Party of Five Season 1, Episode 2 | Emilio Calls Mami | Freeform

Val was desperate to come see you next week. And I told her no. That’s why she was so mad at me. She found some money in one of Rafa’s drawers. Some cash. And she was planning on using that money to buy a plane ticket. What? I totally forgot. I knew I tucked it away somewhere but I couldn’t remember where. Thank God, you find it. And that money is yours to use, Emilio. However you see fit. Okay? Why wasn’t that money in the coffee can in the kitchen? Why was it hidden? Where’d that money come from? Mami? Your papi, he always has so much on his mind. So many big worries that sometimes he doesn’t keep track. Of little things. Small difficulties are solved with little money and … There was all that cash at the end of the night swept up into the bank drop that very occasionally, when I was there helping to close up, I would take a 10 from that pouch. Sometimes a 20, but never more than that. There was no harm in it. Just a little here and there that he’d never miss and I put it aside. Why? What were you saving it for that you couldn’t tell papi? You, Emilio. I was saving it for you. Remember all those visits that we had? I went by and I would slip a little something into your shirt pocket. Hm? That was for your rent. That papi thought it was crazy for you to pay because you could’ve been living with us, at home. Or gas money, so you could drive places to play your music. And that guitar you sold. Don’t you remember? That one with the strange name? My Stratocaster. You loved that thing so much. I couldn’t bear the thought of it belonging to anyone else but you. So I gave you the money to buy it back.

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