Party in Bangkok During Corona Virus | Bangkok Nightlife 2020 | Is it Safe to Travel Bangkok Now?

Yo bawaha wassup, welcome back to my vlogs My name is Sanjay Singh Rawat and i am asusal with Demi so Bawaha i am going to the most famous place in Bangkok that is Khaosan Road it is heaven for Backpackers you can party there whole night not only weekends, you will find crowd during weekdays too so i thought to go there and see what are the conditions now because all the time i been there in Khaosan Road i found a lot of crowd but maybe less toady because of Corona Virus people are afraid of going in crowded place do you think because of Corona Virus people are not gonna come tonight Demi : i think it will be less then usal you think? i think there will be still lot of crowd beacuse…. ….people who want to party they will party in any condition two tickets for Siam thank you so like this rub sanitizer everywhere and say it with me **** you Corona Virus Demi : you beard is coming out so now during Corona Virus the situation is.. even if you will cough a bit in Train people will stare you like you are a terrorist or something Demi i am feeling depressed nobody is here people who want to party they will party in any condition its dead here, its dead here no one around its all empty Demi’s prediction was right Corona Virus effects a lot nothing is around only few people i can see few shops are open most of them are closed Crocodile Meat Bad Bad its all empty i think no need of masks now seriously i am telling you guys it used to be so crowded during week days it used to be so crowded and today is weekend and there is nobody around now this place is popular here it used to to full and now its empty my favorite bar your favorite bar is dead if you want to see real Khaosan Road so i already made a video on Khaosan Road there is a lot of information related to bar price and all so video link in the description go and watch guys finally i found one and only bar where we had a fun but still it was ok there, only there staff was dancing and attracting people to come rest everything was empty so maximum 10 to 15 people was inside drinking Demi its boring so we reached to our famous massage parlor conditions are same Demi : It is so empty, before it was so crowded before it used to be so crowded that we used to wait in line now all the staff member is outside and calling people in so this is the condition because of Corona Virus Guys massage is over, he pressed every part of my body so let’s end the video now please subscribe hit the like button and you know guys what to do… Stay Awara

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