Party of Five | Season 1, Episode 4 Trailer | Selling Out

I’m imagining authentic Mexico. When did Papi ever have a shot at something like this? These are rich people. And this could lead to something bigger for all of us. So more people want you to go to their homes and play La Cucaracha? Hello? I’m trying to call my mom. She’s downstairs making my dinner. It’s just her. That girl has two mothers when I don’t even have one. We have a problem. Drop him back on whatever street corner you found him. If we could just move past this, I would greatly appreciate— I want to see you fire him.

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  1. Don't seen original series and this reboot. But don't seem both of them. Original be way better than this cringe of reboot,even made same creators. This reboot only exist being against trump immigrants agenda,family separation and ICE are the bad guys. Trump would be out the office soon this 2020 and shows stopped being political all thanks to our 45th president

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