Party of Five Season 1, Episode 3 | The Restaurant Gets a Tip | Freeform

Hello? Yeah. Louie, if you’re wanting Emilio,
I don’t think he’s too keen. Got it. Takeout order from across the street. Takeout order from Pizzeria della Posta. Got it? Takeout order from Pizzeria della Posta. Take care of the customers.
I’ll get everyone out. Go. You too, Luce. Vamos, vamos! What’s going on? Uh, ICE is down the block. We got a tip. Hey! You have your papers. Go back to work. Matthew. Go back to work. Hey. Deep breaths, okay? Hey, hey. It’s gonna be okay, Val. Hey, listen to me. Look at me. It’s gonna be okay. [Beto] Val, I gotta— no, look.
[Valentina] No. Please. Look, if no one’s working they’ll know
the staff went out the back. Look, I promise I’ll be back. Okay? Just stay right there. I promise. I promise. Don’t. I’m calling mami then. Hey, Val. How about you be my assistant, huh? Help me pass out the menus.

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