Party of Five Season 1, Episode 5 | Emilio Questions His Parenting | Freeform

Milo? Are you … Hey. You winning at Candy Crush? It’s okay. I cried plenty. Thing is, I just … I didn’t see it. I mean, you knew something was wrong. Way, way before it was obvious. Okay. Well, it turned out okay. I know. I know. But … I don’t have that thing, Val. That instinct. You know how you could just walk in the door. And Papi would know, in an instant, just from the way you sat on the couch, that you’d been fired from your job. Well, actually I’ve never really had a job. Or you’d call home and Mami would say, “Did you have shrimp for lunch? Because you sound all stuffed up.” She knew. Over the phone. It probably took them a while. To develop, like, a second sense. They had kids gradually. You had them overnight. I don’t have time to get good at parenting, Val. I need to be good at it now. Cause what if I miss something else? I think you’re better at it than you think. Sure. Throw a dog a bone. I mean, yes. You did miss the signs here. And I’ve decided to accept your apology. Even though you didn’t really apologize. You do see stuff, Milo. You saw that I needed to get out of the house more. And get involved in more stuff. Yeah. And I was thinking. I’d like to maybe try dancing. Do you think I’ll be any good at it? I mean, what does your gut tell you? I think you’d be great.

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  1. He'll be questioning a lot more than his parenting if he gets sued for running out on paying that lawyer in the first episode. Buying that guitar suddenly seems extremely foolish but whatever, plot armor I guess.

  2. I thought Milo was going to be like 28 or something like that but he is 24, Val is 12, Beto is 16 and Lu must be 17 or 18.

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