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Dan: Hello welcome to party golf we just watched the sex scene in macGruber one of my favorite sex scenes in any movie Arin: We’re gonna play party golf. It’s good game. Dan: Strongly recommend you watch that sex scene. Arin: Okay so all you gotta Do is aim with the left stick? Dan: macGruber Arin: -and then attack with A Dan: -it’s the name of the movie- Arin: and aim with the left stick Dan: aim with the left stick and then Arin: Attack with a . I’m just trying to get to the hole the fastest Dan: Oh really. Yeah, so it’s not the fewest holes err. It’s not the fewer shots. Arin: I don’t think so Arin: I think we’re just trying to get there as best we can. Dan: oh, I’m in bro. Arin: Are you fuckin yeah, baby? Let’s dump that shit I didn’t get Jack mm-hmm you all got it except for me And I was talking about macGruber the whole time man thinking about other shit Alright, alright. I’m yellow Aaron’s red You know about to be green with envy My golf skills we go here we go No, you’re not wait. What are you? I’m yellow. You’re yellow fuck. You’re way up there. Yeah, how good are you? I’m in bro. Are you fucking kidding me right now. Dude. I got the gift what the hell this shit is easy. Oh my god It’s not easy. It’s hard You just make the parabolas oh? fuck shit Man, thank you. No, I’ve moved into second look at you. You’re so good What is it about fucking golf games you’re just a fucking wizard at thank you oh I should have A platform you get in the little Ridge Ridge. Oh, that’s not good Okay, all right all right. We can do this. We can do this I Don’t know how you do this. Do it. Did you do it. Oh fuck you fuck you no, I did not do this okay? Oh? Someone hit me with the thing maybe it’s all about fucking It’s all about Getting up to this spot first well Yeah, but then how Oh This Brutality, but I can do it I can do it. I can do it. I can do that community I can do they make a block you do This is Hard as shit. How the hell you supposed to get up there no this don’t make no sense. Ten seconds left! That’s not good. This isn’t gonna work out well at all for anybody You can’t reach it There’s got to be a way. There’s got to be no way all right. I somehow came in third Oh, I guess it’s whoever is technically closest oh That’s I would’ve just sat there. Yeah, geez I would have just rolled into the corner and been fine. Yeah Uh oh. You over shot that shit Definitely over shot that. Im getting ever close- oh ah Yeah I got tinkled tangled in by the purple ball. Fucking incredible. Thank you. Yes. I finally made it in you got second, but I finally made oh I found the hole. Look we’re kissing. Oh, that’s nice isn’t that sweet okay first place bitch cool. Well look at me I’m still in last. Wee. Oh so it does factor in lease shots. Oh does it I guess it’s like the same level. Oh Somebody you knocked me bro ba-dunk and I’m in Are you fucking kidding me dude? You’re so good at making quick parabolic decisions I could just kind of feel it yeah You are feeling it right now God damn you have more than double the score that I have You’re out of control. Oh, oh goodness Golf! That’s not fair. I, I was – Golf! you were in like the best position. You could possibly be in for the start That was pretty good. Oh That was a misstep I missteped that one Yes, yes yes, yes Oh fuck you blue! I missed I missed- Fuck you- I missed that one hard Wow look at you You’re all the way back at the start. Yeah. I’m taking I’m taking the fourth on this bitch. It’s okay I took the fourth on like literally everyone good cool What oh that’s right? Oh? Hey I moved up. At least yes. You did well actually no. I’m tied how many rounds are there It’s killing me not to know probably 18. Oh my god. This is getting more intense whoa whoa oh uh oh Bitch just hopping in my tounge. spaghetti oh spaghetti oh fuck Damn it. Okay. Here we go. This time. It’s for real. Damn it! This purple bastards ahead of the game He gets it wait. How come like it’s not like perfect. What do you mean? Nothing’s perfect Aren well when I put it. It doesn’t like follow the what I want it to follow Oh- what I mean- oh fucking ass nut do you get the shit that I’m laying down with my jams my Sick rap jams? Oh? purple no No, no Fuck masters oh no no purple purple asshole What oh I died- Purple almost fucking killed me Wow I died what a dick nugget didn’t know that was a thing that could happen oh. I’m back at the beginning. Oh shiz well. That’s not good. You’re gonna win this cuz you’re closest Yay, good job Aaron what no purple was closest fuck him whatever man oh I guess cuz he got closest I guess it’s whatever your trail like the trail that you leave whatever Then I should have got in second it doesn’t make any sense man, you don’t make sense Oh, okay, sick your fucking tomfoolery dude. I’m sick of your- Oh, God purple is incredible mmm- Blue! Blue!