Party in My Pants Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads Review

Everybody is Jackie from reusable menstrual Today I’m going to do a quick review video of party in my pants reusable cloth pads. So I got two pads from them The first one was a medium and it has a cotton backing and the second one is the flannel Backing and this is an overnight pad. So these pads aren’t cheap I mean they retail for like I think 15 to 20 or even up to $30 USD Over on the company websites, so there are premium pads I think they are probably not made in China like some of the cheaper ones and Yeah, my overall impressions were that they were quite nice Something that I was like a little bit worried about that. I mentioned in my unboxing video Was that the backing is a little bit slippery it almost feels like nylon or something like that so I was worried that they would slide around a little bit when I was using them and Overall, I mean they were bad I actually prefer the ones that don’t really have that lining on the back I prefer the ones that are a little bit softer because they just kind of stay in place a bit better But I mean these ones were good enough and I was reasonably happy with them I wouldn’t exactly use these if I was engaging and like say like running or biking or whatever But I mean you probably wouldn’t want to use any sort of cloth pads for that thing So it’s not like a problem specifically with party in my pants pads It’s just a problem with cloth pads in general. So as far as like staining and etc, etc The blue one held up pretty well you can see I don’t want to show you like really all the details of this pink one, but Who wants to see someone else’s stains on their pad? Anyway, umm, there are a few stains on them and I was like a little bit disappointed with that I thought it would be more kind of like a stain free material, but I guess not, but the colour isn’t bad and actually it’s really difficult to see then you have to actually look pretty closely to see that so As far as leaking goes there was no leaking So I was happy with that because after all that’s why you were a pad You don’t want your blood or your mess or fluid to like leak all over your clothes or your bed, etc So I mean they did the job Alright, so party in my pads pads. I would give them probably like a solid eight or nine out of ten They were great as far as cloth pads go and the negatives I would say was that they were like a little bit hot but most cloth pads are they were Not probably great for running a marathon, which is the same as other cloth pads And these ones were actually certainly better than a lot of the cheaper of cloth pads that I tried. So Yeah, go for it. Give them a try and I think you’ll probably be pretty happy with them Like I was alright So if you liked this video Please hit like and subscribe To not miss a thing and also be just sure to check out the full party in my pants pads review over on my website I’ll put the link up there for you to check out. Alright, bye everybody

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