Party of Five Season 1, Episode 1 | Visiting The Parents | Freeform

Hola! Salud mami y papi. Hola mami, hola papi. Mwah. Besitos para mami y papi. Extrañamos. Salud mami y papi. I know it’s not a substitute for seeing him. They got him a haircut. Did you see, Javi? Eh? Ahh. Si, si. The man at the barbershop wouldn’t take any money for it. He said he heard what happened. Hey. I’m so proud of you. You’re managing so well. Looking out for each other. Yeah. We are. Yeah. Nothing for you guys to worry about. And you’re still having dinner together on Sundays? Every week. Good. And the restaurant? It’s been busy? Uh. People in the neighborhood heard about … You know? So, people are coming in more often. Ahh. Charity. We’re a charity case now. We just miss you both so much. Me too, mi amor. Me too. [Guard] Hands! Ridiculous. Uh. What is your lawyer saying? We’re one of maybe a hundred cases he’s handling, so … But that means he has a lot of experience with hearings, and he’s hopeful. Really? He’s hopeful? He said that? But cases like yours only get reversed 8% of the time. I looked it up. And it works against us that Emilio is DACA because technically, he’s old enough to take care of us. Who knows how long his status will hold? Which is why I want you to go to church, mijo. Okay? And every case is different, you know? Look at us. We’ve never not paid our taxes. We employ American citizens. I got that citation from the Policemen’s Benevolent Association. Remember that? Already? Okay. Time’s up. Let’s go. Emilio. We’ll wait to celebrate Rafa’s birthday until you guys are back home. But do a little something on that day. Okay, mi amor? And we’ll have a big party when we’re back.

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