Party of Five Season 1, Episode 10 | Sneak Peek: Val Doesn’t Want To Go Back To The US | Freeform

I’m mad at Mami. And there’s not enough time to get over
that before I have to get on that bus. What good was this visit if I have to go back feeling just as bad as I was when I got here? Why do I have to go back at all, Papi? You know why, Valentina. Because if we stay any longer, we’re gonna get in trouble in the country that’s made the worst kind of trouble for us. That said we don’t belong together. Well, no one in Mexico is saying that. We could be together here. If not all of us, then Rafa and me. Maybe not forever, but for now. Why can’t we, Papi?

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  1. Because Val, you are a American citizen. If you stay in Mexico for a very long time, they will deported you back to USA. Just visit your parents in the summer.

  2. Man I really hate all 3 of the girls in this episode, theyre all messed up and can't figure out who to talk to about their problems or don't know how to explain it or just don't want to and wonder why the family is broken, Gloria needs to forgive Javier because none of what happened was his fault, my own dad doesn't show this kind of love and affection for my mom, Javier is a great father, Lucia needs to let her mom know that she's curious, gay, bisexual, transgender, just talk about it to someone Instead of sleeping with a boy to make herself feel better, and Valentina finally figure out that the trip was for nothing unless she truly talks about it with someone and gets some help, I hope to God there is a season 2

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