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I need to see your papers. I don’t have any papers. Alright, cuff him. No! Don’t take them. Please! My hands are tied. The former ruling stands. No! Time’s up. Let’s go. No. I’m not ready to go. We gotta go. We gotta go. I love you, mi hijo. I love you. My brother’s failing school. My sister, who used to be perfect, is so angry at the world. And I don’t know how to make that better. Lucia! My little sister’s gonna need a bra. Any day now, without a mom to get her through that. And the baby — the baby has thrush, and I don’t know if it’s something I did. I’m telling you I won’t be good enough. I’m required to report those concerns to Social Services. They’re gonna split us up. Mami and Papi managed with a lot less than what we had. They figured it out. So will we. How do you know? I just do.

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  1. Here we go again. Leftist Hollywood promoting sympathy for a wrong. If people would just do things the right way, which everyone has a privilege to here in the great USA no one would getting themselves into this mess. Working in this environment I can tell you its more of criminals being separated from con-artist kids. All involved in a scram. However, the media puts a twist and un-experience Americans fall for it all the time.

  2. This is a disgusting show. This is just glorifying illegal activities by depicting a perfect hispanic family being seperated.

  3. The writers of this show must be a bit sick in the head. Political agenda driven nonsense to play on peoples emotions. Pretty twisted shit. Some will buy into it of course. Alot of gullible people out there that believe everything they hear.

  4. So im guessing this work if fiction wont be touching upon any illegals immigrant crime. Gangs, drug use or distribution, or public assistance dependency, or resistance/willfull ignorance at assimilating to US culture and/or a smugness about "reclaiming" the land for their people neighborhood by neighborhood? None if that?

  5. Some of you on both sides or the political aisle on this topic, are making too much of this. It's a tv show. Yes parents can take their children/baby with them if they want but again this is a TV showwww. Just enjoy it OR don't watch it. And regardless of your opinion of borders etc you can still check out the show and form your own opinions of it.

  6. This is a rlly show bc this is real life and what are earth is going on rn in 2019 abt be 2020 im so ready for this show

  7. I love propaganda disguised as a drama.

    As long as the series focuses on the MISTAKE the parents made by ILLEGALLY IMMIGRATING im good with it.

  8. This tv show isn’t about the original party of five with 2 parents dying and the kids having to work hard and adapt to a new lifestyle. This new show is just a pro illegal immigration propaganda piece.

  9. Absolute trash. Liberal Hollywood making the government the bad guys for deporting the illegals who are BREAKING THE LAW. This is crazy.

  10. I dont care what anyone says. Its a humbling experience.This is when you see your parenting skills put to use. When they make it is the best feeling ever. Anyone can relate. Especially spoiled brats who feel that this could never happen to them. Parents arent always there and shows sibiling and family love at its core. Just like the original Party of Five.

  11. And the kids can't just go live in Mexico with their parents because? I've never seen Party of Five but I looked up that in the original the parents were DEAD! As in the kids had no other options but to try and make a living for themselves. Here they can just go to another country, yeah it's not the best solution but it's an option.

  12. So whats next? The new generation thinks it's ok to cross borders illegally so I guess next year will be all about underage porn? You kids are BRAINLESS!

  13. I understand the pain of being innocent and also being thrown from a safe place, but there's another side that has to be understood.
    The person to blame in all of this hell, it isn't Trump, it isn't the immigrant who is trying to escape. There's not just one person to blame, we need to have national security, but our issue is the system of our government. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up one day, and I weren't free anymore.
    You ever realize it? The fact that the debt our country, our government makes, its pushed upon us. Our children, and their children, are born into debt, and they can't escape it. Our government spends and spends while we pay it over and over agin through worthless taxes that don't actually do anything for us. We work for them and give them our money. There are exceptions, but I think we can all agree that the government has pulled some real shady shit since it's isolationism died away.
    When Pearl Harbor occurred, ships and stuff were destroyed, we all know that.
    But wanna know what's strange? The places where these ships and planes are built, they didn't suffer a scratch.
    The Japanese at the time had a strategy. Cut off supplies break the supports, and even the most strong shall fall.
    But Japan just went and bashed the current offense, without thinking. They wouldn't have done that if there wasn't extra defense around these specific places.
    Our government very easily could've let Japan bomb Pearl Harbor, and then that would've been quite the excuse to involve themselves into WWII. It was probably to end the depression, and all of that crap, the laws made to help get out of depression, that shit was probably just to expand the president's powers.
    If you ask me, the whole world is corrupt, because humans are corrupt.
    Loyalty dies when you're not relying on each other. When you're no longer surviving, but living instead, you have no obligations. Bonds, they're mostly bullshit. Only a few will hold a bond even though they don't need it.
    If humans were still like animals, it'd be a better world, believe it or not. Overhunting, damage to soil, pollution, none of these would be as bad as they are. And it wouldn't be bad if money weren't a thing. Because if money wasn't an issue, if people looked for the greater good, for life, they'd look for a safe option instead of the cheap and shitty one. But ever since the first currency ever existed, the world was screwed, because that's when greed became our main emotion.
    Let's face it, the way society is now, it won't last very long

  14. My big sis would always let me watch the original one with her and I loved it. But this one is so good also. I love both of them… An Amazing reboot!

