Party Of Five Season 1, Episode 10 | Beto Realizes Everything Is Different | Freeform

Disappointing, how? I feel terrible even saying it. It’s like we’re all acting as if everything is the way it was before. And it’s not. Something’s just off, somehow. What? Sorry. I’m just out of breath. Okay. What are you thinking? I should have brought Rafa into bed with us. I could still— No, no, no, no. Leave him be, Glo. Only two more nights. It’s a waste for us to be here and the kids a room away. Doesn’t it feel familiar? The two of us in our bed. Waiting for the kids to come home. Do you miss that? All of it. I miss every moment of our life. I don’t know if this time helped or made things worse. I know what’s coming. It’s like I feel my heart waiting to be broken. What if … What if we had another baby? Now what? They can see us. I don’t care. If someone sees and tells my mom? And if your mom sees us? It’s okay. I’m sorry. I’m a little freaked out. Is there a way to get a room? Don’t you have a way to get a key? How long are you here for? Day after tomorrow. Emilio got the tickets. Wish you could stay. There’s no way you can stay, is there? I mean, what are you missing at home? Just the sound of my parents
raging at each other. They’re so busy fighting over custody that I bet neither of them
noticed I was even gone. Then stay. Do you really think that this is a good time for me to meet your mom and dad? Probably not. Unless … do they have to know? What if we just stay here? And then, you sneak away
whenever you’re able. It’d be like we’re on our own little island. Let’s make a fort, then. We could have another one. That could stay with us. If we do that, would you forgive me? I can’t, Javier. Of course you can. We make such beautiful
children, you and me. I can’t do that to them. I have a daughter who
already feels replaced. And Rafa? How would he understand
it in years to come? I left him behind, but made another child to keep with me? No, Javi. I can’t.

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