Party of Five 1×05 Promo “Rafa” (HD)

He’s a little pale. Take him to the hospital now, or I’m calling Mami and Papi. The thing is, I didn’t see it. But you knew something was wrong way before it was obvious. When do you think we should tell Mami and Papi? There’s nothing they can do except worry. She would cross the border for him. Even if she died trying. I don’t have time to get good at parenting, Val. I think you’re better at it than you think. Can I help you? Department of Social Services.

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  1. I have one request for this show and that is that they never make Beto an alcoholic like they did in the original because that was the most annoying storyline

  2. Three episodes and this is a huge drama, but I must say those party scenes were a bit racist. Lucia was right.

  3. In the original I swear they were much wilder like Julia (equivalent of Lucia’s character) worked at a club at 16 and I remember her and griffin’s crazy relationship. I wonder if they will make Lucia’s character bisexual like Julia’s. Julia was my favourite character on the original PO5 whereas Lucia is honestly kinda of a bitch and too angsty. But I get the season just started and they need time to develop the characters and their respective storylines. I don’t like how Lucia treats Val sometimes but it is a more realistic sibling relationship, at that age most teenagers want their space, they don’t want responsibilities of a parent.

    And Val can be more annoying, I think it’s because she was written to be a normal kid rather than Claudia’s character in the original whom was witty, sharp and more independent. The original Claudia was a violin player, she was confident and spoke her mind, and sometimes acted like an adult when she was just a kid. I wish they made Val more similar to Claudia, because Val is annoying at times and acts like she’s 10 rather than 12.

    Emilio is more similar to the original Charlie, I don’t have any issues with his character. But sometimes the actor Brandon’s line delivery falls flat, this was more so in the first episode but I understand these all are young actors. I like that Emilio isn’t as hot headed as Charlie was in the original. But his storyline of his romance with the hostess girl is getting stale already, they don’t have chemistry.

    As for Beto, he’s the most likeable character and the better actor out of them all. Like Bailey in the original he has a soft spot for Val and looks out for her when Lucia doesn’t – although I think he coddles Val too much. Beto could have some really good storylines as long as they don’t write him too similarly to Bailey.

    As for the hostess (forgot her name) I like her friendship with Beto and I think she lifts the spirits of those around her. However, she and Emilio are an odd fit to me, but they might grow on me.

  4. I already like Lucia way more than I ever liked Julia. Julia was the absolute worst on the original. I do love Neve Campbell though.

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