Party of Five Season 1, Episode 6 | Emilio And Beto Sell The Pool Table | Freeform

[Emilio] I can see getting used to this, though. Enjoying a nice, relaxing game of billiards after a long day of oppressing the masses. Yeah. We have to start smoking cigars and drinking brandy. Hey, how much do you think a butler costs? Like, a good one? Like, probably a lot. [Doorbell ringing] Last shot’s yours. This way, guys. Come on in. I’m so pumped. We’ve been wanting a table. This is gonna be sick. This is perfect for the house. Am I right, guys? Is that new felt? Just had it redone. Look. We’ve had a lot of calls off the listing. So the price is the price. Hey, not looking to haggle. Alright. Take care of her. She’s been good to us. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I got it. You boys need help? No, we got it. We got it. We got it. Keep going. Turn it. Turn it. Careful. Careful.

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  1. Glad they got rid of the table and got some money. It's tough with paying everything off and dealing with the plumbing too. Emilio needs help.

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