  15. This is not talked about often, but racism is rampant among Latinos, especially Mexicans. They are some of the most hateful people I've come across. It's hard to feel sympathy for people who are hateful themselves and when given the opportunity would do the same if not worse to others.

  16. So mommy and daddy instead of getting themselves declared got arrested and fucked over their family. My god what a retarded premise.

  17. This just shows how ignorant illegals are. Bring the proper papers and you will be ok. Otherwise get the f out or you will be drug out

  18. People from all over the world would do anything to move to the US, the waiting list is long. Funny how the bordering country and its inhabitants think they are above our laws, really sad for the rest of the world, ruins it for everyone and destroys their own families. I bet people from Zimbabwe wish they could simply hop a fence. Instead they have to buy a plane ticket and go through customs, just like everyone else. Wake up people, and follow the law.

  19. I still can’t believe people actually voted for that idiot and allowed to separate families and put people in cages in inhumane conditions. This is an example of only one family suffering the consequences of that idiots actions. Too many people have suffered from the orange Nazi.

  20. In Israel you have to have a DNA test to prove you have a certain amount of Jewish lineage before you can immigrate there. But America is so "racist".

  21. WHYYYYYYYY do they always use the most European looking hispanic people for TV shows. FYI: MOST HISPANIC PEOPLE FROM MEXICO/ Latin America DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS! So frustrating the way they white wash everything.

  22. So the parents have standing deportation verdicts and are processed in the court system with fair trial this is much different then parents death in 90s version

  23. I got a friend that got his citizenship the right way. Took years but hey, America is not a grocery where you come and pick up. Immigration Laws are there to manage resources. If we let everyone through then 1. Unemployment goes up 2. Cost of necessities (food, toiletries, etc.) goes up by ALOT 3. Public school systems already can barely support projected population growths and they're not even doing that right its already at 16:1 kids/teacher. We have 1/3 kids dropping from high school and literacy rates are declining. Quite frankly these immigrates are more like refugees. They put a lot of strain on the system and can't fill the professional technical jobs America needs. We have enough manual laborers in fact 1/3 of kids if you didn't get the above statistics. ITS NOT RACE, ITS ECONOMICS.

  24. I love how they try to get you to sympathize wither the poor illegal that’s being deported after being here for over 30 years, did you hear what they said? Been here illegally for over 30 years and in all of that time did not one thing to correct the situation not one damn thing to attempt to get legitimate! Instead continually broke the law and would have continued doing so forever like any other criminal unwilling to accept responsibility for their crime! Now instead of owning up to and accepting and being grateful for such a lenient penalty as deportation actually is compared with imprisonment they go on tv and try to make our country and our laws the bad guy with these boohoo family separation bull crap, anyone who breaks the law gets separated from they’re family’s you whiny snowflakes!

  25. Oh look a show for the snowflakes and uneducated but will entertain these morons cause its "emotional and thought provoking". Immigration needs rules otherwise pure chaos, a lawless/ruleless society is anarchy and nothing like your fantasy.

  26. The only thing they conveniently leave out is illegals cost YOU and ME $250+BILLION a year all the while OUR elderly and veterans go WITHOUT. Our criminal justice system is overloaded with illegal Hispanic and other gangs. One could write for hours on the NEGATIVE impact. Where is any of this in this trailer?

  27. The ultimate brain washing of today's youth. Trying to make people support criminals, and blatant disregard for laws. Pure liberal garbage.

  28. So we're trying to gain sympathy for people who come here illegally then have to face consequences when shit catches up with them lol I'm good…

  29. At least even as kids they have each other. I couldn't begin to even imagine what that would feel like if you were an only child.

  30. I know I'mma love this show and be prepared to ball my eyes out.

    On a side note: Why in the hell would you go to a county illegally and start a frickin family as if no one's ever gonna care? It doesn't matter if no one bothers you until you're 80 or smth, your ass is still gonna get deported… I'm not sorry they got deported but It's so frickin sad that they're family had to split up because of the parents dumbass move…

  31. Asia isn't that great at all I remember this was on freeform before and they took it off why would you have it on if it ain't that great

  32. Mexican American families don’t act like this. I watched the show and mexican American families don’t sound anything like this family. This is so stereotyping. And at least their parents aren’t dead . They can still video chat. It’s not the end of the world.

  33. The parents should of just come here legally in the first place 🙄 you can't just break laws and not expect consequences!!!!!!

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