- ahh what the dick? I was so in first! Tit stinks Tit stinks? Fucking sucks.. match point damn. What does that mean? I think the next round is the last one? Whatever! Thank you- whatever! Whatever! Thats ass. Thats a bunch of ass is what it is- no i over shot it. Oh purple got thats nuts Think purple wins the match bro tit fuck Yeah, Betty white tit fuck. That’s what this is- lazy ass Man, it’s very easy to get you tied You tied with uh, nope no purple won. how did you get third? I do not know? Good job ai player four whatever so proud of you alright alright one more. Let’s do some real game modes. Okay, I feel this Intermediate huh, okay? So what do we got here? It’s a little bit fruity. We all know the fruit makes for a healthy snack It’s a golf tacular extra golf a extrava golf a yummy Yummy gives a random ball shape and size to each player changing each round Whoa? Force field that might have actually been extra veg alfa Ain’t no balls bear to race to the top where there can be only one you just terrain lore for your curl on the Net with the hole at its peak first to the top takes at all let’s do it damn alright It’s pretty fun king of king of the hill king of the castle hold the power button to push others away from you xx There we go a purple purple, are you butt fucking me no? Tits tank boy. Oh boy is this ever fucking relentless sweet fourth dude unforgiving Well you got second thanks, so I’m happy for you. I feel good proud of you oh Yeah, now you’ve got I Cannot win Anakin you’ve got the higher ground. I don’t know how that makes sense but huh oh no no Oh fuck oh No no but dude purple is unbelievable ah fuck No – its ass this game is ass oh Game’s got ass written all over it. Oh my god. Just cuz I’m bad at it. Though. Oh my god. It’s great game. Okay Yeah, I don’t like how bad I am at this either? How bad you are you fucking killed it. It’s it’s old blue. It’s become vastly more difficult. I’ve never mind. I got second oh Damn purple dude purple is no joke Wow your trail looks like the arrow trail from guardians of the galaxy – oh that uh nice. Yeah, what’s his name leaves? Yondu yondu. Yeah, oh oh – that that left me in a brutal spot What this game? Just How do I get out of here? You don’t you just suck? That’s what happened to me on the last one? I Was just like I there’s no way I just absolutely no way. Zero way. That’s that was pretty brutal Aaron We are getting our oh yeah. Oh oh yay. I have moved into fourth place now. You know how it feels it It feels terrible. I know how it feels to lose Aaron. I’ve done that before I’m sorry, then okay. How did it? OH? Okay? Nobody’s in there no blue? Fucking Hammond. Oh Jesus how That the random terrain It’s really just like is it randomized. Yeah. Oh boy. It really is just like a luck of the draw here I’m moving down Moving on down to the west side. Oh geez I I got that I got the screw in this God oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh, god. Please stop rolling. Please stop rolling. I’m back to where I started yeah Now I’m fucking trapped in here you’re making your way up slow and steady wins the Rocking you dude, I feel great about myself. I’m gonna create a force field so you can’t come in fuck you I’ll force you out oh Yes, oh my god, I placed you did great you came in second I didn’t force Mmm. God boy the the points for getting first are really? really good Yeah You would know oh? Fuck I think I did it come on. Oh, I just overshot shitty, dude, oh whatever I think nope I overshot it once more oh Suck my fucking net why does it start me in the hardest spot every time? I don’t know cuz it’s hilarious and cool probably not it’s not hilarious and cool. I think it sucks check thIS SHIT OUT Stop stop stop stop rolling yay! Okay It’s fun. God this sucks dick Fucking bad at this. I’m like so bad. It’s pretty great Jesus Christ, Oh back in first yeah wonder who’s gonna win back in the high life again Yeah, I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it I’m just gonna just get it you just got it. You just got it fangled. You got a newfangled angle of the angle oh Oh I saved myself! Oh, I shot way too far I saved myself You’re in bro. I got I got the tough spot. I’m forced fielding Mmm. Oh My god. I’d like to thank my parents oh man I was doing so well yes Well, this is anybody’s game Madden fourth okay maximum concentration Manship maximum contrasty on it okay, and Over Shot that shit shit no no I was doing so good. I was like right there Oh, yeah Oh i bounced you out you asshole oh Okay awesome. Yes, I’m working my way uh No, I’m very happy for you, but no oh match point Give me this I just give me this one time. Oh god. Everyone’s doing really well this round Jesus Christ blue. Oh I think I might have got it no cuz blue. Oh fuck. I think blue overtakes it Tie breaker! Oh shit. Oh fuck Oh, Oh God don’t get in my way on this. I need this Aaron. I need this No, you don’t care I care Oh god no! I wanna win! I’m blowing it! I over shot it! Fuck you purple ah damn it I was gonna fuckin mid-air collision with purple boy Oh Purple’s gonna do it that’s okay? That’s perfect. I just need to be blue Yay herah! look at us partying together my nasty doodads blue Wow blue fucking shit the fucking bed it was great Alright Must win or must win oh my god. Are you fucking serious then why would you put me here in the non-winners section yeah? oh I bounced off. You know the purple one. Oh, I did not win This is impossible. This is quite difficult. This is impossible fuck Shit man. Oh and blue moves ahead of me. No fuck you forth again all because of the shitty tie breaker Tie breaker. Oh my god. I swear to Christ I I think imma be in first totally thought I had it No, no no, no never it. Never works. Oh Boy, so this very brutal. It’s just so different than desert golf. Oh Aaron. Oh blue got in there Nope, that’s not gonna work. That’s not gonna work for me. I got in. I’m not in last Oh But blue- oh jeez- blue really took it on that one- still in fucking last Okay, that’s it blue won. no leader must win. I thought no. That’s it? What the stinky fuck AI player three wins Congratulations Well that was fun that actually was fun Okay, what next time on game grumps? We will uh? I don’t know fuck Amen at least you didn’t get fourth I didn’t

