Party Of Five Season 1, Episode 10 | Auscensio Tries To Impress Lucia | Freeform

You did all of this? It’s romantic, don’t you think? And I have the key to the vending machine. Look, you didn’t have to
go to all this trouble. I wanted it to be special. I think you are the most beautiful girl. Don’t. Please. I bet every boy tells you that, huh? But you are. And I was thinking I’ll probably be getting to the United States six months after you. And I have a cousin who lives in Hawthorne. Auscensio— What? Do you have a boyfriend at home? This isn’t … happening like I imagined it. No? How can I make it better? I don’t think you can. Lucia.

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  1. I don't like that she almost took advantage of this nice guy's feelings for her by sleeping with him, just to prove to herself and her mom that she is not gay. She is lying to herself because she is afraid of not being accepted for how she truly feels.

  2. Lucia Should Be In Love With That Spanish Boy, He Is A Perfect Type For Her, Not Matthew. New Boy Is Super Cuter Than Matthew. Well Lucia & New Boy Can Speak Great Spanish Together, They Should Be In Love!!!!

  3. Awwww lucia is so gay
    And she is going to use this guy and then break his heart
    That is mess up
    He didnt want nothing to do with her
    But she was bore with her own life
    So she insert herself in his life
    And now he wants her
    And she is not into him

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