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  1. Contrary to accusations, most Americans are honorable & good-hearted. NO one “wants” to see ANY family separated. However, the Acostas could BE TOGETHER, LEGALLY, IN MEXICO. Does their own homeland have NO use for their talents & work ethic? No one faults ANYONE for wishing to live in prosperity. HOWEVER, the ONLY reason some nations have that is because the majority of their legitimate citizens obey rules/laws. Immigration restriction laws are NOT cruel. NO single nation has UNlimited natural resources so cannot accept an UNlimited number of new residents even those persons who have UNdisputed positive personal qualities.

    Here in the US, 1 in 5 children goes hungry, 1 in 4 endure regular soul crushing abuse, 1 in 5 adults endure severe workplace oppression. WHERE’S the “compassion” for them? Also, the farmland is gobbled up, due to mass immigration (US birthrate stabilized in the 70s) @ 3,000 acres PER DAY.

    HOW MANY new residents can this one nation accept before the quality of life IS NO BETTER than that so many are trying to leave behind? WHY can’t we assist our fellow humans in achieving “a better life” in their OWN HOMELANDS? (My volunteer organizations do that.) HOW MANY new people can the USA accommodate? Seriously. HOW MANY? Thank you.

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