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This is everything and the box is for Rafa’s toys. If we forget anything, we can bring it to you. Oh, sure you can. We’ll call you as soon as we get there, okay? Guys, I— I needed to ask you something. You have to look after Rafa. What? We won’t be able to give him what you can. This is his home now. I know it’s huge— No, no. If you’re sure, Mami, then it’s nothing to ask. You did it for us. Oh, my boy. We’ll bring him to visit you. Every time we can. And we can Skype. Every day. Buses have arrived. We’ll be boarding shortly. No. We’re not done yet. Hey, it’s okay. No. It’s not. You’ve done nothing wrong. Gotta go. No. Get your hands off her. Lu, stop. Lucia. She’s not less of a person than you are. What’s the matter with this country? Lucia! Dignity, mi hija. Show them who we are. They don’t care who we are, Papi. Don’t you understand that by now? Then we show ourselves. Oh, don’t— don’t look at me that way. Bye, Mami. Don’t break my heart. Take care of your sisters. Okay? I convinced you every chance I could, but they wouldn’t let her back in the country. I love you. Hey, little one. I love you. Ma’am. A fierce little girl I raised. Yes? Mami! Oh, God. Please look after my children. Please! You have to stay together, okay? No matter what happens. Promise me. Promise me you’re going to stay together. I’m sorry, Papi. I’m sorry. No. No, no, no, mi hijo. No. You don’t remember. You were so tiny. Yeah? We carried you. We carried you across the desert, across the border. August. 106 degrees. We thought we were going to die there. And look at you. Here you are. Look at you. You’re so big and smart and talented. You be what you want to be, okay? I’m so proud of you. Okay, Emilio? I’m so proud of you. Hey, we have to go. I love you, mi hijo. I love you. You have to be strong. I love you so much. No, no, no, no I’m not ready to go. I don’t want to. I don’t want to. Mami.

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  1. Love this and I feel bad but seriously, are they ridiculous? Why wouldn't they get their chance to be citizens after they had their last baby? That is truly irresponsible on the parents' part. It is not hard to become a citizen.

  2. Never watched the original but I really think this should have been a different show not Party of five. Im still definitely 100% watching.

  3. Wow what agenda. It’s way to fake. Makes a decent premise look crap. Nothing is wrong with America which is why u want to come. But u have to come legally and pay taxes like everybody else has too otherwise America will end up like ur country ur trying to leave. Open borders might work in ur utopia world but they don’t when we have evil people in the real world who want to kill anybody that disagrees.

  4. Awww boohoo. So the illegal got deported. Serves him right. Bye Amigo.

    La siguiente vez entra legalmente por la puerta correcta. Pendejo.

  5. This is heart-wrenching. And it's happening every day in the US and many places around the world. The injustice of the Trump administration is breathtakingly evil – the cruelty is the point.

  6. I bet there’s a family just like them waiting to get in legally, but they can’t bc the immigration system is clogged and rlly messed up. We gotta do something about it so immigrants can come in legally more easily.

  7. So many lame sheep “crying” in the comments. “Oh I’m crying so hard,” “oh this made me cry in public.” Ffs. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Society is so easily manipulated emotionally. None of these people realize they are being manipulated by the media with their narratives by targeting their unchecked and untempered by logic emotions. How gullible some people are.

  8. lol 😂 I just love all morons in comments section. Obey the law you dumf*ks. If there is so many of you who disagree with it, then try to change the law in legal way or GTFO.

  9. why oh why? Party of Five was a huge deal, an amazing show full of talent and promise, Neve, Jennifer, Matthew, "Mean Girl" Lacey, so much creativity and sensitivity in a show. If the want to reboot it, I guess it's fine, but call it something else, The Deported Ones, Land of the Free, how is this Party of Five? Do they own a restaurant? It's crazy, come on, respect our fond memories! Is there going to be a new Seinfeld, too? A revamp of Friends, with a different cast? It's bollocks

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