – Arpit?
– He makes it a mess after eating. – Kirti?
– She talks a lot. Yeah. She even plays Dumb
Charades by talking. But she’s the only one who
balances the awkward silence with her… …skills by asking
silly questions. Okay then, let’s call Kirti. Ananya? Yeah, right. Did you see her cheekbones? Taking pictures by standing next to
her is not at all okay for my pimple. Never. But Taniya… Who is dating whom?
How will we get that information? Damn it! You already know that how much
I love gossip and bitching. Yes. Add her name twice. Sneha. She is even cool. If we upload a pic with her on insta then???? Yeah. Nice. Now we’ve three
people in our party. Yes. – Next?
– Anirudh? Do you want to create a fight? Why? Anirudh is Kirti’s ex. Ananaya’s current.
Sneha’s more than a friend. And my timepass. And my rebound. He can’t come. – What?
– What? There’s buy 1 get 1
free on Bikaneri Bhujia. Oh, my God! Hey! I hope everybody is coming
since I’m purchasing so much. It should not be that difficult. Are we thinking too much? No. It’s just a little overthink.
Nothing else. Couples. Guys, let’s invite the couples. – Neha, Vishal.
– Yes. So that their PDA makes us
realise that we will die single. No. Thank you. Damn it! Ankita? She actually has answers
if we ask her about life. I mean we write on social media but I doubt
is she really happy or no in her life. I don’t want such positivity in my house. Guys, listen! I’m calling Amit. It’s okay if he didn’t
call us at his party. – Yeah, man.
– It’s okay. I’m adding him to the group. Yeah. He might as well
get some more friends. I know. Hey, Amit! We’re having a new
year’s party at our house. Would you like to come? Hey, actually I’m out myself
partying with Shristi, Sameer, Arpit, Kirti, Ananya, Sneha,
Anirudh, Neha, Vishal, Ankita. So you guys enjoy.
Happy New Year. Party…

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