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  1. 2:26 So I'm curious about a couple things. Are the other two they are playing with computers? And also how the heck do you reach the hole here?

    6:45 Well that answers my cpu question.

    6:50 Oh shoot it's a switch game?

  2. Arin did you seriously challenged Danny to Gold do you not remember what happened before and how he destroyed you at Kirby Golf

  3. God damn it arin why do you not tell dan the controls. Here you are changing the power of your shots and dan is going full blast and still beating your ass

  4. Dan's good at golf games huh… Remember The Wacky World of Miniature Golf by any chance???

  5. before you start watching, Danny will ALWAYS hit the ball as hard and simply as he can and cannot solve his problems and Arin will try to be far more clever than he actually is and use ONE solution for all his problems, even when presented quite plainly with the correct solutions.

  6. the fact that dan is so good at this and arin is bad reminds me of

  7. When I watch Game Grumps Vs, I like to imagine me and SMG4 as the Computer Players. I chose myself as purple because SMG4=blue. Made my day.

  8. I'm so stoked arin mentioned desert golfing. Everyone needs to try this great single player mobile game.

  9. Roses are red
    It’s getting kinda heavy
    I don’t care here’s a Chevy
    And the wacky world of mini golf starring Eugene Levy

  10. This is funny. Games involving angles and power amounts are one of the only types I excel at and whoop my kids. 😂

  11. THE HIGH GROUND HAS BEEN RECOGNIZED AS BEING OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE IN COMBAT ENGAGEMENT FOR LITERALLY 2000 YEARS!!!! This is the stupidest thing the game grumps have said and they continue to claim the high ground doesn't make sense for combat. I mean FFS guys Sun Tzu wrote about this shit in The Art of War!

  12. i can't believe that this was a year ago. almost 2. if you were to ask me when this was uploaded, i'd probably say like 3-4 months ago lol. have i really been here for almost 3 years already?

  13. Arin's the kind of guy who complains ENDLESSLY that the game is too hard and unfair when he's losing, and then immediately does an about face to "yeah I'm just so epic try getting good" the SECOND he starts to win.
    "It really is just luck of the draw here" it's a skill based game you fucking pleb

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