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yesterday was my birthday if you have seen Clare’s videos she actually congratulated me on my birthday, thank you very much. okay, so, I’m just taking this video to kinda to suggest some ideas for
birthday parties or any parties for that matter and I actually had a sleepover party and some of my friends could not sleep over because of the parent thing but um, yeah. I started the party around five thirty and then they left at eight thirty They slept over if they could, and if they couldn’t, they left. Someone came late, so. so i’ll start with gifts. gift cards. so this is iTunes, that my friend gave me twenty five dollars and it and what i really did not
expect from my friend was actually American Eagle Outfitters twenty five dollar gift card! I actually don’t go to American Eagles a lot, because I like their clothes, but I don’t like shopping. Another gift that I really loved was this really pretty necklace from Claire’s, which is my name, which is totally coincidental and… and yeah! yep And the necklace is like this pretty, right? here’s something stuck here, but whatever. Penelope from Pier 1 Imports, I don’t know what that is This is like the cutest thing ever examples of this little off and opening any so hate if you can see it seriously and think something is amiss gave it to my grandma
friend eight this box of chocolates i hope we
can talk about this because i had a remarkable uh… chicago practice for it etc and i’ve definitely pass leaky
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