Party of Five Season 1, Episode 3 | Gloria is Honest with Val | Freeform

Mi amor, um … I’m having a hard time with something. And I think you can help me. You see — I’m just living for the time we speak. And the times in between, I’m just waiting. And it’s very lonely. You and Lucia, and Beto, Emilio —
you have each other and those big, full lives that you have. And I’m so glad for that. I’m so glad. But Papi’s and my life, it’s so much smaller. And all our goodbyes, so many times a day, they take every inch of space. Can you help me with that, do you think? Valentina? Can you help me, so I’m not just living to hear you and see you? Maybe that will make me strong enough to be in the world a little more. Are we not gonna talk anymore? Oh, no, no, no. Of course we’re gonna talk. We’re gonna talk all the time. But just maybe not every time that we think of each other. Because if we do that, that’s all we have. Are you crying, mi amor? No. I’m fine. I’ll be strong for you, Mami. You are strong, baby. And brave. Oh, I love you so much. So, so much. You don’t know how much I love you. Oh, but I do.

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