Party of Five Season 1, Episode 5 | Things Heat Up With Beto & Ella | Freeform

Your dad doesn’t know you’re staying here, right? No. I just told him I’m staying at Phoebe’s place. Her mom, Lena, is a great cook who’s always trying to get me to eat because she thinks I’m too skinny. And Glen, her dad, he’s the one who turned me onto Led Zeppelin. Phoebe? Why haven’t I met her? Because she moved to Michigan when I was 13. And your dad has no idea? As long as he thinks some adult is vaguely aware of my comings and goings, he’s fine. He gets to, you know, check the boxes of being a responsible parent. Which I guess is nothing compared to your situation. No. Just different. Like, is it worse to have good parents far away— Or bad parents who are never really there? Yeah. At least it means I get to spend more time with you. Yeah, um. Can I? Beto, you don’t have to keep asking me every step of the way. Let me make it clear. Anything you wanna do, I’m down for. Absolutely anything. I’m worried I should be more ambitious. Hey, Bey. Did you steal my— Val, get out! Learn to knock.

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